MF’s Match Report: Arsenal 1-0 Tottenham Hotspur


All. A. Bit. Disjointed. And slow and awkward, as though the team were all on a first date together. We probably shouldn’t have expected anything else to be fair.

I don’t think we can complain too much at the result, we didn’t create enough (that the closest we came to equalising was from a number of goalmouth scrambles, not from a clean strike at goal probably says it all) and if Hugo hadn’t been in quite such outstanding form the defeat might have been more emphatic. Having said that, in the second half they were there for the taking I thought and a side that had an idea of how it’s going to get goals, which we at the moment don’t, would’ve overturned the deficit. It’ll come though, once Eriksen is embedded, Soldado learns how to get more involved and Chadli and Lamela find their range. The word ‘gel’ will be used a lot in the coming months and not just in reference to Lamela’s hair.

We should just take this one philosophically. It’s obviously a disappointing result but I don’t think it’s worth dissecting the performance too much given the scale and number of changes that are ongoing.

My £62 got me a seat about 5 yards from the home fans behind the goal. That, and an encounter in the pub afterwards with a middle-aged couple of gooners who’d also been at the game is a reminder that the bigger the ground, the more knobbers can get in. “You can’t buy class” says one of the banners hanging down from the top tier in the ground, the irony is impressive.

Two weeks to brood, then it’s home to the Canaries.

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  1. As a long term Spurs fan, born in "The Lane" it has been a long time since we could see light at the end of the tunnel……'s dim but there….. not sure how our new men will cope with horizontal ran and sleet in February, in such delightful places as Sunderland, Newcastle, Swansea etc
    When the sound of "Crowing Gooners Fades", I guess we have to be patient.
    Lets hope AVB can get them working as a team, not a bunch of talented individuals.
    Will miss the Welsh wizard, he was a joy to watch.

  2. We missed the directness of Gareth. I hope our new boys gel soon, what happened to catching the opposition on the break. We seemed slow and lethargic.

  3. Dawson,walker and dembele need to be dropped,they have been really poor specially walker,his a good player but its all gone to his head, remember ur a right back not a striker or winger,time to drop him so he can sort him self n show on the training he derserves to a place in the starting line up,Dawson makes too many mistakes, not comfortably on the ball,gives too many fouls in dangerous positions.dembele is so poor right now,his goes past a player waits for to come back n tries to go past him again totally slowing down the play,he can never play behind the striker. Townsend can play against lower teams but never against good quality teams coz his jus an average player cannot do anything against good defenders n another stop shooting from 40 yards ders a thing called passing to ur team mates in betters positions

  4. needs to give some time for the team.. We have a good team around.. Just need only needs result..Either Dembele or paulincho should be played at once.. Both are little bit defensive minded which will afffect our counter attack pace.. Holtby/erikson should be used inorder to feed to ball to soldado/defoe. Chadli and lamela will make a huge impact in the wings. They needed just time to impress. Rose & walker should take care of their defencive places. Dawson should be given some time to rest and regain his form..

  5. Let give them time to gel.Last season we lost 5-2 to arsenal.dawson make mistake for not following the back 4 line which make wallcott to be on side , we are all human.pls let forget that. we have over 50 matches to play.


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