Michael Dawson: At A Crossroads?

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Dom Le Roy

He is our captain, a loyal servant of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club since 2005, and he wears his heart on his sleeve, but is it time for Michael Dawson’s 9-year stay at the Lane to come to an end? It’s certainly fair to say that Dawson is a player who splits the fan base and there isn’t an agreed consensus amongst Spurs fans about our No. 20. However, more and more nowadays it seems as if the tide is turning against Dawson. Fans are more critical of his performances and his defenders are becoming fewer. This makes me wonder whether it is time to perhaps let him go should a decent offer be put on the table.

I’ve never been a huge Dawson fan but I’ve seen his merits and what he brings to the team. He understands the club, he doesn’t give up and his attitude is top class but for me there comes a stage where that just doesn’t cut it anymore and as this club tries to develop and improve, we need players who reflect that growth. Dawson, unfortunately, isn’t the level of defender we require if we want to be consistent top 4 members. He certainly shouldn’t be starting, but is he going to accept being a bit part player? I highly doubt it.

Whenever we play a big team and I see Dawson’s name on the team sheet, I instantly feel disadvantaged. I picture Aguero racing past him, van Persie losing him in the box, Suarez turning him inside out. Whilst players of that calibre can do that to any defender, it seems like an inevitability with Dawson and I don’t get that feeling with someone like Vertonghen or Kaboul (when he’s actually fit). He doesn’t turn quick enough and he isn’t a very fast runner, which makes him tactically limited. Also, the long balls, which I don’t think I need to go into detail on.

I’m not saying we should definitely sell him, as I don’t doubt his value in the dressing room, but his limitations can’t be ignored, and they’ve been exploited too often this season for my liking. When our four centre backs are all fit, Dawson must be the fourth choice should he stay, but like I mentioned earlier he is unlikely to accept that and nor should he. So, should Harry come back in for him or if a mid table Premier League club decide to go for him, we should definitely consider the offer very seriously because the evolution of THFC will mean that some people get left behind and Dawson may have to be one of those people.

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  1. I yhink your at a crossroads,time to decide whether to support Spurs or another team,which you probaly do.If we had a few more with Dawsons attitude and ability,ever crossed your mind that al lot of faults attributed to Dawson actually start with the people in front of him lleaving our back line exposed.

    • So by not particularly rating one of our players I'm now not a true supporter? I look at our players without being biased. I didn't say Dawson was awful did I? I said I don't think he's good enough to start for where we want to be but that doesn't mean we should sell him. I said I appreciate his attitude explicitly in the article so I think you're being both naive and unfair.

        • An opinion. Implying that I'm not a good fan just because I don't rate Dawson that highly (yet I still didn't say get rid or that he has no positive attributes) is both naive in expecting good fans to only say good things and unfair because I'm only voicing an opinion and it was hardly vitriolic. I disagree with your opinion but I'm not telling you to support another team am I?

    • Dawson lives spurs, his effort and loyalty to spurs is unquestioned. He does lack pace but compensates with his reading of the game. We have no replacement anyway.

  2. Daft comment. Dawson is Mr. Consistent. He may have some deficiencies but one thing you can count on is he will always be available to play as he rarely gets injured.

  3. I actually commented on another post/site/blog? regarding Dawson and England !
    I am not his biggest fan , but i will support him , as he is a true blue n white bulldog , that should be given his England chance as the rest are not if , much better , at least you know that he will fight for the team , and he most definitely would give arms and legs as an England player , where others are found wanting .
    We all know his limitations , as Spurgatso rightly pointed out , if you go through most games and watch when he has been beaten/closed down , you'll find that the 3-4 passes previous are his own team mates passing back to him when the pass was not on , or the pass was not good enough to reach him , or the the pass should have gone forward not back !!
    God i hate typing , i hope my point was in there somewhere …….jamesspur …………….COYS

  4. I don't think laG that being chosen to play for Spurs is only on availability and that was not what was being discussed !

  5. He gets torn to shreds by any player with pace. His favoured position is flat on his back with his hands over his eyes wondering how the ball is nestled in the back of the net… again.

  6. He may be slow but he is the reason why we didn't lose to Cardiff City. His timely interventions on numerous occasions during that game, saved us the embarrassment. Was never my favourite player but I have new found respect for the man.

    There's no point having the best defenders in the world in your team, if they are not playing because of injuries. Dawson takes the knocks & throws himself in the line of fire game in game out. Glad to have him in my team any day. COYS

  7. While we are on the subject of injuries,our three hard men,Kaboum,Kapouw and Sandro seem to be made of crisps,Terrific players when their not injured,.Dawson I believe has turned out on every game so far.

  8. His errors this season are because he has had to Chiriches job for him as well which takes Dawson out of position for his own job. A vastly superior centre-back to the liability Chiriches alongside him in Vertonghen sees Dawson put in a Man of the Match performance.

    Apart from the fact he is homegrown and we need 8 in the first team squad, plus he is Mr Reliable on the injury front and the fact we have struggled with fit central defenders for at least 2 years, I would suggest selling him is not a sensible move.


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