Good signs for Spurs


With the look and feel of Spurs and the calibre of quality signings we have made, the power at the core of the team would advise other clubs in the Premiership to buy bullet proof vests for their own protection. Such is the deadliness the team is shaping up to be.

They say the game is won in the midfield and its an understatement to say we have some good midfielders. In truth we have some world class international game changers and many up and coming young starlets who have yet to reach full peak.

Our defense was left with a gaping hole when Ledley King retired. Who were we ever going to find to replace him many wondered? Up stepped our own Man of Steel Super Jan, with some aerobic, galactic performances across the season and voila, the next heir to the King was well and truly found. The man can defend, dribble, play in different positions, link up into attack and did I say he has accuracy like rifles fastened to his boots.

The only obvious weakness if there ever was one, is the peculiar issue of employing a direct and efficient man with the qualities to convert chances to goals. Mr Levy is doing business early this time around. But is it out of force rather than choice? With two of his leading cast in Bale and AVB being courted by Europe’s leading powerhouses he needs to convince them WHL is the place to be. Yet one could argue that the team is still short of a couple more marquee signings. Look over your shoulders if you are in doubt and look at what our rivals are up to.

Moyes has confirmed an interest in signing Fabregas. Chelsea also concurred it would be good for them to sign Rooney. Manchester City are staying true to their transfer policy and they are still trying to sign everybody! Thankfully Monsieur Wenger has only purchased a kid from Ligue 2 and despite many boasts alà Higuain and even Suarez, all he has signed since are autographs. So Mr Levy, if you are reading please for the sake of me, my wife and our three month old son, sign at least one STRIKER!! If not for us, for the sake of all the fans around the world!

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  1. Hes right mr Levy Kevin Gameiro or Lisandro Lopez would do both cheap.
    We dont need a £30mill massive name we just need one other striking option in the squad for this season please!

    • I,v heard a lot worse suggestions!

      The more I think about it………………………..

      Berbatov's subtlety with Bale's pace, has got CL qualification all over it! All for 6-7 million quid!!

      I could forgive and forget!!


  2. Thats a great shout,. Lets get Berba and either Lopez or Gomis form Lyon (or Gameiro?)

    That would be a striking quartet of:
    One of – Lopez, Gomiz, Gameiro (We could try for 2 of these and ship out Ade and/or Dempsey as well)

  3. Berbatov, Gamerio and even Fred if we are talking short term solutions until we can unearth an unknown gem. Lets hope AVB and Mr Baldini are a tad more creative in their recruitment stratagies in future.
    The initial signs look good.

  4. Soldado plase Mr Levy . We have a squad tha can take it all but we need a proven , hot hitman to finish the job.

  5. Coentrao for left back is apparently available for €15 million, this then with soldado at around 18-25 million depending on what you believe is his price.

    Get this done I will be happy as we would have a great squad, I would never say never to winning title but I believe we would still be underdogs and our main objective would be to finish 3rd or 4th. It seems as though we will have big talented squad to challenge for trophys such as Europa as we will be able to rotate without using likes of huddlestone.

  6. Why is dzeko never mentioned with our fantastic club? I personally think he would do what it takes, and he has a proven record in the league.


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