Parker or Sandro? Statistical Analysis


There has been much talk about the impact of Sandro’s injury on Spurs’ season, with the general consensus being that if Sandro had remained fit, we would be 3rd right now. Let’s see if this is true..

The Stats

Record (inc. Cups): Sandro 13-6-5 – losses were: Newcastle (A), Arsenal (A), M City (A), Chelsea (H), Everton (A). In only one of those losses was Dembele also on the pitch at any time.

Parker 9-9-4 – losses were: Leeds (A), Fulham (H), Liverpool (A), Inter Milan (A). However, the amount of draws is the startling statistic.

So Sandro’s win % inc. Cups (in the tougher half of the season, arguably): 57%

And Parker’s win % inc. Cups (in arguably the easier half of the season): 41%

The Facts

It is neglectful merely to crunch numbers and look at the results without examining reasoning behind results. As it says above, Sandro has only lost one game for Spurs this season when he has had Dembele next to him in central midfield, showing the strength of their partnership. Parker’s results have been with a couple of midfield partners – Dembele and Huddlestone – but even with the former, the results haven’t been as great as they should. There have been too many draws whilst Parker is in midfield, which is probably explained by his lack of creativity and his general ‘headless chicken’ approach when going forward. We saw earlier this year that Sandro was becoming a much better player offensively than last season’s just-defensive midfielder.

If we duplicate Sandro’s pre-January league results into the second half of the season, then Spurs would be on 78 points. That would put us level with Manchester City. However, if you extrapolated Parker’s league results into the first half of the season, we would be on 65 points, or 4 points worse off than we are now. Factor in that Dembele was missing for more of the first half of the season than the 2nd, and you can understand how important Sandro is to our team.

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  1. don't need stats to work our Sandro is a better player. Wouldn't be worry about the scum if he was still in the team. Side pass Parker, should have cashed in on him in January.

  2. We have missed sandro but its too easy to just blame Parker for spurs finishing 5th (or maybe 4th). What about lennon and defoe losing form? What about dembele being not as effective since xmas? What about a back four who cant defend set pieces or even stay on the post at corners? Our squad simply didnt have enough options for creativity in midfield and asking Parker to run with the ball and deliver a killer pass is a bit like asking walker to concentrate to 90 minutes or adebayor to remember last years form.

  3. I agree with everything that Mr Fox said above me – we have conceded far too many goals in the second half of the season' loads from set pieces and score hardly any from our own dead ball positions – the delivery recently has been awfull.
    When we did qualify for the Champions League our central midfield pairing was mainly Modric & Huddlestone – if you have the ability to keep the ball then a ball winning midfielded is not so important.

  4. Agree with Mr Fox in general. Not really knowing that the opposite goal is where you win games while not being able to defend has caused outlandish problems.
    In the debriefings don't they study the video evidence and contemplate making some strategic alterations in the future. Time after time the same old mistakes rear their head: keeping the ball outside the 18yd box without creating anything and eventually losing it and the game. Being scared to run at players and through them reflects the below level standard that a team wanting CL must not have. Running into spaces and moving the ball quickly is also part of it. Mixing it up is a must as it makes the team unpredictable which is part of the flair we sometimes have when attacking quickly.
    To repeat the same mistakes is an average behavioural trait but in order to be above average, a team must not use the same failed strategies.
    Clearly these are not all the issues. Let's have some intelligent, quick thinking movement that ends up in the back of the net.

    • What you mean like Bale's goal against Utd.? How can you say that? Apart from his free kicks, most of Gareth's goals have come from fast moving, fast passing and spearing straight through the opposition defence. Besides that, we've scored loads of goals in the 18 yd box. Only last weekend Ade scored another tap-in. I think you're blowing things out of proportion John. Maybe you should teach the team that scoring in the opposite goal and not giving away any goals wins you the match and see if you can run off the training ground before the whole team gives you a slap for being a twat!

  5. The reason we havent done aswell as we should be i mr levy fault the man who sold corluka pav kranjaar modric vdv put rose out onloan then brings in dempsey instead of moutinho no damiao and signs sigurrson and holtby if he had of invested instead of trying todo it on the cheap we wouldnt be in this position the only person the chairman can blame for no champs league is himself


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