Gettin’ Siggy with it


At this current moment in time, Spurs look a very strong midfield unit with our current midfield stock. Sandro, Mousa, Holtby, Dempsey and Paulinho if/when he signs will be perhaps one of the strongest midfield squads in the league. However, my attention has turned to the one man in centre mid who has managed to keep out of the spotlight for Tottenham in any recent articles and a man who I believe has the talent and ability to stake a strong claim for a starting spot this year. Judging from the title, you can all guess I am talking about Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Gylfi (or Siggy as he is affectionately known by the Spurs faithful) is a player who divides current opinion from the fans. Some believe he is a talented player who is not getting a fair crack of the whip under AVB’s rotational policy, others believe that he doesn’t have the drive and determination to forge a reputation for himself in a Spurs shirt and should be used as a squad player or even sold to raise funds. Personally, I like Gylfi a lot. I believe he is very talented, a truly calm figure on the ball with a good range of passing and strong dribbling skills. He is also a decent finisher of the ball and, had Gareth not become so adept with free kicks, I would have bet he would have been our set piece taker like he was when on loan at Swansea. His calmness was exemplified in the Europa league penalty shootout against Basel when he rifled his penalty home as I had fully predicted him to do.

For me, Gylfi should be given a chance to showcase his worth this season. He finished the season strongly for us and played key roles in big games against Arsenal and Chelsea which showed his ability to handle big pressure situations. Whilst I will concede his goal return has been disappointing, Mousa’s has been even worse this season and Spurs fans all love him (with good reason). I would also like to point out Gylfi was not used in his preferred CAM position where he excelled at Swansea, instead he was thrust out to the left side where I believe he handled himself capably whenever he was called upon. AVB clearly has some faith in Gylfi as he was usually the first sub brought on for Spurs in most games to add some creatively and calmness to the midfield. A testament was to the faith the management have in him was rejecting a £10million bid from Reading on deadline day in January even though Gylfi had yet to fully settle down and make a noticeable impact.

I believe Gylfi’s time will soon come in a Spurs shirt if he is given a fair chance to impress and to win over the fans that have yet to be convinced by him. However, this season will be a tough one for Gylfi as he will have more competition for places due to Sandro’s return and the anticipated Paulinho signing so he will need to knuckle down and work hard to make sure he still graces the lilywhite jersey this time next year. At the moment, the jury is out on “Siggy” but I have faith and confidence he will prove to be a risk worth taking when we stole him from Liverpool 12 months ago.

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  1. Fuck dempsey that yank is dog shit Americans should stick to their own version of the game sig is a technically more efficient player as is holtby and he still picks a guy he wears the number 2 shirt do me a favour

  2. Quality player who is only going to get BETTER. After a slow start to his Spurs career, Sigurdsson came into his own with a string of fine performances, to leave me wondering, just, why he was replaced by the largely ineffective Dempsey towards the end of the season.

    It was that decision to reinstate the, fit-again, American, in the starting line up, which coincided with a drop in, not only results, but team performances too!
    AVB has done MANY good things since becoming Spurs boss but his decision to replace Gyfil (or Holtby, for that matter) with the EXTREMELY limited skill-set of Clint has not been one of them.

    For me, Gyfil is just as likely to score, and MUCH more capable of creating opportunities, than his American counter-part, giving the team a creativity, cohesion and incision that Dempsey could only dream of.

    Great awareness, technically sound and a genuine goal threat, it is imperative that Gyfil is given the game time, necessary, to allow him to fulfil his enormous potential. The same applies to our other young talents such as Andros Townsend, Steven Caulker and Lewis Holtby.

    But going back to Gyfil, the biggest surprise, for me, once he settled down, got his confidence back and also played in a run of consecutive games, was just how hard he works OFF the ball, from a defensive view point. i knew he had a good engine and discipline, on the field, from his days at Swansea but I didn't realise how prepared he was to roll up his sleeves and do the 'dirty work' (i.e. track back, track runs and put his foot in).

    In Sigurdsson, I think Spurs have a player who, if given the opportunities, could save the club anywhere between £15m and £20m, easily!

    P.S. Dempsey should be sold this summer to free up funds, AND free up space, to allow the exciting, young, attacking talent,we have at the club, to blossom.

    Don't get me wrong, Clint IS a decent player. But Spurs need BETTER than 'decent' if we are to progress. And at 29/30 I just don't see dempsey improving to the level required. Get rid a.s.a.p!!!


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