Defoe speaks on his future at Tottenham


Much has been made of Jermain Defoe’s future at Tottenham Hotspur, but the player expects to remain at White Hart Lane beyond the summer.

The striker’s poor previous campaign has led to speculation of a move to Stoke City. Some point to the fact that Defoe’s presence at the new Spurs kit launch earlier this week as an indication that he will not be going anywhere. On the flip side, the pessimists remind everyone of Luka Modric modelling at a previous kit announcement.

Defoe’s comments below are interesting. The fact that he allures to the fact that if a club brings in new players you have to fight for your place, last season there was hardly any competition for places in the Spurs attack which may have very well led to him taking his foot off the accelerator when it comes to productivity in front of goal.

The pressure is on Defoe not only at Spurs but also at international level. Players are looking to perform to land a potential place in next year’s World Cup in Brazil.

Defoe told The Sun: “People say ‘This club’s in for you, that club’s in for you’ but I don’t take any notice.

“If someone comes in for you, your agent will tell you. It goes over my head. It’s happened for years. All I can say is I was doing the kit thing so it looks like I’ll be wearing it for the season.

“In a World Cup year it’s important for me to play. It’s based on merit. People will look at me and ask how many goals have I scored? To score goals you’ve got to play.

“I’ve got to score a lot of goals this season to get into the squad. A top club brings in top players. When you’ve something to fight for, you get the best out of yourself.”

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  1. Its shows how selfish he is. He only care about him sefl. He was rubbish since December cause he has no profit from being good. Now Defoe wants to go to Brazil so he will try hard. U can go f..k your self, he doesnt love the club only him self.

    • Yeah, sure… He is with the club more than 10 seasons and he loves Spurs, he didnt answer to any club and stayed…. He got injured in winter and he played with painkillers. He never complained about his position in club…

  2. He loves the club, but he is a selfish player on the pitch. He certainly cant see a pass and thats just not good enough when you have to link up play for the team to function at the last 3rd… Especially if AVBoas wants to implement the 4-3-3 formation that he likes to play its vital to have a Forward who actually can spot a fellow teammate. Defoe has never spotted a teammate!!! …well, well.. but he can score a goal or two. jepp.


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