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Further to my ‘Bale Can Go’ post, what is of major concern is if and when we sell Gareth Bale (and lets hope we do very very soon, as we certainly do not want anyone who does not want to wear the shirt), we need to make sure we get ALL the money ‘Up Front’ and not in installments.

This would not be the first time that Tottenham Hotspur have sold players and not got the money up front and probably wont be the last. In many cases, the actual transfer has not been ‘big’, but in this case with such a great deal of money being involved this time, it is imperative we don’t succumb to an installments policy.

People may not be aware that we have still not received the full money for Luka Modric – also from Real Madrid – so we really need Madrid not only to cough up everything that is owed on Modric but also not have the Mickey taken out of us by Madrid again on the sale of Bale. Lets not be Chumps again by only accepting payments in installments.

Real Madrid maybe the biggest team in the world, but they should learn that they cant ride rough shot over everyone. I also hope UEFA and FIFA look into the Financial Fair Pay situation where no club can go beyond their means.

For those not understanding what the Financial Fair Play Regulations actually are, here is a concise description. The UEFA Financial Fair Play Regulations, first agreed by the Financial Control Panel of football’s governing body were brought in to prevent professional football clubs spending more than they earn in the pursuit of success, and in doing so getting into financial problems which might threaten their long term survival. The sale of Bale may not threaten Madrid’s long term survival, but may see them spending more than they earn in their pursuit for success.

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  1. Bale hasn’t said he wants to leave, not in public anyway. Selking him would be a chump of a decision. Bale to stay.

    • He doesn't want to stay I think that's clear! He will never come out and say he wants to leave like Suarez has though he has too much respect for Spurs and AVB. Where will we finish in the league without him is the question?

  2. we should be including players in the deal, there are several top talents that aren't wanted at Real. This will mean we will be able to bring in quality without the the long drawn out process that will ensue, when clubs know we have money to burn. I would look to bring in Coentrao and Pepe, Definite upgrades on our current incumbents, then I would look to use the remaining cash to bring in a player like Lamela, or Pastore etc. I see this as a better outcome than simple taking the cash, no matter in what installments.

    phil o coys

  3. I seem to have overlooked the statement by Bale of his wish to leave Spurs. Might it be impertinent to ask the poster of this article for the date, time or even a link? Surely this not another "article" predicated on treating unattributable and unsubstantiated "facts"! Perish the thought that a so-called Ttottenham site could stoop so low as to tarnish our fans as "fickle"

    • What an idiot you are Sanity. In fact your name should be Insanity. Regarding what the poster of this article is saying seems to me to be we should not take installments on the deal – should it happen – but to make sure we get every single penny 'Up Front'. So your reply Insanity is irrelevant.

  4. I agree with this post fully, we should only sell Gareth Bale if the money is paid in full and the cheque cleared. It is all too easy for Real Madrid to get the players they want based on their reputation but being owed money is no use to Spurs. I hate to see him go and am not entirely convinced he will go just yet but why make RM a better team at our own expense. I think Bale would be unwise to go from being ahuge fish in a small pont to being a small fish in a big pond

  5. I agree that we need to hear from Gareth her wants to leave. If so on our terms not theirs. Don't want Mods but Coentrao and the young striker. The Belgian Alts is a good defender across the back but we need 3 strikers and get rid of the lazy one.

  6. You say 'we need to make sure we get ALL the money ‘Up Front’ and not in installments', well if we hold them to that they cannot complete the deal. Don't you understand, that's the way players move around these days. We won't have fully paid for Chadli, Paulinho or Soldado yet. I agree on one thing and that is IF he has asked to go and it's a big IF, Levy should get a large portion of the payment due up front with sensible (for Spurs) installments over, say 18 months. I'm not convinced he will leave. Come on Daniel, put two fingers up to RM and all who sail in her.

  7. The only comments I’ve ever heard from Bale were positive ones about helping Spurs next season (this) getting into the Champions League. Now silence with no comments one way or the other and everyone and his brother says he’s def off ! Perhaps he and levy are pulling RM’s plonker – about time somebody did.

  8. Definitely money up front. Who do they think they are ? It’s simple sit Gareth down and advise him that Real Madrid don’t have the money to buy him It’s their fault Garrth they didn’t put their money where their gigantic mouth is. We are not leasing you out I’m afraid. Until a money up front deal comes in that suits your employer you will remain under contract as a Tottenham squad player.

  9. Spurs are in control of this situation. They will keep Bale if they want to, and they will sell him if they want to. Real Madrid are the whipping boys who have to pay whatever Spurs demand if they want the player. I don't think RealmMadrid have the cash to pay. Time will tell.

  10. Clearly we would prefer to keep Bale; if he is to go, let's hope (1) its this week (i.e. by Friday the 9th) and (2) its a decent cash upfront (but there will be some instalments or the deal is deader than the proverbial dodo since RM can't do it in one go and neither do we buy that way) and (3) let's have some players in the mix as well, so as mentioned earlier, we don't get other clubs burning us cos we (a) have loads of money / receivables and (b) very little time. I guess DL knows his business, though still can't get my head around Caulker given our centre back situation – it'll come out alright (eternal optimist, basic requirement for being a spurs fan). COYS!

  11. We just spent a fortune on building a strong 1st team, and maybe also to convince Bale Tottenham belong in the CL. We should tell rm where to go wreaking our project again. If Bale wants to go soo bad then let him submit a transfer request, Then we could sell him to the highest bidder which might not be rm!! TOTTENHAM comes first not a 23 yr old or balding greedy agent!! Lewis should ram our agreement with the Spanish where the sun don't shine. Respect is earned, rm been dredging the gutters!!

  12. RM are bullying and using all the tricks of 'their' Madrid press, plus their own worldwide PR, to try and secure Bale. Levy/Lewis have to hold firm in the face of this. If RM come up with £90m (possibly with 'exceptional' players as part of the deal, not 'bit part' ones) and they pay up front too, as well as settling finally Modric's fee, then, if Gareth is determined to leave, let's do it ..and quickly.
    However, I think ultimately RM can't manage all this, and as anything else will not be 100% right for Tottenham, then we should keep Bale for another season. I believe there is even more improvement in this great player, and if we can add a top playmaker to our squad ..then we really have a chance at the title. The gamble may fail (we're Spurs aren't we?) but better to chase the glory and the challenge, and then we could really being sitting pretty in the football world next May, with Bale perhaps wanting to remain and be a continuing part of it. Even if he moves, we could get more for a player at his peak! The fact is, without Bale, and even with added players, we could still be busting a gut this season to break our two-season run of bad luck, and get 4th. Whereas WITH Bale, he'll bring out the best in this developing squad, and cement our rightful place at the top table (maybe better) with all the money, glory and prestige that it will bring!

    • Hear! Hear! Our first priority is to keep Bale as that’s our best guarantee of getting into the Champions League. All other options are second best and we will simply be trying to make the best of our first option getting away from us.

  13. I dont think there is one player in The EPL, that would not be advised or not want to discuss the possibility
    of a world record bid from RM! I know he has not commented that he wants to stay but we have'nt HEARD
    HIM say, he wants to leave either! This is how he is being advised! He is'nt doing a Suarez/Rooney, is he!

    So lets not give the boy a hard time, when he runs out at Selhurst Park on the 18th and at WHL
    the week after! And he will, because of the valid points made about DL not accepting a HP agreement
    to by one of the best players in the world. Plus RM have not got the 85+ mill cash to put on the table!
    Plus The introduction of FF!


  14. I wouldn't sell bale is real comes with something else then a €100m cheque. No payment spread over the coming years. Everything at once. If they don't they won't get bale.

  15. As i said in my reply to the pillock inSanity, regarding what the poster of this article is saying seems to me to be we should not take installments on the deal – should it happen – but to make sure we get every single penny 'Up Front'. why is everyone going on about IF Bale goes, what Bale has or had'nt said, etc etc, what Cheeky was saying was simply we should be paid all fee's 'Up Front'. Lets stick to the actual subject.

  16. To answer a number of you, it's true we have'nt herard a word from Bale's mouth – which is disturbing seeing as he has'nt said he wants to Stay. More to teh point, if you watch Sky Sports News and lets face it, normally they are 99.9% right with their sources, they say Bale wants OUT, wants the move to Madrid, and is unhappy with Tottenham's stance. If he did'nt want Out, surely by now he would have made it clear he wanted to stay. Personally I – like most spurs fans now – really have the hump with Bale, and the sooner he goes, the better. On CheekyCockney's main point, i agree totally. We should get the full amount Up Front and not let Madrid make chumps of us as they have with Modric.

  17. The club is in a position of Power with this " deal " and DL should not allow RM to bully us into getting what they want , simple if you cant afford to pay for Bale then you cannot have him !! We should be demanding the rest of Mods payment plus a fair lump from the reported 80m + ………..As for bringing in players , only possibly Pepe and the young striker .

    Personally i would tell RM to do one this Season , qualify for CL and then sell him next year to the highest bidder . RM aren't the only team in the world with cash and personally im sick of the rich in the playground thinking they can get there own way !!

    Stay firm Mr Levy ……………………………COYS

  18. Great blog and agree with you 100%. Why should'nt a club like RM pay the full amount. If it's paid in installments we wont be able to pay for some of the other players we want to buy, especially if they would cost us 30 or 40 M.


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