Metropolitan Police issue warning over ‘Y’ word to Tottenham fans


Metropolitan Police have warned fans that the use of the ‘Yid’ word at football matches may result in arrest, beginning with the West Ham match at White Hart Lane this weekend.

In a statement, the force said: “Some words – like the ‘Y’ word – which historically have been perceived by some as acceptable, cause harassment, alarm or distress to others, and people who use this language could be committing a criminal offence.”

Chief Superintendent Mick Johnson, the match commander on Sunday, added: “This topic has been debated at length but our position is clear, racism and offensive language have no place in football or indeed in society.

“Those supporters who engage in such behaviour should be under no illusion that they may be committing an offence and may be liable to a warning or be arrested.”

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  1. Cannot see them arresting over 30k fans to be honest. We say it in encouragement for our team and not in hatred towards others – theres a difference.

  2. I have been a spurs fan for years.this country can never say or do anything anymore.i am 52 and the y word has been used all the time.i don't aggree with the police on this at all.its a shame as its part of spurs.

  3. This is absolutely ridiculous. It’s a form of identity we have used for years. Soon they’ll arrest people for shouting out their frustrations at players. We all need to take a stand and make this ludicrous ban end.a campaign, t shirts or whatever.. They can’t take away something which us spurs fans are proud to be called. So f#*k the police

  4. Personally there's a lot of words I find offensive arsenal for one. But let's be under no illusions we live in a police state where is uttering a few words can get you arrested,If you watch some of the old crazy gang movies they call Tottenham Hotspur the yids are those films going to be banned from now on? It's political correctness gone too far. even Bud Flannigan called Tottenham Hotspur the Yids and he was a Jew

  5. YID ARMY YID ARMY YID ARMY, O well I better book myself in the local nick every week then. I wonder if the old bill do a good rate on bed and breakfast.

  6. Clearly they have no understanding of the situation, so to say they’ll arrest us for using it as an offensive term shows how clueless they are. Spurs have the Jewish routes entwined within the club, something that we are proud to represent. After the term ‘yid’ was used in a derogatory way to cause offence to our supporters, we turned it on it’s head to be a possitive. We now refer to ourselves as yids to show our appreciation to the backround of our beloved club & to stop what was once a racist term. Now if other fans call us Jews/Yids it has no effect, which was exactly the point of us spurs fans embracing the so called offensive word in the first place. Like with many terms that cause offense, it’s the context in which it’s delivered that defines whether or not it’s derogatory. Therefore it’s not racism.

    YID ARMY!!!!!



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