Goal Analysis: Crystal Palace 0-1 Spurs


Tottenham Hotspur started the season with 3 points by virtue of a penalty from Roberto Soldado after a handball from Dean Moxey in the Cystal Palace area. Below is an analysis of the goal.


Aaron Lennon gets the ball on the edge of the Palace area and sprints down the line, having squared up full back Dean Moxey.


Lennon gets a cross in and it strikes the raised hand of Moxey, leaving Clattenburg with no choice but to award the penalty.

Roberto Soldado Tottenham Penalty

Soldado steps up…


And finds the net with a delightful finish, into the corner of the Palace goal, to Speroni’s right. Hopefully the first of many in Spurs colours for the Spaniard.



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  1. Your page is the converse of Windy's page that only analyses goals conceded…. Several people commented on the penalty award being harsh. But for me – for and against Spurs, that sort of incident should be a penalty. He is TRYING to block the cross, by sticking his leg out. However, either consciously or not, he is also sticking his arms out excessively. You would expect his arms to be out slightly, but in preparation to break his fall. Here his arms appear to be an attempt to make himself a bigger obstacle. There is the possibility of it being unintentional. But if we took that 100% into account, there would be no way to distinguish a pen from a non-pen. The bottom line is to not look like you are trying to block with your arms. Arms somewhat by the side when you block shots. I heard people saying that the defender had no chance to get his arms out of the way – but there is the distinction: ball to hand can only be disregarded when you are not expecting the ball to be struck at that time. Here, as I said before, he knew the ball was going to be struck because he went to try and block it and he made no attempt to put his arms out of the way before the ball was struck. Pen all day. (Ball to hand also disregarded when protecting face etc…) Great pen. Pen takers should watch him and Rickie Lambert. Accuracy with slight disguise is the key. Get the keeper guessing so that he gambles, and then stick it straight into the bottom corner. Half the time keeper goes wrong way, the rest of times he normally won't get to the bottom corner in time. Lampard goes for power and misses far too many for someone with such a good finish. Defoe too sadly.

    • I completely agree, after seeing last year three handballs given for three different teams where the ball struck the hand/arm whilst it was behind the players back (one being huddlestone leading to a freekick against us that was scored) after taking a deflection and it still being seen as a nailed on decision i find it hard to believe anybody could question whether or not it was hand ball. Almost as hard as i find believing someone is able to manipulate a ball with his hand behind his back after taking a deflection he couldnt possibly see.

      Is it still deliberate handball = penalty and red card and accidental handball = penalty? if so, i don't see any argument whatsoever as he wasnt carded. I could be over simplifying though.

      Actually, add to that all those times teams conceded penalties when instinctively protecting their faces from short range, now that's a grey area, this certainly isnt

  2. Good analysis. Lennon was being doubled up on all afternoon. If you look a few seconds earlier, this was one occasion where the full back (Moxey) actually stood off before engaging Lennon and the help was too slow to come over, allowing him to drive in to the box before being challenged.


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