Redknapp on Bale, Spurs selling key players and more


Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp has urged the club to stop selling our best players.

Redknapp wants Daniel Levy to do everything in his power to keep Gareth Bale at White Hart Lane despite us failing to qualify for the Champions League and feels that it would be a “crime” if the Welshman was sold.

The Sky Sports pundit pointed to the sales of Michael Carrick, Dimitar Berbatov and Luka Modric as examples of players who have left the club and that we should be building a squad to challenge for the Premier League.  We all know that there is more to come from Bale, he’s just 23 and the thought that he is yet to reach is footballing peak is a scary reminder of just how much talent the boy has.

He told Sky Sports: “Two years ago I remember [former Manchester City assistant boss] David Platt called my dad and asked about buying Luka Modric and Gareth Bale. It’s going to be exactly the same again.

“I’ve played for that club and I’ve seen it year in and year out that they sell their best players. Michael Carrick had a great season and they decide to sell him. Dimitar Berbatov? They sell him. Luka Modric? They sell him.

“Why don’t they keep hold of their best players? Why don’t they change the structure and go and give Gareth Bale what he would get if he was to go somewhere bigger.

“He might want Champions League football, but he also might want to be a big fish in a small pond. I’ve met Gareth plenty of times and he doesn’t strike me as that sort of a boy.

“I just feel that he can still develop there and get even better and Tottenham can build a team that can challenge for the Premier League.

“There’s no reason at all why they can’t. They’ve got the money. Let’s not kid ourselves, Joe Lewis and Daniel Levy who run the club have got all the financial backing to keep Gareth Bale.

“There’s only reason if they don’t want to do it and that’s if they don’t feel it’s worth it and they don’t want to push on.

“Tottenham can now push on, there’s no two ways about it.”

“They have to keep Bale,” he added.

“He is so important to that football club. He is now the figurehead, he is the crown jewel of the Premier League.

“What he has done this season, scoring nine goals from outside the box – the most in Europe – you have to build a team around him.

“If you let him go it would be a crime.”


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  1. errrm…. Alex, can you tell me when defoe last scored 20 league goals?
    The last time I checked it was never!!!
    He's a great player toi have in our squad, but we need a real top draw striker if we wish to keep our top four status. defoe just not it!

    • The fact that we couldn't get Sturridge and pool could says a lot about our progress, ie, chelski sees us as more of a threat than pool and given his kind of $, that roman guy doesn't have to sell to us even if we put in a bigger bid. n in hind-sight, it was the right thing for them to do, otherwise we would have ended up above chelski in the table.

  2. the previous comments are valid . we have been promised a new large stadium 60.000 seater for 10 years by levy and he as lied . he promises to build a great team but sells as soon as some offers good money and the buys second best to save money berbatov, carrick , van de vart and modric as long as he makes a profit he doesn t care reall what the fans think. arsenal promised there fans a new stadium and got within 5 yrs . bale 50 /60 million and he will sell him as quick as possible.i have little respect or believein levy anymore he continunally lets us down .

    • Those players wanted to leave, they were not put up for sale. You saw what happened to Modric – he went on strike to get his own way. VDV was a surprise I grant you but he couldn't hack it for 90 minutes. The others had their heads turned and couldn't be kept against their will.

      • The point is those players left BECAUSE of the lack of ambition. Because the board didn't fight tooth and nail to keep them there, because the board didn't bring in the players to take the team to where it really belonged. As now seems likely we're keeping Bale and that will send out a massive signal to the rest of the EPL and Europe too that this team has arrived and is no longer just a selling team.

    • I disagree on quite a few points from Paul Carrington’s post. Carrick & berna weren’t put up for sale and were only sold when it was clear that they didn’t want to stay at the club – and for very high prices which went back into coffers. VDV always said he was happy at the Lane but admitted his love for Hamburg – pretty much the only club he’d leave us for. When they came in with more money than we paid for him 2 years earlier then it would’ve been a bit daft not to accept the profit on an ageing player who couldn’t last 90 minutes. Also, by no means was Modric sold “as soon as some(one) offers good money”. Levy held on as long as he could to try and change Luka’s mind but he wasn’t interested in staying – players now have a lot more power and you can’t easily change that.

      As far as the new stadium is concerned, it’s on its way. As far as I know the club has bought all the land it needs and by the look of what I saw yesterday, has already started building parts of the complex that will be outside the new north the stand.

      I still think the future is bright for Spurs but we’re going about it in a financially stable & secure manner.

  3. I'm sure he'll stay, Bale and avb together are a solid partnership and both can learn off each other. Gareth has got his head screwed on right and he knows by staying at spurs he can improve even further, though that might seem hard to believe, but I think he's mentioned his right foot and also perhaps his heading abilities, just imagine what he can become and to cap it all he's a really nice lad.
    Levy and co. must do all in their powers to back Bale and avb with signings that compliment Bale the player and avb the coach. We're just 2 or 3 marquee players away from challenging for titles. Most importantly of all we must stop throwing away early season points (7 out of the first 9 this season) caused by a stupid transfer policy that revolves around last minute deals on deadline day. With Bale in the team we can attract as good names as lowly champions league contenders that don't stand a chance of actually winning the trophy (not mentioning any names here).
    This a great football club on the verge of glory, its time to be bold, its time to change bad habits – Jamie is spot on with what he says. COYS

  4. Agree with the above comment. We never seem to build our team to succeed further. Even when we got into the ucl we didn’t exactly go out and buy quality. We now have a good team that is a few quality players short of challenging. I think we missed Sandro and kaboul and not signing a striker in January has yet again proved costly for us. For us to succeed next season, we need to sign a striker, left/right winger and a attacking mid and do it early pre season to allow the team to adjust. Coys!

  5. After the dust have settled a bit, after the debacle of losing out to Arsenal, I realised having Sandro & Kaboul back in as ever present in the team would enhance our chances next year no end. Add a true marquee striker & left back, we have a strong team together with a very strong bench. Arsenal blogs are now saying failure this year is the end of us. How wrong they are!.
    Mr Levy has finally invested in a stadium that befits Spurs as a big club – even he is not stupid enough to want an average Tottenham team playing there. I think the purse strings will open.

  6. i agree totally with redknapps , levy to step up he faile.d to back jamies dad when asked to [ winter transfer window ] , moaned about signing parker who redknapp said was vital to spurs but levy said was too old , he did the same with avb he asked for moutinho and got siggy asked for damio and got demsey . levy has to start backing avb if he wants spurs to succeed if he had got the players he asked for i think we would have finished in the top four . if levy doesnt step up then its time for him to go or atleast let the football decisions be made by someone else . avb is not someone who installs me with confidence but hes the manager so back him . as for players i beleive spurs need a replacement for parker and competition for sandro , we need atleast one winger with pace to interchange with bale lennon townsend , we should sign moutinho and if possible another player of his ilk as breaking down a defensive team is our major problem so we need more players who can play the killer pass we also need a striker soldado would be my choice but would he come , i would also try for shaw at southampton and mcmannaman at wigan especially as we will lose certain players this season . we have to have a squad which has better options off the bench to change things when its not working , as for this years players lloris and verts are successes but the jurys still out on holtby siggy and dempsey but next season will answer that . coys

  7. oxfordyid spot on with your comments i think! moutinho is a must seeing tom huddlestone in our centre midfield was shocking he could be the slowest centre midfielder in the league and looks so unfit its embarassing , also soldado looks a top notch player and the spanish strikers all seem to score goals when they arrive here ! even torres banged goals in once upon a time. gallas jenas and bentley all going this summer that is a massive amount of wages that could be spent on players who actually play in the 1st team.Also i know villas boas is big fan of david villa i dont care about his age if we play him in his correct position of centre forward he would get 20 goals easily and take pressure off bale.please just buy early this time ,if we try and bargain for top quality players we will miss out as usual back the manager we are not far away from the top teams

  8. I feel we need another winger. thats a position that cost us when bale moved in field and lennon got injured. Townsend, Lennon and Tom Ince. could see us well especially because all are english and players like Defoe, Hudd, Parker seem to be the ones on the out. that could be an important factor for us even though 3 years ago we were pretty much homegrown. We need 2 strikers if Defoe and Adebayor leave (pls). One strong target man and one who can play wide if need be. Then I would say we need one box-to-box midfielder (Kevin Prn Boateng/ Moutinho,..) if not 2. One might have to be English grown if Hudd, Parker and Livermore leave. as our only english mid would be Livermore. So a McCarthy? I dont know if BAE is not a player AVB rates or if he feels he isn’t recovered from his injury. Either way his absence has been a cost and we either need to buy someone or promote Rose even if we dont sell the Cameroon lb. If we do we need someone to either rival rose or be superior as I dont think he is 1st choice quality. so maybe Shaw or a if not for moyes Baines signing. then a 3rd choice keeper. dont care who it could be Steve harper :P. Gk. Lloris, Friedel, Anyone. Rb. Walker, Naughton (Kaboul if needed) Cd. Kaboul Vertonghen, Dawson Caulker. Lb BAE?, Rose (Vertonghen if needed) Cm. Sandro, Dembele, Moutinho, McCarthy, Carroll. Am Holtby, Siggurdson. Wings. Lennon, Townsend, Ince. Strikers Bale and (i as all Spurs fans am sick of imaginig a player I want in this position and getting no-one. let alone 2. so surprise me, Levy). I also feel Dempsey could be a v useful player to keep for cups and fatigue etc. Huddlestone although never been a mobile player may be useful to keep especially because he can play Cd and if we were to give Carroll a pl loan like Townsend, Walker, Etc. but the window hasnt opened. I dont know if I like or hate these next few months. COYS. COY AVB. COY DL.


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