Steve McManaman the latest in Madrid’s mind games for Bale


Steve McManaman has said that Gareth Bale should not pass up the chance of moving to Real Madrid.

McManaman played for the Spanish giants betweeen 1999 and 2003 where he won two La Liga titles and two European Cups. The former Liverpool player believes that Bale should make the switch in order to play in the Champions League.

Yet again, it seems that Real Madrid are up to their tricks of trying to lure Bale to Spain. Zidane and Madrid chairman Florentino Perez have already publicly spoken of their admiration for the Welshman.

Take a look at the comments below and see what you think. It reads to us as if it’s the latest round of Madrid mind games.

“If he ever has the opportunity to play for Real Madrid or Barcelona I would never say ‘no’ to them,” McManaman told The Mirror.

“I think sooner or later, whether it’s this year or next year, he needs to be playing against the best people in the world.

“He needs to be testing himself against the best players in the world because he is arguably one of the best players in the world on current form.”

“Sooner rather than later he’ll want to be playing in the Champions League and if Tottenham can’t ­deliver that this year I think they’re going to struggle to hold on to him,” he added.

“But it all depends on whether he’s comfortable in London, whether he wants to play abroad and whether he fancies the challenge abroad.

“He’s 23 at the moment, he’s still very young and he’s a new father – he has got time on his side.

“But it all depends on what he wants to do doesn’t it?”

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  1. another madrid old stooge stiring it up.
    macmanamon you scouse twat, you were ordinary as player & worse as pundit so stop trying to unsettle a player & engineer a backhanded move.
    tap tap tap…
    surely spurs will report this & FIFA MUST ACT !!!

  2. Want hole did this scouse git crawl out of

    You don’t here anything from him from one year to the next, then this

    He should stick to comments about his old club and that animal Suares who can’t get out of Liverpool quick enough

    Who else are Madrid going to dig up the king of Spain

    Hold your nerve levy and tell them to sling there hook

  3. Funny his words could also apply to Reals chasing of Suarez. Wonder if someone printed that story but changed to Suarez how he’d be welcomed next time he’s in Liverpool. This constant tapping up of Spurs players is crazy, whilst Souness Eric come out saying Pool can’t sell Suarez. Who has made a statement saying he wants out from a team with no European football at …

  4. if he want's to test himself against the best players in the world then he stays in the EPL. The last place he would go to is either Spain Germany or Italy. The EPL is the toughest league to play in end of.


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