Huddlestone needs to move on to kick-start his career


There has been plenty of talk today suggesting that Tom Huddlestone is nearing a move to Sunderland.

The bulky Spurs midfielder nearly left the club last summer albeit on a temporary basis when he failed to agree a loan move to Stoke City (you can hardly blame him). Andre Villas-Boas wanted him to get playing time in order to regain match sharpness after undergoing two ankle operations.

This time out, crazy Mackems boss Paolo Di Canio is keen to bring Huddlestone to the Stadium of Light in a £5million deal. Huddlestone, now 26, needs regular first-team football at his age. When you look at the talent we have in our midfield, it’s obvious that Hudd will struggle to get first-team football on a regular basis. Dembele, Sandro, Paulinho, Holtby, Sigurddson, Parker (still here) and the young Tommy Carroll are all ahead of Huddlestone in AVB’s plans.

There is no doubting his ability to ping a ball 60 yards onto the small chest of Aaron Lennon, but even when he cuts out the tomato ketchup he still lacks the sharpness which we need in our engine room to play the pass and move game which is synonymous with our tradition.

He can move to Sunderland and become the focal part of their midfield, there’s no doubt he’ll do well there.  Tom Huddlestone is a good player, but it just shows how strong our midfield options currently are.


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  1. I dont believe your statement is true but how the hell can you say our mid is strong the prem i no 100 percent ifs full of supplements and football has become like grid iron and chess. The new football is stop the speed from being used by pressing high up the field . This in the past would only work for 70 to 80 mins then the better team would win now they don't tire all through supplements being taken before and at half time i found this out and learned how to spot it and believe me Kolo was just the tip of a big iceberb hidden by the FA and Prem. This is why i wanted the great passer Hudds to get fully fit both ankles and show all us fans why we have not seen the true Hudds for 18 months This is how long it is since Huddlestone scored a goal because under Harry he was playing with pain killing injections and this finally led to him having two operations to even get him on the field. He still made some great passes but 14 months takes a long time to get back to your best and AVB chose Parker and troubled Dembele with hip problems Dempsey and Siggy. We struggled in every game to get away from teams pressing us and only for the outstanding Bale our season would be over . This was helped by Hudds coming on against Basle and starring in a defensive role he also came on against City and helped us win w never lost a game and score 11 conceded 6 and Wigan Chelsea was the only draws. Our defense who never played all season has a unit and conceded 46 goals the 8th worse defense in the league let us down while Arsenals got stronger.. Now AVB is gambling on untried Paulinho and Holtby to breakdown these pressing teams whose work rate doubles after January with relegation and top four. I beleive when we play Sunderland Huddlestone fully fitwill be the differents to us winning and god forbiid ruin our top four like Berbatov did for Fulham . We should have loaned him till january and if we are coping with Pualinho sell but i no the answer already its a bad move

  2. I think THUD should and will stay. As stated above, he can come on and slip into a defensive role if called upon, and get playing time in the minor games – let's not forget that in a decent squad, some players are always higher up the chain and if Thud represents the lower end, then that's evidence of how far Spurs have come these past few years. Siggy and Dempsey are not rivals for Tom's position and Scotty Parker, grafter that he is, has been over rated imo and should move on.
    Looking at the midfield, defensively, Sandro, Paulino, Dembele and Huddelston are not too many players to have in the squad leaving Bale, Siggy, Holtby, Lennon, Carol and Dempsey as attacking options.
    As for the forward line, well that's a bigger area for concern.
    Most importantly of all though is that it wouldn't be fair to let him go before scoring – there's only so much room on his head for hair!

  3. Totally disagree. Far too slow when we come up against the better sides.
    You need to have more in your locker than to pass a ball fantastically well. Ramires, hazard, Wilshire, Oscar, even Gerard/lamps run rings found him as he is not mobile enough, like a boat turning.

    • Well we will see i suppose your right City second are not top or Chelsea open your eyes passing is art what the hell does Perlow do look at pass from defense again against Sunderland. Whats the differents between Dawsons lamp up field and Hudds ones aimed the others aimless he covers Vertongan Daws when they go forward hes the only one with aim and power backspin from deep. So when the ball arrives quickly back spin means it stops dead pure art also 6ft3 he helps at corners We will be weak at corners small keeper biggest Kaboul who could be like Hudds take a season to get fit or may never get fit King esq. Lets see in Asia Cup whose right me or you i realy hope its me but what i no about pressing i fear it wont be me AVB replacing experience with untried and Holtby soon relished its like hitting a wasps nest with a stick playing in the prem after January. Now what takes Hudds one pass will see us take six or seven the lose it lamping awway fro pressing teams Sunderland's Dicanio is no Mugs

  4. Problem with playing Huddlestone is that as soon as he is in our midfield, the pace goes out of our game. I really dont think that he has a future at Spurs, or for that matter in any other premier league outfit. It is a sad conclusion to come to that our game, here in England, is based on power and pace, rather than on guile. Dare I say it,that even the likes of my personal hero, Glenn Hoddle, would struggle in these times

  5. Hudd is a one dimensional player all you have been saying is about his passing ability what else does he bring to the team?
    Is he a good defender? … NO!!! Is he a good Tackler …. NO!!!
    In most games he came on as a sub he received a yellow card within a 10 min period of him being on the field.


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