Holloway fury at Tottenham penalty


Crystal Palace boss Ian Holloway has apparently accused referees of favouriting certain clubs after Tottenham were awarded a penalty.

Holloway is not just unhappy about the penalty decision, but he is also bitter and claims that Nacer Chadli fouled Stephen Dobbie in the build-up.

He seems to have ignored the fact that we should have had a blatant penalty when Paulinho was brought down in the area but referee Mark Clattenburg waved away the appeal.  Holloway went in to ref’s office after the game to remonstrate with him and was hilariously made to wait 38 minutes before Clattenburg would see him.

“It’s going to be a long, hard season for me with these people [referees],” Holloway told the BBC.

“I had this with Blackpool. Certain clubs get fouls and others don’t.”

“I’ve got to learn what a foul is because I thought Chadli deliberately body-checked Dobbie, smashed him down, and ran off with the ball.

“If the referee didn’t see that, the assistant should have. You have to ask if he’s good enough if he didn’t see that. I don’t see how he can miss it.

“A minute and a half later, we’re arguing over whether it was deliberate handball.”

“I don’t understand how it was a penalty, or how Moxey could have got out of the way of it,” added the former Leicester, QPR and Bristol Rovers boss.

“Do I think I would have got that at Tottenham? No I don’t.

“Tottenham will feel decisions like that if they play Man United.

“I just want a bit of fairness. I want a foul like anyone else would have got one. I’ve got a horrible taste in my mouth after that.”


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  1. Sorry but when you raise yor arms in the penalty area and stop the ball from going to its intended target, it's a penalty. Simple. I accept the ball travelled at a great speed and that he hardly had time to get his hand out of the way, but it shouldn't have been raised. Referee was correct.

  2. Er,
    I think you'll find Spurs had zero penalties given last season.

    We've had our fair share of iffy decisions against us over the years, so makes a nice change really.

  3. 1 game into a new season and I am fed up with another pub team manager whos eyes are only half open.

  4. Eugh don’t make me vomit lad.Spurs who never got a penalty all of last season? Don’t see how he could have got out of the way of it? Hoe about by getting out of the way of it, it was a typical Lennon targetless delivery and his arms were fully perpendicular from his body. Better get your attitude in check now because otherwise you WILL be having a long season as the FA punishes you time and again for your blathering. Is Wenger your inspiration?

  5. First penalty in over a season – hardly refs favouring Spurs – It you try to block a ball with your arms out like Moxey did then you can't complain if the ref gives a penalty.

  6. I don’t understand the commentators and sidekicks who keep on about “non-intentional” handball – handball is handball whether you meant it or not isn’t it. There are the special circumstances where the player is no distance away from the kicker and can’t do anything about it but…………………………..in my day handball was handball!! Pen or free kick resulting.

  7. Wonder if he's trying to start a feud with Liverpool by saying this would only be given against a small team, considering it was damned near identical to the one Daniel Agger gave away in their game yesterday. He handled it with a fair bit more grace than Holloway, though. Tweeted after the game that he owes his keeper a pint.

  8. What the fuck is wrong with this guy, Clattenberg was giving us nothing all match and yet this guy thinks he had all te decisions go against him. Go fuck yourself Holloway you sour cunt.


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