Bale set to sign £150,000-a-week deal at Spurs


The Guardian are reporting that Gareth Bale is set to sign a new contract worth £150,000 a week.

There has already been plenty of speculation over Bale’s future at Tottenham, but according to the report Bale is set to pen a deal which is expected to include a release clause for bids over £50m that can be triggered at the end of next season.

The release clause would price out many clubs from luring Bale away from White Hart Lane – but the fact is simple, we want Bale to be playing Champions League football at our club. If Bale is to pledge his future to us for another season it would represent a massive boost – the ball is then in Levy’s court, strengthen the squad to get into the competition we crave or risk losing our star players.

Andre Villas-Boas is set to meet with Daniel Levy and Joe Lewis over the course of the next week while Spurs take on the Jamaican national team on Thursday in a post-season Caribbean tour.

Bale has travelled with the rest of the Spurs squad for the trip and he should feature in the friendly y at the Thomas A Robinson National stadium on Nassau island.

AVB told The Guardian: “You have to hold on to your best assets. Gareth is travelling with the team. This is an opportunity for him to touch that fan base that he has around the world, so we are looking forward to him coming and competing. All of our players will be coming down. We have a few developmental players and we hope to bring them all so that they can get the experience.”


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  1. Fantastic news and confirms what I always suspected; Bale is not only 1 in a million as a footballer but also as a person.
    Hopefully avb has also got strong assurances from deep-pocket levy that Bale might even stay longer if he (avb) is given control of transfer policy. No more "joe average players" but instead transfers that can take us forward, and even perhaps take some of the goal-scoring responsibility away from the welsh wizard! To be fair levy got 2 great deals with Verthongen and Lloris – thanks for those.
    Top players will come because I reckon playing alongside Gareth Bale is as big an attraction as playing in the UCL.

  2. correct he is a model footballer for kids and if you want to learn,watch him,his attitude and beleif is nothing to 1,,,,,bale you are fantastic and a joy to watch,spurs are very lucky to have you,you are the best thing in the premier league since henry,if not better and that is some think,and for messi and ronaldo,you have out shone them with the wonder goals you have produced,,,,,,spurs will be at a difrent level if you stay ,you have time to mature still,a few additions to the squad and who knows,in my books yous are only 5 wins behind man u and city,come on you spurs,levy you know what to do

  3. The way to go, this is showing the ambition we didn't in the past, we never really recovered from losing the likes of Carrick,Berbatov and Modric. Either Adebayo or Defoe need to be released and keeping both Siggurdsen and Dempsy seems a luxury we can't afford. A proven striker, possibly two is a must. Parker seems to be struggling to cope with AVB's style and with, Dembele, Holtby, the remergence of Huddlestone, the returning Sandros and Carrol and possibly Livermore not to talk of the abundance available in the developmental team, I think its time for us to say a big thank you and bye bye to Parker. Walker is an exciting player going forward but his defensive capabilities, particularly his marking at set pieces and ball watching during counterattacks is really suspect he needs regular competition. C'mon AVB let's win the league. COYS.


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