Mr Levy…Good, bad or indifferent?!


It really depends on personal opinion on whether your glass is half full or half empty…

In the 12 years since Daniel Levy became our Chairman, replacing Alan Sugar, has the club stagnated, progressed or regressed?

The Stadium: Twelve years ago, White Hart Lane was one of the top Premiership grounds, arguably behind Villa Park, Old Trafford and Anfield but now we are also behind The Emirates, Etihad, Stamford Bridge, to name but a few. We are not only behind but at least 12 years behind and soon, West Ham will have the Olympic Stadium. Depending on who you listen to, we are 3-5 years away from the opening of our new stadium so this has been extremely frustrating. My view: Regressed

Finances: Lord Sugar was excellent with the books but Mr Levy is even better. Does that mean we are stronger or weaker, that’s a different question but on financial stability, the building of the new Training Ground and international image of THFC to overseas players, I think we have progressed.

Transfers: Alan Sugar would pay whatever was required to land that big player but very few can say the same of Daniel Levy. If rumours are to be believed, we often miss out on that star player by just a few million. Take Leandro Damiao, I truly believe that if Daniel upped the transfer package by £5-£7m then Leandro would be parading around White Hart Lane, holding up our new kit. It’s also worth remembering that replacing top players is far harder than replacing an average player and although we may not have a team full of world class international players, we do have a strong squad. In Lloris, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Sandro, Paulinho and Bale, we have top international players who are household names all around the world. When was the last time we had two top Brazilian’s preparing to grace the Lane and as for Bale, a top world class player who is actually happy to play for the Lilywhites. My verdict on this one is a tough one, I’m sitting on the fence, indifferent.

Managers: Alan Sugar’s weakness in my view…Never chose the right man at the right time and never gave them long enough to make a difference. Some may say that we could have given them forever and they would still have failed. That’s my point! Under Daniel, the managers have been a succession of internationally qualified managers, top brass. World Cup winners, old favourites and new young and gifted managers, have all had the reins in recent years. Daniel has had a few disappointments though and it’s getting to the stage where we need somebody to form the team and tactics for at least five years. Definitely progressed.

Performance: This could be looked at two ways. Where have we finished in the table under Sugar compared to where we have finished under Levy. I’d like to take it a little deeper though…If we are the tenth best team in the league but finish sixth or seventh, then surely that is an achievement, especially if we win a trophy but some may ask, why are we only the tenth best team. In recent years I’ve honestly felt that we have been amongst the top three or four teams and only finishing fifth. In my mind, this is an underachievement and only one trophy in all this time is extremely disappointing. For now, I’m happy to give Mr Levy the thumbs up, progressed, but we really need to start winning trophies and finishing in the top four regularly. There comes a time when potential has to be realised…

THFC: So, is the Club going backwards or are we growing and going from strength to strength. This is a no-brainer. Daniel Levy has formulated a structure around future plans, finances, players, etc, that should enable us to continue growing. If Daniel can improve his weaknesses, learn from his mistakes and pay the money that is needed to secure the right players at the right time, then the future is bright, it’s Lilywhite!

Your views, as always, would be much appreciated…


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  1. I think he's poor when coming to the transfer market, I respect the fact we aint in depth and that i down to him, but we should be in the champions league, I know 2 seasons it was taking out of are hands by chelsea, but he didn't responed to it last season, he is to blame for the poor transfer signings last season, and missing out on a world class striker, time will tell if he is a success or not with are academy I reckon that is where hes put most of his thought and effort into, He also needs to sort out the stadium issue, this wll increase revenue

    • People will always criticise who he failed to sign. I remember one December window when he was castigated for failing to £30 mill (or more) for each of Torres, Carroll and Suarez. With hindsight, two of them turned out to be turkeys, and the other was an animal.

      There are a number of tests that need to be made before a signing can be made. Is the player available? Can we afford him? Can we afford the wages? Does he improve on what we have already? Does he want to play for us? The reality is that due to our limited resources, there are very few players that meet this criteria. So when we have made signings like Bale, Carrick, VDV. Modric, Lennon, Berbatov etc, to me, these have been results of good housekeeping.

  2. Success in football is measured only by titles and trophies won while, lately, participation to the CL is also considered as an achievement.

    Consequently, it's easy for anyone to judge if Levy and Co have been successful at Spurs or not.

    • No it isn't. It is measured by what was the state of affairs when you took over, and what are they like now. Therefore progressed. Our trophy rate has not gone down. Our league position has gone up. The club image has gone up. Our squad is better. Yes, I would agree that the stadium issue was screwed by the embarrassing Olympic stadium issue, which was never going to win, and would have been wrong for Spurs, and probably delayed our OWN stadium. On the transfer market, we cannot tell because it was WEIRD in the last years of Harry. But yes, there are a few strange traits in that dept.

  3. i think levy is too stuck in his last minute ways to get deals done and make sure we get better. last year to leave avb with 2 strikers(both mud table level) cost us 4th. he does not want to get the stadium done and is only looking at profit. if only abramovic git that meeting and levy was not an idiot we would have 12 trophys in the last 10 years but now we continue bidding low for players and missing out. if he can get the job done then he deserves the sack.

    • I can never understand these people who criticise DL for investing in a club, and then wanting to make a profit?

  4. Very good article and you summed it up completely with your last statement…."If Daniel can improve his weaknesses, learn from his mistakes and pay the money that is needed to secure the right players at the right time, then the future is bright, it’s Lilywhite!"

  5. The only thing I can completely agree with is that potential without ultimate achievement means nothing, and we've been 'thereabouts' without being 'there' for several seasons now, and the days of slow and steady team-building as SAF did in the '80s with Man U are long gone – you need to hit the ground running and win things (as Wenger and Mourinho did when they arrived at Arsenal and Chelsea), otherwise you can't keep your best players, or attract new ones, and you get stuck in the 'nearly' spiral, which has been our fate under ENIC/Levy. It's now or never, Daniel (but if I were a betting man, I'd guess this particular leopard won't change his spots).

    • You are so right why does mr levy keep waiting until the last day of the transfer window.
      A nod then he misses out on the players we actually want ( David villa ) as example

  6. He has a second hand car dealer mentality – bidding low and selling high – I am sure he has convinced himself he is clever but he throws away the first 3 games of the season every year with his transfer tactics – He has destabilised the squad every year – we have a saga every pre season that he lets go on until midnight on deadline day. He have had uncertainty over at the start of the season over Jol who he totally undermined , Berbatov , Modric and will probably be talking about Bale all summer this year.
    He is an accountant and keeps good financial control but that doesn't make him a good businessman

    • totally agree with your viewpoint except that he is a very good business man but he has not got the dream or the vision that supporters want.As to what use Joe Lewis is to Spurs I have no idea.I really wish that your point about the first 3 games of the season would be highlighted by the board ,last season being a perfect example!

  7. Very good article. The real problem tho isn't for Daniel to learn from his mistakes because he isn't actually making any, he knows exactly was he's doing, il explain, As I've said many times to many people Levy & more importantly Enic are an investment company, they are a business & run Spurs likewise, i do not have any problem with that, however coz City & Chelsea are just the owners toys & NOT run as a business it's that reason why we are trailing, clearly as a business Levy & Enic have done a fantastic job BUT it's the nature of THIER business why the are reluctant to spend that bit extra or take that gamble on a big name, as I've said Enic are a INVESTMENT company so this means they buy a business they can slowly build up without taking risk then when they reach a profitable point they sell and sell high. Hence levy stance on transfers, he will sell squad players at way over inflated prices (profit) yet willtr to bring players in on the cheap, Enic WILL happily Spend on a training centre &new stadium as this will clearly add value to the club but £25mill on a Mouthino or Damaio no chance as its a gamble and investments company's DON'T gamble.. Now this summer I think we will see the spend as they now have too, NOT coz we keep missing out on CL but coz we DON'T have a 20 30 or 40 million pound player that wants to leave, it's usually the big outgoing deals that low for incoming signings and this year he doesn't have anyone except Bale, yet he can't sell his most valuable asset before he can convince others to come, so this season he knows he as to spend in order to keep the fans happy as a 5th place finish will see the fans turn on him if improvements are not forthcoming. Paulinho is a great signing, yet another striker of goal scoring proportions is an absolute must and he knows he can't pull the wool over our eyes any longer, had we sneaked that CL spot NO big signings would have been made,but without an big outgoings ALONG with the 5thplace he knows this time he has to bite the bullet.

    • What a great article absolutely spot on ,we really need a chairman not an investment accountant ..
      He may know that he has got to buy big for us to go further up the league ?
      But as you rightly say HE WILL NOT SPEND BIG BUT HE WILL SELL BIG.
      Business people do not work in football well done GAV HUNT

  8. I am a Spurs fan who now lives in Manchester. I work with fans all from all over the NW and every one of them think Levy is the best chairman in the Prem, and would want him at their clubs. Criticism about the ground is unfair – the local council bent over backwards for Arsenal yet have been very difficult until recently with Spurs. Spammers will inherit a ‘rented’ ground that they have done nothing to deserve – which also applies to Man City, despite the depth of their owners pockets – remember they never even owned Maine road. Chelsea also have massively deep pockets – Spurs do not have that. continue

  9. continued…..Re transfers; Levy has been great – yes his nature is to look for the deal and not be shafted, but he got nearly £50m for Carrick and Berbatov from Man U, yet we have still progressed. He got Rafa VDV for a snip, and the only real area where he can be criticised in last January where he should have shelled out for a striker. The football world have change immensely since the Sugar days – the Bosman ruling has increased player power at a pace as never seen before, and most of Levys transfer dealings have had to contend with that. Personally I think he’s done a great job, and long may It

  10. Come on, give the boy a chance….he's only been here 13 years.

    I love Tony Rich's positive spin " Our trophy rate has not gone down"….hmmmm, I think in the 13 previous years we won an FA Cup in addition to the League Cup which if true means a 100% decrease in our Trophy rate.

    If Levy cannot secure the players that AVB wants/needs it will probably be because the financial state of the market makes it impossible, but that just reflects on our failure to build upon our previous investments in the likes of Berbatov, Modric and now Bale when the time was right. A top striker when we qualified for the CL and things could have been different.

    I think this is the last shot for the team, if we fail to build then Bale will not be the only one leaving including AVB. The problem is we are judging Levy as a football Chairman, but Lewis is judging him as a property portfolio builder/asset manager….in that light he is performing well.

  11. Very good article, we now have a very good manager in AVB, but if he's not given the cash for the team he wants, he will off to new pastures, as will Bale. Defoe was saying we need new strikers, we definitely need two, one to replace Defoe who has cost us dearly over the last few seasons.

    • Well said,but more worrying there are many "yes" men managers around who will jump at the chance of taking over the team . Good managers who have passion and ambition will not work for Mr Levy.

  12. Mr Levy is the best prem chairman. he was young and inexperienced when he took over…… he has performed very well in all areas needs improvement in the transfer market. The Olympic stadium move was a masterstroke as harringay council was making investment in the area impossible for us he never wanted us t have that stadium it was help us or were leaving. I even suspect he was some how involved in the Tottenham riots in all my life as a spurs fan i have never seen a billboard in times square with our wonderful team. Mr levy now finds himself in a position where he has had to promise Garth and AVB a team they can be proud of. if we was not going to challenge in the EPL & the CL this term do you think AVB and Garth would have stayed no is the answer hench the meeting with Joe lewis before pre season. also people talking about signings people forget we got Holtby early i believe this is because we wanted him to bed in early for this season #COY

  13. First feeling is one of puzzlement over the Alan Sugar big money buys, who was that then? Klinsmann while still a very good player was not at his peak when we got him, the only other signings of note I can remember were Ginola and the 'straight man' half of the Rebrov/Shevchenko partnershi, overpriced and ultimately a flop. All this at a time when the monkeys down the road were signing Bergkamp, Overmars and half the French world cup winning team. Chelsea were buying Gullit, Vialli Zola etc and we were left behind. Mr. Sugar then sold us to the highest bidder ENIC, despite promising to sell only in the best interests of the club and despite ENIC having a very poor track record in their previous involvement with football clubs. I totally agree with other posts that ENIC is only concerned with investment and profit NOT with the club or the team. Our recentform has been an improvement but only when compared with the rubbish under Sugar and early ENIC. The future won't be Lillywhite again until Lewis, Levy and ENIC have sold out and moved on.

  14. Under Levy we've progressed as a club for sure, but now we need to push on that bit more to really break through.
    Think of Levy as an ancient commander defending a fortress from the enemy; he can safely prevent the besieging army breaking in and easily defeat them on the walls each time they try, but he can't sally forth and defeat them in open battle outside the city walls. For that to happen he needs to replace himself with an aggressive commander who can not only hold on to what he's got, but also go out defeat the enemy beyond the safety of the walls then move on and take their own cities.
    Levy is now too safe, we need more ambition. The game is about glory.

  15. Why does Mr Levy refuse to sign a good striker, he is too cheap to spend the money and that is why they will never reach the top four

  16. simple, pay 5 million more for a world class player, earn 50 more by qualifying for champs league. a no brainer. That means that levy isn’t as smart as many people think!!!

    clearly he’s not a passionate fan.

    can he please place himself on the transfer list!!!

  17. Every now and again, a window appears where with just a little tweaking combined with wise financial outlay and a dash of daring, turns the fortunes of a club around for years to come and rewrites history.
    Man U and Ferguson had such a window. They seized it, are still running with it and still making history today.
    Liverpool did the same and Arsenal did to some extent but have both dropped the ball since – the plastic sugar daddy wanna own a club and buy some history lot – don't count.
    We need to seize our moment before it passes us by – again.

  18. If only mr levy would take his finger out of his backside stand up and smell the coffee we could be at the table with the top four clubs in the league..
    But he won't because the spreadsheet for the club would show a loss and he will not have ENIC jumping on him for not making a profit..
    So boys and girls it looks like 5 th again or worse then we will loose bale


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