Don’t Bale Out


The summer interval is becoming to feel like one of the longest waits between seasons I have ever witnessed, even though in actual fact it is quite the opposite as in days it is actually shorter than usual. The reason why it is becoming to feel like a lifetime, the on-going Bale saga, although AVB and Bale himself play down any movement I for one can’t help but become a paranoid wreck every time I hear GB’s name in conversation amongst the media for fear of who is rocking the ship next.

I feel it vital that we ensure that Bale remains a Spurs player next season no matter what gold carrot offer comes in for the talisman, if we was to lose Bale at this point of the summer there could be a catastrophic knock on effect.

Now if you look at the situation as a pure businessman then yes I must agree buying a player for what eventually become 7 million after a added 2 million settlement on top of the original 5 million, then selling a player for 60+ million, it’s a no brainer, but as a club were does that leave us?

Firstly it shows that we are a selling club, we do not want to keep our best players as soon as the money is right for them to go, this is most defiantly not the direction we should be taking, other wise we might as well go move in with the Hammers (feeder club) at the Olympic stadium, no thanks.

It also puts AVB in a sticky situation, he has always said Bale is going nowhere this year, now if Levy decides to cash in then the relationship has gone between management and the board and that will only end in tears, AVB has proven himself to be a top coach and he is once again hot property, it is vital we keep hold of him for as long as possible, chopping and changing managers all the time allows no room for any consistency and it tells on the pitch, if we was to loose the manager then who else will start thinking of the ‘policies’ at the club and look for a way out.

We’ve been building a team capable of playing some high quality football amongst the big boys for some time now we are extremely close to having an all round team to be fearful of, we know were we need to strengthen (striker saga) and I’m sure AVB and co will find the right players to complete this squad in time for next season…. But what if Bale was to leave late august? Were would that leave our preparation? We would for certain not be able to re-generate the money to buy in any sort of replacement of his calibre nor so be able to attract the right player after selling our best player, it would leave us totally unprepared and left wide open for the lion’s jaws that is the Premier League.

I’m not naïve enough to think Bale wont leave in the near future; he is rapidly becoming one of the world’s best players, but for the sake of the team it is vital we keep the main man so we can prepare for another highly competitive season, AVB can build his side, get other players amongst the goals and as the season goes on if it becomes apparent that it will be Gareth’s last season then AVB will have time to prepare for this, formulate an Idea of how we can set up without him and have enough time to pick his replacements.

So if Mr Levy can resist that blank check for Bale and resist the temptation to pay off our new stadium with the sale of one player, then we will go into the 2013/14 season with a great chance of champions league, of course we will have all the speculation again during the January window but we will deal with that as and when it comes. This piece of transfer business makes the Modric and Berbatov transfers look minuscule in comparison as it has the potential to put shockwaves through our team from top to bottom…. Figures crossed.

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  1. Pointless article…. Nearly as newsworthy as the tickatape on BBC1 featuring z list celebs congratulating wills and Kate on a baby boy…

    WTF – who cares what Amanda Holden & Cheryl Cole tweet, still better than the dross I just read on this site…

  2. We don't need the low class press to keep the Bale rumours alive and kicking because we have yet another twat masquerading as a nervous Spurs fan writhing a load of bollocks despite the Chairman and Manager both stating categorically that Bale will not be sold AT ANY PRICE.


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