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So the start of the season is nearly upon us. However, unlike in previous seasons we’ve done a lot of deals before a competitive ball is kicked.

From the looks of it though we’re not done yet. Director Keith Mills has recently come out and said: “There are others in the pipeline. Strikers are very high on AVB’s list of priorities and Daniel is trying hard to make sure we have strength up front. It’s a really exciting time to be at the club.”

So it looks like the good times will just keep on coming and we may very well have all our business done by the NLD on September 1st.

There is, of course, one bigs issue that still hangs over the club. But, from the looks of it, it doesn’t actually seem to be hampering our preparations for the new season in any way. Well unless, that is, you believe some reports that Mr Bale has gone on strike and has fallen out with AVB. Before you panic it’s worth noting some of these reports are coming from the same sources that claimed the players were revolting against AVB on the morning of our infamous away win against United.

Bale has remained completely silent on the situation leading to questions as to how some media outlets can claim he has said he is unhappy at Spurs.

Note that before the Madrid propaganda came spewing out of the Marca, all the english sources were claiming Bale was happy and that he was about to sign a new deal.

So has anything actually changed? Personally I don’t believe so. He’s still got a lot to learn as a player and he knows the best man to help him develop is AVB. There was talk that if Bale was to stay then we would need to show our ambition in the transfer market…I think we have more than done that.

Not only is Bale looking to develop as a player, but as a marketable asset. He recently trademarked his heart celebration and is now the face of NBC’s Premier League coverage with the billboard in Times Square extending the campaign by another two weeks after it proved so popular.

The club have also made it very clear that the Welshman is not for sale at any price with Executive Director Donna-Maria Cullen the latest official to claim Bale is going nowhere.

Levy has also stated on several occasions Bale is here to stay. Recent history would give anyone reason to be sceptical. However, it seems we’re dealing with a different Levy this time around.

It now seems he has a manager who he is willing to trust. The signing of Soldado embodies this perfectly. Not only has Levy smashed our transfer record (and for the 2nd time this window) but he’s done it for a 28 year-old. We’ve definitely never seen this from him before. The recruitment of Baldini surely has a lot to do with this.

So with just over a week to go there’s a lot of reason to be optimistic for the new season. Regardless of whether the Welshmen stays or not I firmly believe we will be up there come the business end of the season. We have the right men in charge to take us to the next level.

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  1. Please dont tell me you are naive enough to think Bale doesnt want to go to Madrid and wants to stay with us?? Hes desperate to leave, that is quite clear. It is also quite clear that we are now willing to sell. We are spending the Bale money, very well, now. And when the windows ended, we will have sold Bale and spend around 90 million in players. Guarantee it

    • Well, we must all defer to a confidante of Levy and Bale who KNOWS Bale is desperate to leave. I have seen no statement at all attributable to Bale so Merlin obviously must chat to the player regularly.He must also speak to Levy as "It is also quite clear that we are now willing to sell." Oh to be in Merlin's position and be party to the verification of the FACTS. Of course he might be another one of those geniuses who believe Marca, the Star and assorted websites.Perish the thought as those of us ,not in Merlin's privelged circle and might doubt the oracle are naive. Must be a tough call whether Merlin is naive or rrogant. he has no more knowledge than you, I or any of the media. Keep polishing the ego!

      • Ha. So you dont think the fact we cant deny all this is true as a club, or Bale cant say a quick im happy where i am? Get your head out of the sand stupid

        • Merlin if your boss and company owner tells you to keep quiet on a subject then I am inclined to think you will, unless as you say you are so desperate to go you are willing to incur any disciplinary action in saying anything at all on the subject (I work in media and know when a campaign is launching there is an embargo on certain information). So as others suggest you must be privy to info that only Levy & Bale himself knows that we don't.

    • Whilst I agree that Bale probably wants to go, totally disagree with the rest of your post. The reason that Levy is negotiating with Perez is to keep Bale/Barnett happy. Unless Levy does this, they may throw their toys out of the pram. Levy has set a figure that is probably out of reach for RM. It's being reported that Levy feels Real haven't got the money. Hence you bung players into the mix at inflated prices, and offer to pay over several years. Your idea that we are spending the £90m is nonsense. Over the last 7 transfer windows we have spent £10m net, the squad was due a revamp. Everyone agreed that, at the very least we needed 2 strikers and a winger (due to Bale moving inside) plus maybe a LB and a central midfielder. So far we have recouped £18m ( Caulker £9m, Dempsey £6m and £3m for the dos Santos sell-on fee). Net spend £32m. If we buy Coentrao seperately that will simply wipe out the £12m they owe us for Modric. Also do you really think Madrid will give us £90m up front? Seriously? The money we have spent was scheduled, Bale or no Bale.

      • What i said was, we will spend around 90 million this window. We have already spend over 60 with Capoue, and i think we will spend another 30 if Bale goes. You think that is wrong?

        • Beep,beep,beep. Is that the sound of reversing? Your clear implication was that we were spending the £90m we were getting for Bale. My argument is that Bale will not be sold unless the bidding gets astronomical, or Bale misbehaves on a massive scale. Hence the money we are currently spending is scheduled. We have spent as much as £75m in a window before now, it doesn't necessarily indicate a major departure. In 2007/8 our net spend was £34m. Also my earlier figures were incorrect, we have made a £10m profit over the last 8 windows… hence the need to revamp the squad, with or without Bale. There are still players going who will offset some of this spending. .Gomes £3m, Parker £3m, Livermore £6m and Huddlestone £5m. There are others who appear to be available at the right price eg BAE, Naughton, Defoe and Adebayor. You could be right that £90m will be spent, but I don't think that is dependent on Bale going. Also we could well recoup £40-50m in sales.

    • Sorry you must know GB well then to say these things or are you just reading the muck put out by the press to sell papers .Do a search of a few sites you will find that GB to stay is something more and more sites are saying . The money we are spending is from the owner J Lewis and extra tv money from bt .

    • Your head is in your arse pal. I've just re-read your crap and you are beep beep beep beeping all the way back to the M25 you doult. Go and support the London Colney gang.

  2. Absolutely spot on. Definitely a different chairman this window and I believe the silence from Bale is what we need to focus on if he was trying to go surely he would have said by now. If he stays I believe with our new additions (more to come) we are in a great position to challenge for top 4 if not better. Either way with or without Bale this is gonna be a great season.

  3. we need get 21 goals the new signings should get that what bale scored last season might play as a team now than relieing on the welsh wizard to many players out form or overwelmed take your pick .
    get left back and at least 1 good cb cut the zonal defence out then we might have a chance,

      • We need to get 21 goals, the new signings should get what Bale scored last season.

        We might play as a team now (if he goes) rather than relying on the welsh wizard.

        We have too many players out form or overwhelmed, take your pick (it is pre-season, you expect this).

        Get a left back and at least 1 good cb (also another striker and a playmaker).

        Cut the zonal defending out, then we might have a chance.

        The trouble is we need to add to Bale’s goals, not replace them.

  4. What is happening is this. Bale will go Levy does not want to annouce this until the window because if clubs know we have 80 mill to spend they will inflate their prices. So yes we are spending the money know. My only worry is that we will take several games to get our new team playing together as a unit, when what we need is a good start.

    • It's pretty sure thing bale is going not that levy wants him to go even for such a huge sum but when a player wants to go you just can't keep them as we have experienced before so if that's the way it's going to be we have to get the best possible price for him and invest in reinforcements as we are doing if we can let ade go and get another striker things will look a lot brighter.

    • Good question. Is a bit of an odd one. I know Soldado is better now, but 6 years older with no sell on value. Maybe AVB didnt really rate him

      • who cares about his sell on in 3 years time, imagine 3 years of 20-30 goals a season from the man.
        whether we get jack diddly or 20m for him in 3 yrs time it wont affect my season tkt price but i'd rather see soldado than 1 season wonder benteke.
        anyway levy unlikely to let his contract run down to zip so even at 31-2 i bet he's still worth 10-15m.
        anyway if we sell bale i'd like to see them bid 40m for hulk.

        • 10 mil for sure. Look at Villa, he had a serious injury and sold for around 10 mil. According to, Soldado has been injury free since 2010. Those were minor injuries too.

          We have too many negative supporters!! Things are changing for the good at our club, with or without Bale. Be positive or just forget about football and find something else to moan about. Life goes on!!

  5. Bale does not want to join Real Madrid just yet. He wants to stay at Spurs for at least another season, as the media are doing a good job for his brand.

    • Because by not saying anything, his name gets splashed about by the media all over the world which raises his stock value, his brand name which in turn attracts huge sponsership deals for the mighty Spurs. The only time he needs to say anything is when he signs that new contract with Spurs!!!

    • The only person allowed to speak about these things is AVB not the players . This I would think is something that players agree to when they sign for a club .

  6. At the end of the day the only people who knows what is what are Bale, Levy and Lewis. All the rest is conjecture, hype and downright fiction to sell papers and fill the gap till the season starts.

  7. Iv heard that DL is spending the so called Bale monies in advance to prevent clubs inflating prices of their players…which is what happened to Man city when they won the Lottery! I can understand the thinking behind this, but just cant see Mr Levy risking spending 60 million, hoping that a club 500 million in debt, getting some wierd type of financial hand out from their Government, and still havent paid for Modric yet!

  8. Didn't Mr Lewis give us a £50 million pound loan payable over the next ten years. Oh yes that's right he did! Could be the answer to our spending so far ;-)

  9. I think its under big loan from the owner part . Of course it does not say anywhere and this whole GB thing has raised Spurs standing around the world . Will he go or will he stay . It has also raised GB standing in terms of signing contracts with firms to wear their products . This has been great for both club and GB . The player himself is injured and is having one to one treatment . He will not play this week against CP but depending how things go might play the week after . However a lot will depend on how much more GB and Daniel Levy decide to play this transfer game . GB will stay and does not need to go to Spain to a club where he will not be top dog with a 100m transfer hanging over him . Look at the players brought in and now some will be moved out but that does not mean we are spending money from a transfer that has not even happened nor will it.
    Bale is staying .
    Coys .

  10. We spent so much on Soldado because he is a proven goal scorer benteke is not therefore is more of gamble remember Andy Carroll?.

  11. It is easy to see why Daniel Levy has supported AVB/Baldini this window and not former incumbents in other windows. If you had had 50 million in your pocket, would you have given it to Harry and said 'buy what we need and give me back the change for the next window'? He now has people he can trust to spend that money a tad more wisely than before.


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