Is Levy about to undermine AVB?


As the tabloids warm up their ‘Bale Madrid’ headlines I cannot help but reflect on the joyous leap my heart took at the end of last season when I read the Daniel Levy had stated for the record that Gareth Bale was not for sale at any price. In between then and now there has been more in the press about Gareth Bale than about the Royal baby. The phrase mixed messages would be the understatement of the decade. However, reassurance took place a week or so ago when, at the post Monaco press conference, Villas Boas reiterated on camera that “Gareth Bale is not for sale at any price.” At this point one would expect all negotiations with Real Madrid regarding Gareth Bale to stop . Clearly this has not happened and the fans are left drawing the only possible conclusion that the opposite is the case and the line between what Levy says and what Levy means is not only blurred, it’s pretty much invisible.

Now I know the dreadful Spaniards are talking about an obscene amount of money but there are several other factors that have a bearing here.

First, no team with genuine title ambitions can afford to sell its best players. Manchester United and Liverpool have made their positions regarding Rooney and Suarez absolutely clear in this respect. Told that he has to stay for another season there’s no doubt that Bale would probably sulk for a while and his Manager, Jonathan (‘This is the biggest payday of my life’) Barnett would rant to the press. But ultimately I suspect Bale would then knuckle down, his ‘injuries’ would miraculously heal and he would give us another great season.

Second, Real don’t have the money. Hell they haven’t finished paying for Modric yet. Facing a possible outlay of nearly £200 million on one player (including wages, taxes etc.) they will want to spread their payments over years. That’s fair enough but even if Spurs receive a decent down payment, that wouldn’t necessarily help us much with only a few days left to the start of the season. Last-Minute Levy would find himself without the time to buy any of the 200 players we appear to be linked with. And even less time to bed them in for a good start; which brings me to my third point.

This whole mismanaged farrago has, yet again, assured us of a lousy pre-season. If it drags on to the end of the month we’ll have new players introducing themselves to the team on a match day, in a scene resembling any given Sunday on Hackney Marshes. It wouldn’t surprise me if Arsenal, who needed new players more than we did by the end of last season, find that cohesiveness that has been clearly absent from our own pre-season.

Finally, if AVB has made his post-match statement believing himself to echo the sentiments of Daniel Levy, then what does that say about their relationship? More importantly, what are the likely repercussions for the future?

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  1. It has happened, we are not talking to them, the papers however report differently, like how they reported we had accepted 65m, then 85m, then 105m or are they all true and we are actually getting 255m? Can't you see the paper's are doing their job, selling papers!

    Stop reading it and they will stop printing it.

  2. Complete balderdash …….. we've made some great signings, and haven't finished yet. Regardless of whether Bale stays of goes the only effect that will have is if AVB feels he needs to replace him with someone of similar ilk. The funds we are currently spending are not influenced by teh Bale sale, so to me its a win win situations – if he goes well we get plenty of cash in the bank, if he stays theb great as we get his skill on the field………….. but I don't believe that anyone will be saying that we've really missed him if he goes. We didn't when Berba went, we didn't when Modrat went…..

  3. I’ve a feeling the deal’s done and has been for a while. The money we’ve been spending is such a massive change from the norm for Levy that it has to have come from somewhere. If the selling clubs had the info that we’ve

    got the Bale money in our pocket, the fees would have gone up. Once our spending is finished I’ve a feeling the Bale to Madrid transfer will be announced.

    • don't talk rubbish if the deal was already done bale would be in madrid now his apparently that itching to go so if the deal was done he would of been over there in a tick tock

    • The money has come from joe, £50 mil loan intrest free plus the sale of a couple of players,i'm not sure now if bale will go this season.

    • Real Madrid are in huge debt muppet. They cannot afford a coke let alone Bale. Levy promised AVB 50 million and thats why we have bought players.

  4. Levy "AND" AVB agree that Bale is not for sale! And as you mentioned Real Madrid cant afford him as they are in huge debt as is Spain and their banks. Even if Levy may have been tempted to sell bale he would not allow Real Madrid many years to pay the fee off. As you said they still owe Spurs money on the Modric transfer. The whole thing is a sick joke and yet there have been hundreds of articles on something that cannot happen. it is disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I have another theory: Bale is going to Madrid, but only at the end of the month, because this way we can buy other players cheaper. Imagine how every player we are linked to would cost maybe double, just because of the big fee we got for Bale.
    This way we are maybe able to get players like Pjanic, Vadillo, Alderweireld, etc. for a "normal" price

  6. Some good points but all based on AVB and Levy not being synced up on the strategy for handling what is a typical assault by Madrid who use every underhand tactic at their disposal from the clearly untrue statements in Marca to the drivel from Zidane and the greed of Bales agent. Refusing to meet with Madrid plays into their hands and gives them the moral high ground. By talking to them it not only keeps them off balance but enables Levy to play them at their own game. Of course I don't know which is true and neither does anyone else because neither Levy nor AVB do their business in public. Bale turning out this afternoon would be good though.

  7. Come on give Levy a break!! In this so called terrible transfer window we've already invested in Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado, Capoue. It also looks like Coentrao is a very strong bet on joining the Club within the week. I suspect there is also more than a grain of truth in the Club's serious interest in Pjanic. Basically a very strong/exciting young team is being assembled, even if it ends up not including Bale. Holding onto Bale would clearly be the icing on the cake, but I really don't think you can possibly accuse the chairman of letting down his manager! AVB is carefully restructuring/strengthening the 'whole' squad. Everyone seems so fixated on Bale, that the improvement of the overall strength/flexibility of the rest of the team is being overlooked!

  8. Nice to see another website creating traffic by accepting what other media post as fact with no substantiation.
    "At this point one would expect all negotiations with Real Madrid regarding Gareth Bale to stop. Clearly this has not happened ". It would be nice if the writer could provide EVIDENCE and/or a direct quote from an official Tottenham source or Levy. The only recent statement from Tottenham is Donna Cullen on Thursday saying that Bale was including in players NOT for sale. Either the writer is a confidante and has a direct source at the club or is just another lemming jumping on the bandwagon and accepting second hand gossip as fact. If so shameful.

  9. Levy should have bought a quality striker at least two seasons ago. Spurs would then probably have qualified for the Champions League, Modric would not have been sold and Bale would have wanted to remain at Spurs. We would then have also been in a much better position to challenge to win the Premiership and even the CL – ok a bit optimistic..

    Top quality players would then have been more interested in joining Spurs.

    Levy gains a few million on transfer sales and buys but then misses out on real success and making a lot more money by failing to be in the CL. Another good striker still needed.

  10. The only message coming from levy/avb has been a consistant ‘ not for sale’. Please dont suggest rumour is fact in order to back up your opinion of levy. there is no official facts to support bale going to rm.

  11. This is one of the best written spurs related articles I had ever read! Last season's equally chaotic pre – season cost us at least seven points due to AVB having to field an uncohesive somewhat patched – up side. Levy must back AVB a 100%. We will all benefit from that, both financially and in terms of trophies.

  12. I share your anxiety, blogger. All of the above comments simply prove nobody knows until it happens. Plenty of opinions though. I've been of the opinion that Spurs are lucky to have such a hard-nosed chairman as Levy to deal with the cunning Madridistas. But, of course, Joe Lewis wasn't just born a multi-billionaire. I agree; it HAS to be disruptive to another pre-season.

  13. I also think Bale to Madrid is a done deal.

    AVB and Levy have said it's not and Perez has said Bale is too much to ensure everyone is thinking it isn't.

    In the meantime we're out on a massive spending spree at normal prices.

    I hope I'm completely wrong, but it's just a gut feeling.

    My alternative is that Joe Lewis has finally decided it's now or never for the title and he's decided to keep Bale and spend big because all the competitors are in a transition year with new managers!

  14. Get your facts correct- there is no rift between Levy & AVB, unlike the joker Redknapp who tried to back a player and not his Chairman – even at QPR he is still commenting on Bale.. Levy has done an unbelievable job so far this summer bringing in quality. It is Bale & his agent that have caused all the problems plus the outrageous behaviour by RM. We do not want to sell him whatever they offer however if the immature Bale acts like a petulant child(I dont believe the BS that its his dream to play for RM its all down to £££) then I for one will be happy to see him go and take RM's money if they can afford him.

    • Bale hasn't done or said anything wrong throughout this. He's kept quiet, which I think is incredible.
      If I win a 5-a-side match, I tweet about it.
      If someone had bid £85m for me, I'd be standing on a roof shouting how much I was worth.

      • Bale not coming out saying anything – either way – has been appalling. It would set everyone straight & stop all the rumours & personal speculations from the journos !!!

  15. Anybody that believes Levy, must want there head tested.
    He is not a football man, he is a money grabbing man.
    If he wanted the team to do well.
    He would not even consider selling Bale.

  16. Agree with edi n patnevin. Part of the real and tottenham friendship behind closed doors involved the grooming n sale of bale .bales aspirations has always been to b good enough to play for real and the time seems to have arrived. Spurs have helped him get there and their reward is a big payday and agreement for silence so levy can spend on replacements without every club knowing we had the money. Shrewd on all fronts and clever business for everyone. Everybody wins except the spanish government i suppose who pick up the tab on behalf of real. Love to see our best footballer since gazza stay but football is business.coys

  17. Perhaps AVB has turned around to Levy, and said: " I spoken to Bale on a number of occasions, and it's NOW clear to me the players head is completely gone! Keeping him around might do more harm than good. Get the best price for him and allow me to replace him with key signings".

    Why is it ALWAYS a case of Levy 'undermining' somebody? Why does DL ALWAYS have to be the villain of the piece? If Levy was such a terrible guy to work for, why has NO manager, under his regime, EVER resigned?

    As far as Rooney and Suarez go, Liverpool and Man U can make their position as clear as they like…The REAL proof will be in the pudding come Sept 1st.

    People can 'suspect' GB will just knuckle down and get on with it all they want, but I 'suspect' the same people who think that, didn't expect Bale to do a Modric and go on strike, which is EXACTLY what he has done! How long this strike will last should Gareth NOT get his dream move to pain will be another matter entirely.

    Because while Bale has no WC 2014 to motivate him and look forward to, there is nothing really to stop Bale from making life extremely difficult for Spurs until Jan. Obviously, I would wish this not to be the case, but if someone isn't totally committed to their job than it's very difficult to see them giving anything but a half-hearted
    effort, which in the end could be MORE harmful (to the cause and the environment) than just selling/ getting rid of them!

    No player should be bigger than the club. No player should carry, solely, the desires and dreams of the supporters of a BIG club. People said Tottenham would go backwards without Carrick- we didn't ! People said Tottenham would go backwards without Berbatov- we didn't! People said Tottenham would go backwards without Modric- we didn't!

    People seem to be off the opinion that GB is the MOST important man at Spurs….Well he is NOT. Levy is!!!!
    It is since Levy arrived that Spurs have begun to re-establish their reputation throughout Europe! It is since Levy arrived that Spurs have closed the gap on the EPL's leading lights! It is since Levy arrived that we have acquired, and are capable of attracting some of the best (young) talent, in terms of both playing and coaching staff, across Europe! It is since Levy arrived that MOST of you would have dared allow yourself to dream of winning the EPL (one day)!

    If Gareth WANTED to stay or even took the news that Spurs weren't willing to sell this summer with good grace then this wouldn't even be a topic for debate!!! I think what we gage from the saga that we currently find ourselves embroiled in, is that Bale has done everything but.

    If you want to BLAME someone for this 'lousy' pre season, than BLAME Bale and his sidekick agent, NOT the club!!!!

    Directing your article at Levy, as opposed to Gareth and his agent is, both, OBVIOUS and UN- INSIGHTFUL.

  18. owe for modric, cant afford bale,….. what about the compo (fine) they arer going to get for tapping up bale, we all know how shrewd levy is

    in levy we trust

    in AVB we trust

  19. Levy is the best thing to have happened to Spurs in many a decade. Scolar was a fool and nearly ruined the club, under sugar we were always in the papers for bad reasons but under levy we are on a stable financial footing and looking t the future.

  20. @ Ramos43 – Nicely put comments, but please answer this – Are you Levy in disguise?

    All that said, I agree with you on certain points – such as no man bigger than any club, but whilst I am a great Levy fan, I do not see him as the MOST important man at Spurs…neither is it Gareth Bale. Its a team and yes he pays to get in the players but ultimately, the fans are who make the club. No fans means no funds for players, or staff and Directors alike. Each sect has a role to play in all this and we pay to watch a quality team, which Levy probably only just has to pay for as Baldini does his bit too. And what about Joe Lewis who has to even give Levy the funds to spend. Everyone is important to the other – no MOST there.
    Will Bale go? Well if he does, we sure have brought in good cover for his departure AND if NO, Heaven help all the other teams in the PL this coming season. Either way, its a win win situation.

    We must be title contenders (though i'd pray we get one more good striker and at least a defender more)

    I can't wait for the season to start. COYS

  21. I wholly disagree with the premise posited in the title of your piece and with your accompanying analysis.

    Firstly, Levy's post season statement about Bale not being for sale has been undermined by Real Madrid, Bale's agent (Jonathan Barnett) and Bale, in that order, not by Daniel Levy.

    Secondly, I would counter that Levy has handled the Bale situation brilliantly and in the most supportive way possible to AVB, given the circumstances.

    Whilst the whole sordid and highly manipulated media maelstrom surrounding Bale has been incessantly raging, far from allowing it to deflect from or undermine his focus, Levy has engineered arguably our most successful off-season in living memory. Acquiring, in support of AVB, a highly competent director of football (Franco Baldini) and (at the time of writing) 4 top-class, international quality, players at a net cost of around 46 million GBP – (Paulinho, Chadli, Soldado and Capoue). There are also at least two other world class or potentially world class acquisitions strongly mooted to be in the pipeline, in Halilovic and Contrao.

    At the same time he has played his hand regarding the Bale situation like a master and in my opinion has created a win-win situation for us. My intuitive guess is that the Bale deal is actually done in principle and that DL has exacted a grossly inflated price for our want-away, Welsh, wingman, whilst shrewdly giving the apparency that the deal is very far from completion, thus allowing us to continue to add international class talent to our squad at uninflated or below market prices.

    If on the other hand I am wrong and the Bale deal is still genuinely not close to being consummated then we will have greatly strengthened our squad, whilst still holding on to the services of our Welsh talisman. A talent infusion which surely will allow us to achieve our top-four goal for this season and possibly even challenge for the title.

    Either way, far from undermining AVB, I would suggest that DL has backed him to the hilt.

  22. It's pretty obvious that the deal has been done to sell Gareth to Madrid.Where else is the money coming from for recent (not last minute) transfers?Gareth has been asked to keep his mouth shut and go along with events until we have got all transfer deals done.As stated above this plan has been hatched not to pay inflated transfer fees.I am very pleased with the new signings and thank Gareth for all the great play over the last few years – don't blame him – he is a great lad – certainly no trouble-maker.COS – We can win title this year!

  23. Totally agree, Ramos43.
    DL is making the best of a very difficult situation, working with a coach he respects and trusts.
    The major culprits are RM and their in house mag, Marca, but Barnett and Bale come out with little credit.
    As I have moaned on several other sites, it's about time UEFA/Platini grew a pair and charged Madrid with blatant tapping up. That might convince people that there is a grain of validity to their much vaunted FairPlay policy.
    And yes, pigs might fly over their plush Swiss HQ………

  24. There are elements of truth in most of these blogs, but I like think people are being too short-sighted. For me Daniel Levey is the best chairman in the Premier League and possibly Europe and we should be proud of what he has done for us. We are no longer light years behind Arsenal financially and have a superior playing staff. The money we are currently spending has been building over the last five years since we sold Carrick and profited greatly from the shrewd dealings of our chairman in other high-profile transfers in and most noticably out if the club. His strict policy on buying players with potential and whom you would rarely loose money on if things didn’t work out, has seen us investing in the likes if Bale and Modric. I believe that we should be looking at using a large chunk of the Bale money (which will inevitably arrive at some point soon or at the end of the season at least) towards developing the stadium. This is the only thing now holding us back from being a European power house. One last note on AVB. Doing the exact job that our club and chairman need right now. Coaching the players and handling the media superbly. I think he is destined for great things as a manager and I only hope it will be for us. In Levey we should all trust.

  25. Personally I believe that Levy doesn't want to sell Bale, hence the massive asking price. However to keep Bale/Barnett happy he feels forced to negotiate, to avoid toys being thrown out of the pram. It's a fine line, and if I'm right, we have to trust Levy to walk this fine line and keep Bale for one more year.

    The Telegraph report two days ago had the ring of truth. Levy does not believe Madrid have the money, hence offers of players and paying by instalment.. Also their valuations on their players are naturally inflated. Gabrielle Marcot in the Times reported that the offer from Madrid was di Maria and Coentrao, which they valued at £47m, with only £37m in cash, and only £20m up front. Marcoti stated these valuations were very high in view of the fact they were both on around £6m a year in wages, and facing most of the coming year on the bench. The Telegraph report also suggested that Spurs fear that the Madrid game plan is to get Bale to play up, or put in as transfer request in the last three or four days of the window, to drive the price down. However that will only stiffen Levy's resolve.

    Anyway we have now passed the point of no return, if we sell now there is no time to spend it, and nobody to spend it on. That would potentially muck up this season and the next ie no CL next season and the potential loss of £40m.

    • There is plenty of time to sew up the deals and plenty of potential quality additions to be had, should Baldini and co do their homework.

      Potential Deals Spurs SHOULD look at with Bale money:


      Dusan Tadic
      Christian Eriksen
      Ever Banega
      Antoine Griezmann
      Iker muniain
      Alen Halilović
      Xherdan Shaqiri
      Erik Lamela


      Toby Alderweireld
      Mamadou Sakho
      Eliaquim Mangala
      Kurt Zouma
      Victor Ruiz
      Vlad Chiriches

      Left Backs

      Cristian Daniel Ansaldi
      Ben Davies
      Fabio Contrao
      Domenico Criscito
      Gabriel Silva


      Artyom Dzyuba
      Leandro Damiao
      Mirko Vučinić
      Burak Yilmaz

      Obviously, I not saying that we should sign all, or even half, of them but what this is supposed to do is highlight the quality that IS still AVAILABLE. I believe EVERY player on that list could improve the current Spurs squad.

  26. That’s a very depressing hypothesis but that’s all it is, a hypothesis. What is a fact is that bale remains a spurs player and the club have only commented publicly that he is still not available for transfer.

    I, for one, see no reason to think any different that Bale is not for sale. However, if he does leave I wish him well. And in fairness to Daniel Levy and the board, we have conducted a lot of good transfer activity well in advance of the seasons beginning.

    Be positive – get behind the lads – love your club – COYS

  27. Also, don’t forget that rumours exist that Joe Lewis has given a £50m loan to the club to be paid back over 10 years interest free. If this is true, together with how we’ve balanced the books over the last few years, I’d say it would explain the money we’ve spent so far this window.

    I’m not saying Bales’ definitely staying, but don’t be surprised.


  28. Even if Levy does sell to Madrid for 100m and its spread over four years there is a real problem here. That problem is that there is an investigation into Madrid, Barcelona, and 2 other clubs.
    This could have a serious impact on those clubs, especially if the irregularities regarding where their money is coming from, and of course how FFP is affected by this funding. The investigation itself gmhas face criticism due to conflict of interest. Yes you guessed it. They are being incmvestigated by people who may have more than just investigation on their minds. The short of this is that they have overrun their deadline to complete the investigation by quite a margin and are being forced to complete it. Furthermore, the final outcome, depending on the conclusion of the report could itself be audited to ensure no skulduggery by the investigating panel. Have a read. COYS!!

  29. All of this was instigated by Bale's agent on Marca's TV station. I heard his words clearly. 'Bale would be honoured to receive an offer from RM and would treat it seriously'. bale was aware of that and would have involved in the rehearsing of the statement (after all he was being quoted by Barnett). To blame Daniel Levy for this episode is rich and your argument shows a complete disrespect for Joe Lewis, Daniel Levy and AVB. Why should these people discuss all the ridiculous rumours doing the rounds. It would be like Daniel Levy reading your article and taking exception to it. Why would bother, he doesn't care what people like you write about him as long as it's not defamatory.
    Like Patrickspur says 'Bale & his agent that have caused all the problems plus the outrageous behaviour by RM'. Get your facts right Mr. Leveson.

  30. translate please , it' s very important , thank you very much

    à messieurs , daniel levy , andré villas-boas , gareth bale

    si vous me le permettez , j'aimerai vous donner un conseil avisé concernant cette affaire qui secoue le mercato : il est clair que le joueur veut quitter le club à tout prix ,pour à mon avis : avoir la possibilité de jouer ,dès cette année , la ligue des champions et avoir de grandes chances de
    la gagner… .de votre coté , Messieurs daniel lévy et andré villas – boas ,votre intéret ,puisque le joueur veut à tout prix quitter le club , est de trouver un club qui satisfasse les désirs de votre joueur et l'obligation de paiement du transfert du joueur à la hauteur de son talent , qui
    vous permettent de ne pas etre perdant et de pouvoir entrevoir l'avenir avec sérénité.
    le seul club de football : répondant à ces critères et qui satisfasse les deux parties : le joueur
    gareth bale et messieurs daniel levy et andré villas-boas : est le paris saint germain (psg) ,
    un club plein d' avenir ( à l' image de son championnat : as monaco ,om,etc…), qui a un projet à la
    hauteur de ses ambitions …, qui est respectueux avec les dirigeants et les joueurs avec lesquels
    ils travaillent , la situation financière du club est bonne , et qui dispose des fonds nécessaires
    pour effectuer le transfert et payer le salaire du joueur .

    un ami .


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