If I were Mr Levy…


With reports widespread of a £105 million deal having been bid for Gareth Bale, I look at the possible personnel and other things we could spend it on.

A Replacement

Crucial to Dortmund’s success in the Champions league last year Marco Reus could be everything we need to appease the loss of the 3rd best player in the world. Not a like for like, the German 24 year old has lots of skills, pace and flair and creates as well as converts. A free kick specialist more in the technique of Beckham than Ronaldo he is the missing link Spurs have been crying out for. Another alternative could be blistering Argentinian Erik Lamela who scored 15 in 33 last season as well as possessing similar talented dribbling abilities to our Welsh wonder. He would also be available for a fraction of the world record price.

A  Playmaker

While many people, myself included had thought that the midfield triumverate of Dembele, Sandro and Paulinho would be ours for next season, it may be subject to change. While robust and brilliant it lacks that inspirational creativity we had with Van der Vaart and Modric. Obviously Bale’s last ditch winners are exhilarating while the sight of him running full tilt fills every fan with ecstasy, but it’s not linked up beautiful Tottenham Hotspur play. The acquisitions of Paulinho and Holtby will help in that respect however Paulinho is a more box to box player with flashes of pure Brazilian outrageousness and Holtby in the U21 German captain and has the potential but is not quite the finished article, he will be more of an impact sub for now for whoever we bring in or Dembele. We also need someone of that mould to provide ammunition to our new Spanish soldier. Those who could take this job on are: Pastore, Pjanic, Gündogan and Christian Erikson.

The Bale replacement and Playmaker will be very important next year.

While under AVB’s system last year we conspired to win more than in previous seasons we played with less style and panache than in previous years. We were based mostly on physicality, speed and speculative rockets from a certain member of our playing staff. We need more brilliant passes, to skin defenders with skill rather than pace, and thread a camel through a needle with a killer ball, to mix with the brilliant long range efforts. The board of Governors must take heed of Danny Blanchflowers immortal words “Football is about glory, it is about doing things in style and with a flourish, about going out and beating the lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom”. These players would bring that and at a price of half what we will sell Bale for which leaves money for other causes. They would also supplement our record signing Soldado well.

The new training ground

The state of the art training ground is the envy of Europe and a major draw for world class players to join the Hotspur revolution. However it cost us £48 million and we could fully pay for that with ease with some of the money from the historic sale.

A Centre Back

After Steven Caulker’s surprise move to Cardiff in a bid to play World Cup football we were left short at the back. However we had a move for Romanian, Steau Bucharest star Vlad Chiriches in the pipeline before it was called off by a Romanian crook. The money from Bale would allow a higher quality of centre back to come in, hopefully to the standard of Vertonghen. A possible name is Toby Alderweirald, Vertonghen’s old partner at Ajax.

A Left back

If Bale had stayed a Rose, Fryers and Assou-Ekotto would have sufficed for the current season but it remains a weak point of the side. A new signing of world class calibre could be afforded e.g. Alaba, Baines for the reported sum. However if we are using more money in other areas a more modest signing could be made in the mould of De la Bella, Kolarov, Aly Cissoko or Schmelzer.

Whatever our notorious chairman decides to do in the summer, if Bale’s transfer does go through for the expected amount we will have a much better balanced and world class squad. We will also have a great chance of Champions league football. I am beginning to lean upon the argument of selling him now, after all as Monaco and Manchester City have shown  us, you can buy anyone if the money is right. That is if Daniel doesn’t flout AVB and Baldini’s wishes and decide to spend it all funding the new stadium… COYS

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  1. i worry even with the bale money we will not be able to sign 4 well researched monitored / scouted players and have them bed in before the season kicks off… unless levy always new bale was going but bringing in another 4 or so players just because suddenly there's loads of money is not really Levy's style… personally if we got the cash i'd love to see 4 new players between the ages of 25-27 with proven ability… but Levy prefers to buy young… or does Soldado mean we've finally outgrown the buy young / sell later mould?

  2. Use for new stadium bridging funding gap between naming rights/development profits – avoid the expensive borrowing that held back Arsenal with their new stadium. A debt free 56,000 new stadium could enable Spurs to keep their best players in the future.

  3. Alderwierald at CB. Baines at left back. Erikson as playmaker and a young back up keeper, should get everybody playing for their places.

  4. FUND THE STADIUM!!! It will increase our wage bill and allow us to keep the likes of bale and modric in the future as well as attract a better calibre of player! We are still an average of £50k a week per player behind the big boys and in some instances £100k!!!! We have spent near enough £50m so far. I say spend another £15-20m on Bale replacement and a further £5-10m on a defender and put everything else into the stadium. You saw arse-nal suffer for years once they built that thing, we cant afford that to be us. Get £100m – spend £20m on replacement and bank £80m for stadium. Caulker sale will pay for centreback replacement.

  5. Adding more quality in depth will keep us covered for injuries and give us a quality second tier to call on for a realistic chance of winning some silverware while the first XI concentrate on the league

  6. erm guys Bale hasn't actually gone yet, I know it looks possible now but on the sole premise of the media and their pet chimp 'arry; lets wait for official confirmation before spending any more money. I need to see direct quotes and real (no pun intended) evidence. Nothing's actually been said by the important people. 99.9% of this is rabid drivel so far.

  7. ne pas lacher le joueur …..a moins de 150 millions d'euros cash , plus demander un joueur gratuit de qualité au real de madrid en plus , plus faire comprendre au joueur qui fait partie des trois meilleurs joueurs avec messi (25 ans ), ronaldo ( 28 ans) et le plus jeunes celui dont le potentiel est le plus élevé par consequent son salaire doit le meme que celui de messi au barça et ronaldo au real c'est à dire > 18 millions par ans …..si ces conditions ne sont pas reunis , vous le vender pas au real de madrid mais au psg ….
    c' est vous le patron , pas le joueur ,il ya un contrat ,des régles ….prenez example sur votre collegue roman abrahmnovicth …..en aucun cas le paiement soit s' étaler sur six ans ,et n' etre que 120 millions et 10 millions par an …c' est une trés mauvaise affaire pour vous ,pour le joueur , et pour l'angleterre….. faite ceque je vous dis très important … un ami ,vous pouvez me contactez au 0561357351 /0642472364 .france. je peut vous rendre des services , je connais le football et le buiness sur le bout des doigts ……

    • google translate :
      o not let go ….. the player has less than 150 million cash, plus request a free player quality real madrid and more, more understanding to the player who is among the top three players with messi (25 years), ronaldo (28 years) and the younger one whose potential is therefore higher wages is the same as that of the barça messi and ronaldo to real ie> 18 million per year … .. if these conditions are not reunited, the vender you not to real madrid but psg ….
      c 'You're the boss, not the player, there is a contract, the rules …. take example on your colleague novel abrahmnovicth ….. in any case the payment is s' spread over six years, and n' be 120 million and 10 million a year … it's a very bad deal for you, the player, and england ….. made ceque I tell you very important … a friend, you can contact me at 0561357351/0642472364. France. I can make your services, I know football and buiness on the fingertips …..

    • la traduction de mon texte est mauvaise .je le répète .ne pas lacher le joueur ……pas à moins de 150 millions d' euros casch , plus demander un joueur gratuit de qualité au real de madrid , en plus il faut faire comprendre au joueur qui fait parti des trois meilleurs joueurs avec messi (25 ans ) ,ronaldo (28 ans )et le plus jeune (23 ans) et celui qui a le potentiel le plus élevé par conséquent ,il doit avoir au moins le meme salaire que messi au barça et ronaldo au real c'est à dire > 18 millions d'euros par an ….si ces conditions ne sont pas réunis,vous le vendez pas au real de madrid mais au psg ….
      c' est vous le patron , pas le joueur ,il y a des règles, un contrat à respecter …prenez exemple sur votre collègue roman abrahmnovicth…;en aucun cas le paiement soit etre de 120 millions d'euros ,si peu, avec versement de 20 millions d'euros la première année puis le reste étalé sur six ans ?? c'est cadeau , c'est une très mauvaise affaire:pour vous,pour l'entraineur ,pour le joueur,et pour l'angleterre.
      j' entend beaucoup de joueurs dire aucun joueur ne peut refuser une offre de real de madrid ?? je ne comprend pas ,il y a bien longtemps que le real de madrid n'a remporté aucun titres majeurs: il se font régulièrement humilié par fc barcelone , le bayern de munich , dortmund ,..etc .le prestige du real de madrid si on réfléchi ne repose
      sur rien :leur jeu depuis de nombreuses années est pauvre , voir inexistant …..ce club qui est loin d' etre le meilleur club du monde , est pret à tout pour avoir le meilleur joueur du monde ,est c' est le cas : il doit payer le prix fort …..
      faite ce que je vous dis de faire ,c'est très important …un ami…vous pouvez me contacter
      au 0561357351/0642472364 . france . je peux vous rendre des services ,je connais le football et le buiness sur le bout des doigts….

      • je ne comprend pas pourquoi mon texte est modifié ,mal traduit,est le seul veuillez changer ceci est tout de suite . je répète . ne vous séparer pas de votre joyeux ….le prix de transfert doit
        etre fixé >150 millions d' euros casch ,c'est à dire paiement de l' éventuel transfert en un seul versement ,plus demander au real de madrid 2 à 3 joueurs gratuits au real de madrid .
        il faut faire comprendre au joueur qu'il fait parti des trois meilleurs joueurs avec messi fc barça (25 ans) ,ronaldo (28 ans) , des trois c'est le plus jeune ,c'est le joueur dont le jeu est le plus complet , c'est le joueur au potentiel le plus élevé ,pour c'est le meilleur joueur des
        trois ;par conséquent il doit avoir au moins le meme salaire annuel que messi et ronaldo
        c'est à dire >18 millions par an …si ces conditions ne sont pas réunis vous ne le vendez pas au real de madrid mais au psg ,un club plein d'avenir et un championnat de france qui
        progresse et qui très intéressant .
        c' est vous le patron , pas le joueur ,il y a des règles ,un contrat signé .en aucun le prix du transfert doit etre seulement de 120 millions ,si peu pour une perle ,avec un versement de
        20 millions d' euros la première année ,puis le reste étalé sur six ans ??? c'est une plaisanterie !!! c'est une très mauvaise affaire que vous faites la .

        j'entend beaucoup de joueurs dire que " aucun joueur ne peut refuser une offre du real de madrid " ??? je ne comprend pas , sur quoi repose ce prestige , sur rien en vérité ou
        presque rien: il y a bien que le real de madrid n'a remporté aucun titre majeurs ,il se fait
        régulièrement humilié par le fc barcelone , le bayern de munich , dortmund ,etc…le real de madrid depuis de nombreuses années n' a aucun jeu ,inexistant …..

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        reconnaissez ,que j"ai raison sur tout ,conseil d' un ami ….vous pouvez me contacter au
        numéro suivant :0561357351/0642472364. france . si vous voulez à l'adresse email suivante
        : [email protected]

      • je ne comprend toujours mon texte est constamment mal traduit ,c'est pas correct de votre
        pas , surtout je dis strictement la vérité ,et je ne demande rien en retour , je dis ça pour
        le club , pour les supporters …veuillez avoir la gentillesse et le respect de traduire tout mes textes de façon exacte . merci.

        • ne vous séparez pas du joueur gareth bale ,on ne sépare pas d' un joyau …..
          clause libératoire du joueur > 150 millions d'euros et salaire annuel > 16 millons d' euros
          la clause liberatoire de cristiano ronaldo du real de madrid est de 1 milliard d'euros !!! salaire annuel 17 millions d'euros ; la clause libératoire de messi fc barcelone est de 300 millions d'euros!!!
          salaire annuel 18 millions d'euros ; la clause libératoire cesc fabregas fc barcelone est de 200 millions d'euros!!!
          ça fait réflechir , surtout que vous n'etes pas sur de pouvoir acheter les joueurs que vous désirez , les club de football riche ne manque pas ,les opportunités se vont rares ,
          la concurrence est rude :ne le vendez pas à un club comme le real de madrid ,c'est une
          très mauvaise affaire que vous faites ,

          si vous le vendez , vendez le au psg,uniquement au psg : un club en devenir ,qui respecte les club , les joueurs , un club français : la france qui a des liens :politique,économique,culturel très fort
          avec l'angleterre: trés bien représenté par le tunnel sous la manche ,concorde,etc:considéré dans comme des merveilles.
          un ami .

  8. We need an imposing striker, with pace and flair, a playmaker, a CB and LB.
    LB = Coentrao (part of the Bale cash + player deal)
    CB = Chiriches (£7m) who is hard in the tackle, skilfull and scores goals
    Playmaker = Bernard circa £18m excellent link player and also got an eye for goal
    Striker = Leandro cicra £18m 6' 2" built like a brick shit house, fast very skilful and provides assists as well as scoring goals
    Bernard and Leandro have buy out clauses, their clubs cannot up the price because we got the Bale money so meet the buy out clause and no haggling. I make that an outlay of £35m taking into account the £8m in for Caulker, That leaves a tidy sum for the stadium and back up cash for January should we need to strenghten more.

  9. It is deeply unrealistic and unreasonable to expect all the money we get from the Bale sale to fund new players for the squad. We would expect to spend a third to half of what we receive on players at the most, and rightly so in my opinion. The club has other responsibilities to consider. £100m or so gives us a great opportunity to get ourselves in a very favourable financial position vis-a-vis our training ground and proposed new stadium. Despite Levy’s frustrating last minute transfer dealings, we all seen Tottenham progress under his stewardship and we (fans) should acknowledge that every so often instead of whining like spoilt, immature children all the time.

    • Thank you for the sermon but no-one has said we should spend all the money from the (unconfirmed) Bale sale on new players.

      I’m sure you are much wiser and more experienced in financial management than the rest of us, but I find the “whining like spoilt, immature children” comment bloody offensive.

  10. If you fancy yourself as Spurs’ next accountant, why not send in your CV? I wonder whether they’ve got one already.

    In fact, I’m sure Baldini’s job is up for grabs too?

    Let’s just see what happens. I’m sure everything will be fine, if not amazing.

  11. A bit naive this article. Reus will not be for sale, dream on! I'm afraid I can't see anything good coming to Spurs from Gareth's sale. The answers will come from within. Tom Carroll is a player we need to come through; Danny Rose and Jake Livermore need to improve as do some of the youth players. Top players will not come to us without champions league football by and large, though Soldado, bless him, has. And why do you describe DL as 'notorious' – as if he's a criminal or something. He's doing a great job these days for THFC. Such a shame that GB is set on leaving – though we'll wait and see, I'm not convinced RM can actually pay for him and we must be careful of being stitched up by them.

  12. Bains at LB I like the sound of, but think if he moves,he will move to Utd! After the surprising transfer
    of Caulker we obviously need that position replenished!

    An as for a creative mid-fielder, (I,m convinced of this) we don't need to spend a dollar!

    Tom Carroll! Give this boy regular starts this season, and I think we can afford to with our very assured
    3 behind him. Sandro, Paulinho and Dembele and he will settle (as any new costly addition would) after
    several games and prove he has the talent and capability to become Modric-esk! Apologies for the

    Seriously, I believe in this boy! And how more satisfying and pleasing would it be to see one of our own
    performing week in week out!

    The system/formation to fit/suit TC…………….

    4: Walker, Kaboul, Vert, BMB (Bale money buy)
    1: Sandro
    2: Paulinho, Dembele
    1: Carroll
    2: Soldado, BMB or 1-1! Chaldi (slightly deeper to Soldado and wider) Then Soldado.

    The width in this formation comes from the wing-backs, that play that role to it's max, with Sandro
    protecting! When playing through the middle with Carroll's vision and speed of thought/play, Soldado,s
    intelligent running and Paulinho/Dembele's running beyond Carroll as second ball receivers!

    This is something I would love to see! Because TC is one of ours!



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