Mike Ashley puts up £1m bounty for Newcastle to beat Arsenal


Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has promised to pay his non-playing staff a £1million bonus if they can beat Arsenal.

The difference between finishing between 10th and 17th in the Premier League is worth £5million and Ashley wants everyone motivated for the last game of the campaign. It has always been rumoured in the press that Ashley is a Tottenham fan and his incentive could bear fruit for us if Newcastle beat Arsenal and we beat Sunderland – with Champions League football still up for grabs.

The £1million bonus will be shared between the backroom staff which includes the kit man and tea lady – although either of those are likely to pop up with a last minute header to win the game at St James’ Park!

A Newcastle employee told Sunday People Sport: “We were absolutely gobsmacked when we were called into a meeting with Mr Ashley and absolutely stunned when we heard his plan.

“It would be like winning the lottery for most of us.

“And we have every confidence the lads will see off Arsenal.”


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  1. The comment about the non playing staff not scoring goals is true, but if there is a strong relationship between the players and the non playing staff, then the players will have something to fight for.

  2. As a Spurs supporter from the states, I’m excited to see Mr Ashley getting everyone on board for this huge game! Maybe he has a side spiff going on with the players too!

  3. This is a genius move on Ashley's part. Offering a bonus to the highly paid players would be little incentive, but offering such a huge and potentially even life changing sum to the normal working people at the club will create a hell of a buzz. The players know these people and are probably friends with them and as a result I believe this will make a genuine difference in their attitude to the game. I think they will go all out to beat Arsenal now, I really do, and we only need them to draw!

    As for Ashley supporting Spurs? My step dad's son (whatever that makes him to me) went to school with him and I can confirm Ashley is very much a Spurs fan. COYS! ROLL ON SUNDAY!!!

  4. This is counter Pardew nonsense. I don`t believe a word of it. Arsenal will roundly thrash Newcastle and we`ll finish 5th :(

  5. His non playing staff dont have to do mothing. Its just winning the game will show that the pkayers care for the non playing staff. Besides, is there a better motivation than being charitable.? You win a game and people who need money are better off, their families and kids are happy and you made it happen. Brilliant idea. Lets not mention that Ashley is actually a Spurs fan of course.

  6. I reckon its pretty clever – offer the players a share of a million and it makes no odds to them – its loose change. This puts them in a situation where if they win they will be heroes for ever with the non playing staff – lose and the bloke who serves you tea in the morning may just have spat in it first.

  7. Can only be a positive for us. The players are rich enough, but them earning money for the Tea Lady et al is a great incentive to go out and give it there all. Thank you Mike Ashley. COYS

  8. I don't understand the logic in this but Ashley is a mad Spirs fan and I am sure he wants to Beat the Arsenal.

  9. Mike Ashley is a Gooner, Newcastle will get beat today. So this gesture of giving a 1 million bonus to the non playing staff is rubbish just a way to cover the fact they will let Arsenal win.


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