The Gareth Bale saga: Act quickly, Daniel Levy


It has been a good summer for Tottenham transfer-wise so far. We have brought in Paulinho and Nacer Chadli nice and early to strengthen two positions which badly needed upgrading. We saw last season what the injury to Sandro meant for us. Something was definitely missing when Scott Parker was unable to replicate his form after the injury he got following his excellent 11/12 campaign. Tom Huddlestone and Jake Livermore are just AVB-players, with them not being mobile and quick enough to demand a place in the central positions where AVB sees power and strength as some of the most pivotal attributes. Tom Carroll is young and raw and it’s still too early to judge whether he will make it at Spurs. The new signings gives us much needed depth and quality ultimately enabling squad rotation with less risk of deteriorating performances.

If we take a look at our wingers we have excellent options in Lennon, Chadli, Townsend and (yes, he is still at Spurs) Gareth Bale. But this being Tottenham, as always when the pieces are finally falling in to place Real Madrid comes in – and they couldn’t have come in at a worse time. All summer long there has been talk of Bale moving to Madrid. Up until now I have been quietly confident that Bale would at least give us one more season. The reasons for that is the fact that he has still three years left on his contract, he has a new-born baby, he is the star in a team built around him, and also the fact that he has grown up with many of the players that are here. He seems to enjoy playing at Tottenham Hotspur. Gylfi Sigurdsson mentioned earlier in the week that many players in the first team are at the same age – which is a positive thing if you’re trying to build a team that can play together for a long time.

Although Gareth Bale hasn’t officially come out and said he wanted to leave Spurs, with each article and “breaking news” we read, the more convinced we get that his head has turned. When arguably the world’s biggest club come knocking and offers a reportedly world record sum, you have just got to take it. I could understand Bale’s frustration if we were mad enough to decline it. That I don’t think Levy – The business man would do. Levy will try to get the sum up to £90millions, and frustrate AVB who surely would like to know if Bale can be reckoned with or not. We have seen Tottenham start so badly the last few seasons; primarily because of transfer sagas’ going on right up until the window shuts. The optimal situation now would be to sell Bale inside a weeks’ time to be able to get in sufficient replacements. We could get 2 or 3 absolute top drawer players with the Bale-money. The question is – which top drawer player would like to join a club in the Europa League who has just sold their star player? We might have to look beyond the European market where all the biggest names have already changed clubs or have huge inflated fees. Sort out this Gareth Bale situation quickly, Levy. Make an official statement. Or move on – cash in, and help AVB getting his team ready for the glory, glory lilywhite season we have ahead.

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    • at least we have made some signings with more to come with the bale transfer money. you are barking up the wrong tree there mike far from squirming we are looking at a nailed on to four place plus some silverware

  1. Agreed with £85-90m we could buy a real top quality striker like Hulk who loves AVB, DI Maria and Contreao then we would have a fantastic side. Arsenal would be quaking in their boots as would Chelsea and we could put real pressure on the Manchester clubs!


  2. Yes I would like an official statement – I am pulling my hair out ! I believe Bale would stay and disgusted with Zidane, talksport, Sky and tabloids who are orchestrating a move for our beloved Bale. Bale and our other signings would seriously not just make CL , I believe they would be PL title contenders . Bale , you could make history and for all other jealous PL teams – you would get to watch this magical player for ONE more season #coys ❤

  3. If you're levy, who is certainly smarter than the average bear, you spend the money BEFORE a Bale deal is announced, not afterwards when everyone adds £10mil to their asking price; personally, I see Levy holding all the cards – Bale is only 2 years into a 5 year deal, he's only just turned 24 and we don't have to do a damned thing we don't want to do. If we don't want to sell, we don't have to and I'm sure Bale knows that … to be fair to him, he has acted in a dignified way throughout (watch and learn Real Madrid!). Just shows that RM may be the biggest club in the world, but they are far from being the classiest.

  4. Personally id let him go and get the most out of the deal as possible, Di Maria & Coentrao in exchange or even a cheeky bid for Ozil, then use the funds to get Suarez & someone like Pastore to go along with the Soldado deal! That side would mount a serious challenge next year without Gareth Bale

  5. The problem is that Levy told Bale during previous season that if Spurs won't make top 4, he is free to speak with Real Madrid. We didn't and Bale definietly wants to go, the question is WHEN. Now or next summer.
    I think it would be the best for us (and for Bale) when moved on next summer, because now, even if we get that huge amount of money, most of top class players are beyond our reach – either due to their transfers or our lack of champions league football. The only thing we can tempt top class players with is to play alongside Gareth Bale. Without him no one would come. There are rumours of Javier Pastore – but would he really snub PSG who are serious CL title contenders to join Europa League team? I don't think so. Others will do the same.
    All in all: sell Bale next summer and do now everything we can to bring Soldado. With squad we already have (including Bale) + the spaniard, we can be the title contenders.


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