You’re the Boas: Pick your Spurs team vs Swansea


Tottenham Hotspur take on Swansea City on Sunday at White Hart Lane in our first home match of the new Premier League season.

AVB has been busy during the summer transfer window with plenty of new faces and departures out of White Hart Lane.

If you were AVB, what would your Spurs starting eleven be to face Swansea on Sunday? Leave your team selection below.

Here’s what we have come up with:-


Walker Vertonghen Kaboul Rose


Townsend Dembele Paulinho Chadli



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  1. Lloris

    Walker – Vertonghen – Kaboul – Rose

    Paulinho – Capoue – Dembele

    Townsend – Soldado – Chadli

    Don't think he will play Townsend over Lennon but I think he earned the opportunity.

  2. I would agree apart from Daws for Kaboul as it is still a little early for hi, think having Townsend start will kick start Lennon as decent competition for places – 2-0 Spurs

  3. I'd say Dawson over Kaboul as we dont wanna rush him back too quickly.
    I was impressed with Townsend but get the feeling Lennon will be favored.
    Would like to see Sandro get some game time too but perhaps off the bench.. otherwise I like it!

  4. Dawson and Sandro instead of Kaboul and Capoue. Kaboul needs a rest, Sandro would of had a rest.

    Hope Townsend starts. show what hes made of, hes much more versatile than Lennon, can run, dribble, pass and shoot.
    when you ever seen Lennon shot from outside the 6 yard box LOL

  5. Naughton seems more sturdy, but he'll be bit tired after the game last night.

    Hope Walker can do better defensively and don't have those stupid lapses.

  6. I'd go with that. Townsend deserves a start as I'm afraid Lennon cannot match his final ball nor is he ever likely to score as Townsend is.
    At the moment I'm as pissed off as most, not so much that Bale appears to be going but the manner in which this nausiating, arrogant gods gift of a spanish football club has 'dealt' with us. If he wishes to play for this lot, then good luck. If we get anywhere near the money banded about, then its daylight robbery in our favour but quite honestly, I would have said get stuffed and come back when your debt to us is paid up. Shame Bale doesn't take a leaf out of Giggs' career, and Gerrard, one team men who earned the right to appear in CL, not go looking for one that can guarantee this every year. So much for contracts and loyalty. Just pisses me off !!!

    • I' am a bitter about the Bale move because he showed so much faith in him and developed his game, now after 1 truly outstanding season he wants to leave to go to Spain. A league which is no where near as competitive as the Premier League and please remind me who was the last relatively young British player to do well overseas?

  7. Spurs fan's short memories and lack of long term analysis is exasperating right now. 2010/11- Spurs blip occurs when Lennon is injured. 2011/12-Spurs blip occurs when Lennon is injured. If Townsend should start a ahead of anyone it is clearly Chadli.

  8. I thought it was much better yesterday having capoue holding with paulinho and dembele pushing forward in a 433. I hope we start with the same formation and have two wingers in the front three (townsend and either lennon, chadli).

    Sigurdson just isnt a decent player. cant seem to score (for us anyway), can really create chances with through balls like holtby and i'm not really sure what he actually offers our team :s

  9. I thought it was much better yesterday having capoue holding with paulinho and dembele pushing forward in a 433. I hope we start with the same formation and have two wingers in the front three (townsend and either lennon, chadli).

  10. Lloris

    Walker Dawson Vertonghen Rose

    Capoue in front of back four

    Lennon Paulinho Dembele Townsend


    Although, unlikely i'd like to see both lennon and townsend start as I think both are better than Chadli and Siggy. Also expect to see Defoe subbed on sometime in the second half.

  11. I would take Kaboul over Daws any time and I have nothing against Daws I just think Kabooby is a fantastic player and would handle Michu better than Daws. Yes Andros deserves a start, what is the point of the young lad playing his heart out and then not getting the opportunity next game, bad management if he does not get the nod. Keep Lennon on his toes and fresh for the Gooneys.

    What a great side, Capoue and Paulhino are both fantastic additions and when Sandro is back in contention, Awesome and I think Djembele will loose out. I thought his body language last night did not look good and he did not have the greatest of games.

  12. LLoris
    Walker Daws Vertonghen Fryers
    Sandro (near match fitness)
    Dembele Paulinho
    Lennon Chadli
    Defoe (sub in saldado if defoe isnt passing)


    would be surprised if its not this line up to be honest

  14. I don't get why people prefer walker over naughton, yes he is quicker but naughton is better on the ball and as a possession team id rather naughton every day. walker stresses me out watching him…am I the only one?

  15. ……………………….lloris……………….


    Walker …………… capoue ………. ………… rose

    ………….. lennon … paulinho …. townsend

    …………………….. soldado …………………..









  16. I cannot believe the writer of this article and others who have commented here have left out Michael Dawson.

    Last season we earned 2.19 points a game (21 games) WITH Dawson (equates to 83-point season), and 1.53 points a game (17 games) WITHOUT Dawson (equates to 58-point season).

    Please do not pass these stats to Florentino Perez.

  17. Lloris
    WALKER DAWSON Jan the Man ROSE (4)
    (Heres the genius bit)
    LENNON, TOWNSEND, DEFOE(yes left inside out)(3)

    If that doesnt put us 5-3 up at half time?


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