Bale was “born” to play for Madrid; another day of rumours


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez claims Tottenham forward Gareth Bale was “born” to play for the club.

Speculation over a move to Real Madrid has increased after Bale’s agent yesterday admitted it would be an “honour” if Real Madrid were interested in his client.

The Madrid president is currently running unopposed to remain in his position heading into this summer’s scheduled elections but has nonetheless given a public address about his future plans.

Perez was today quoted in Marca as saying: “Bale was born to play in Madrid.

The season may have only just ended, but it looks like we are going to be in for a long summer of “Bale to leave Spurs” rumours until Daniel Levy and co come out and offer the Welshman an improved contract at White Hart Lane.

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  1. Let me see now Real Madrid without a manager and Ronaldo probably leaving. What did Real Madrid win this season? Naff all!

  2. To be honest lets just pocket the cash ASAP and re-invest in the team and get our players thinking straight before the new season opens, one player does not make the team. We will faff about all summer, he might then go but everyone on our hit list is already sold :(

  3. As Bale’s under such a long contract, we’ve got years of this rubbish to sit through. The Spurs hating journo’s are getting worried that we’re going to leave them in our dust. All Spurs players for sale, manager leaving, chairman in trouble, more bad news, yawn, yawn, yawn.

  4. Bale is the type of player who could make Spurs a large winning club in the world. You don't come across a player like Bale in a century. After 39 years of following Spurs, I have never had such high hope for the club until now. We are on to something great and I fear Levy's vision is blinded by 60-70 million pounds. Levy should keep him and give him a supporting cast and mount a serious challenge to titles.

    As for Bale, it will certainly be sweeter to win a CL title some day as a Spur than a supporting cast to Ronaldo. Mercenaries go to Real. If Spurs pay him well, he will stay. I hope Bale realizes that real great players win titles for their clubs and don't need to go to large clubs to win titles for them.

    There has never been a time as promising as today for "Rise of Tottenham Hotspur"

  5. It’s rumor is bullshit ,nothing story bale will play in madrid ,it’s a cheap news .die you madrid go hell ,Bale and spurs is a FAMILY


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