Plan A: Bale….Plan B: Better?


Those of you familiar with my particular style of articles will recognise that I avoid declaring I have any ‘In the Know’ knowledge, but instead attempt to craft a vein of common sense throughout the passion and well…bullshit of the numerous stories and rumours we receive in the Spurs community.

I turn today to address the most prevalent theme currently monopolising our fan sites: The Bale Sale.

I have discussed this before when the figures being touted were considerably less than they are now, and still felt that with the right reinvestment, the situation could be salvaged.

The price has since sky-rocketed and you know what, strangely I am now of the opinion that the situation for us can only be better!! They are talking about £105 million!

It is not often that I, a lifelong avid Tottenham fan, find myself echoing the thoughts of Arsene Wenger, but seriously, how can we turn that down?!

Bale is special, but that money could buy two or three top top players. I, for the purposes of illustration only, suggest both Luis Suarez and Juan Mata. Both were considered in the top five best players of last season; both score goals; both get assists and both could be obtained for about £75 million.

While the thought of Bale departing does leave a slightly sick feeling in my stomach, surely the chance to have a front three of Suarez, Soldado and Mata (all Spanish speakers incidentally, for the purposes of stronger bonds and better understanding in training), is mouth-watering enough to ameliorate the despair just a little bit?!

It should be. Suarez has been excellent since he came to England (aside from a few notable exceptions where he appears to have been struck down by some form of dementia), and Mata is, well, Mata.

Bale provides power and pace, but little creativity when Spurs are in a tight spot.

I am sure some of you are reading this thinking Southampton, Newcastle, Norwich, West Brom, are to name but a few exceptions to this, but in each case it was pace and power that got us those goals and it wasn’t always successful.

What we often lacked were ideas, something which both Mata and Suarez have in abundance.

Soldado provides the cutting edge we really need, and Suarez provides top class striker cover if he gets injured.

It’s time for honesty and forward planning, and if fans are honest with themselves, maybe it would be better to take the Bale sale and turn it into an exceptionally talented Plan B, one which might just prove to have been better than Plan A all along.

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. Great in theory but would they come and would we pay they wages they would demand? I think you have fallen foul of a rather simplistic train of thought!

    • Clearly Suarez has shown that it wasn't the English Press thing but just wants out of LFC… Mata is certainly not realistic cos I cant really see the motivation for him here to leave a CL club for EL. but for suarez its possible

  2. I concur, great as Bale is he can be viewed as the only outlet by other players; almost as if they are waiting/ hoping to see him do his magic rather than doing something themselves. This despite the fact they don't lack the skill only lack the self belief.

  3. Great in theory, however, with their wages, the fact that one is playing CL football, and the fact that neither would want to sell to a rival PL club means there's little chance of us obtaining both.

    I see Coentrao being included in the P/EX, and us raiding Roma for Lamela.

  4. Suarez will never come to Spurs for reasons too obvious to state, same for Mata. This article is nonsense, im glad youre not my barrister.

    • No need to be so hostile to a fellow supporter, at least we are debating life after Bale. We all regret losing him to the shysters in Madrid but even £85m offers us options.

  5. What is confusing me – if Spurs know they have £100m coming in – why did they need to sell Caulker to raise £8m? I can understand needing to raise funds to cover completed transfers and potentially to fund a new deal for Bale – yes in that case, it makes sense. But if you are about to be awash with cash, you can hang on to people like Caulker. So for me, the sale of Caulker and the sale of Bale don't go together – they contradict.

    • the sale of Caulker is because (guessing here) AVB has the Romanian guy lined up, who is a better player for less money (although not homegrown which could become a problem.) Also with new signings coming in we will need to clear the decks, the players you want to sell won't always be the ones other clubs want, so selling a squad player makes sense.

    • not really, caulker wanted to go and we had a better replacement lined up- Vlad, but that seems to have gone tits up, so were now short at the back

    • Whilst Caulker was still a Spurs player we had agreed a deal with Steaua Bucharest for Vlad Chiriches (a Jan V clone) who can play anywhere across the back four and scores goals. Bucharest chairman had already announced on web that he was coming to WHL to agree personal terms and do a medical, also the Romanian Football Federation announced the sale of their international defender to Spurs. The transfer was stopped by an ex-MP in jail for 3 years for corruption by the name of Gigi Bacali the owner of Steaua Bucharest (surely against UEFA regulations) after we had agreed the sale of Caulker.

    • Caulker leaving wasn't about raising cash – it was to make room for an upgrade – Chirishes. A lesson to be learned here – a deal's not done till the money's in the bank! Now we start the season with one fit CB or rush to buy cover who may not be as good as Caulker.

  6. I personally feel that people should stop banging on about bale and start talking about our record signing soldado!

    If bale was staying he would be in monico now!

    So we should be looking forward to the talent that has already or might be coming through the front door!

  7. Huge spondoolies and Mata would be awesome at the lane. Wouldn't want to keep Bale if his heart wasn't in it and nobody is irreplaceable. Coys!

  8. Exactly the point. I would like to see Suarez and Willian both in. Lots of ideas from those two.. some quality defenders (CB and LB). indeed better than current plan for sure

  9. Although I agree with the gist of the article, there is no way, simply NO WAY, Liverpool and Chelsea would sell their best players to Top 4 rivals (who are now known to possess a great deal of money) for £75m. No doubt, with the ridiculousness of transfer prices, the Reds and the Blues would be after something far closer to £75m for EACH player.

    Also, I don't want Suarez. He wouldn't fit in at Spurs as a player, nor as a person. We have one of the cleanest teams in the league, and are averse to any non-Levy-related-controversy. Similarly, Suarez is out for the first 6 games of next season – I wholeheartedly believe it was during the first 6 games of last season that we lost out on Champions' League.

  10. Glen,

    I love your optimism! One you think DL is going to give AVB over 2/3rds of the Bale transfer money!
    And second, Players like Mata, Suarez etc, are hungry for EL Football!

    However Mate. I so hope you are right!


  11. I thought about Mata myself. If the stories about Mourinho not liking him are true then think we'd have a chance, but doubt they are personally. Pedro from Barca? Not held in particularly high regard compared to others, won everything and could be persuaded to try something new. Need a very good winger to replace Bale imo

  12. Hows about the team we could build to win the league with that money, going by there market value here's what I think. Hulk 35m, Sneijder 13m, Fred as a buyout of 1.7m total 49.7m and the maybe Baines 15m. This would depend on who comes from Real. But then I would after the transfer gets done report them for tapping up.

  13. We've had better players than Bale at the lane over the years but it's been a long time since we had several top class players in the same team. The sale of Bale is quite simply an opportunity to change that. Looking at some of the other deals going through it is also clear that we are seeing the genuine start of the AVB revolution. Exciting times. COYS!

  14. We have to let Bale go for the sort of money that RM are talking about. The sale of Caulker is strange though. Why would you sell a super prospect like him when you don't have a replacement already at the club? It seems that either Caulker wanted out for whatever reason, or AVB didn't want him, once again, for whatever reason. Let's get a replacement in now, not wait until the Bale money arrives. Toby Alderweld perhaps?

  15. Erik Lamela also speaks Spanish – and has a great left foot. Also, he will come for almost £30 million less than will Suarez. Agree about Mata – but would Chelsea sell us their player of the past two seasons?

  16. lets get real, last year even with Bale in the side we were too predictable and found it too difficult to break sides down and create chances. I don't like having to rely on a worldie every week to win a game in the last minute. With Soldado and Paulinho already added to the side the vacuum Bale filled last year is already filling up so the chances of him having a season like last are more than unlikely. Bottom line, would have been great to keep him in an improved line up but IF the funds are used wisely to improve us with one or two players previously out of our reach I think this is great business. BTW no chance of either signing mentioned in this article and, like Frank, I'm also glad he's not my barrister. LOL COYS!!!

  17. I never want to see Suarez in a Tottenham shirt!

    Also, all this, sell Bale and buy 3 or 4 players stuff. Do people not realise that we can have 25 players over 21 years of age. With the signings we've made and the "youngsters" getting old, we are already over this. If we sell Bale and bring in 4 great players we would have to have a serious clear out… and clubs will know that and so we won't sell for value.. and all this will mean that rather than a summer of adding a few quality players to a good and established squad, we'll have a team of new faces and will take a long time to adapt.

  18. No chance of signing Mata sadly,unless we sell Bale to Chelsea and ask for him in a deal,I would not like to see Suarez in a Spurs shirt no matter how good a footballer he is.The gist of the article is good and with Bale's transfer money he has left a legacy for the future of Spurs.Hopefully it will be used by Levy for Spurs not ENIC.It is sad that we are a selling club because of our failure to go that extra yard in getting the one or two players that would have placed us within the top two or three clubs in the premier.These next three weeks will give us a clear indication as to what Levy has in mind……PRUDENCE or PASSION/

  19. Salary levels are the key issue here. Until we have a bigger stadium Levy has to budget on a 36,000 average home gate.

    That almost certainly rules out Suarez. Probably Mata too, but then he knows that he was offered in p/e as part of a bid for Rooney. So Chelsea would sell him to a PL rival and he may feel undervalued. With the World Cup coming up Mata might prefer to play for Spurs than sit on the bench at Chelsea.

    We can only afford players who accept our salary levels and whose circumstances make us an attractive destination.

  20. Good article. I originally wanted to tell Madrid & Marca to Sod Off, but once it passed £90mill it’s wiser to think of Spurs long term development. Jackson Martinez is who I would love to see at WHL. Complete Striker, available & under 100k a week. Can’t see Mata or Suarez coming though I agree we need a guile player ala Modric! Great problem to have eh?? Think Coventry & Rangers, I’m Loving this, lets enjoy this unique situation. COYS!!

  21. As mentioned by others Chelsea would not sell Mata to us anyway. Liverpool want £50m plus for Suarez who is still suspended for another 6 games, his next faux pas will likely lead to a 15-20 match suspension so would not want him. Why not try Leandro and Bernard, they both have buy out clauses and so their price is fixed, we get Coentroa as part of the deal and then we need a central defender to partner Dawson until the return from injury of Jan V and Younes K. Hopefully the Chiriches deal can be resurrected, by the way as a barrister what is your take on Gigi Bacali stopping a transfer from going through from his jail cell whilst serving a 3 year jail term for corruption, surely UEFA should be made aware of this fact as they are supposed to be ng racism and corruption aren't they.

  22. Mata would be great. I rate him more highly than bale. Also with Dempsey off, this is the time for siggurdson to make an impact

  23. We could sell him for £85m but then get raped when trying to buy replacements. The whole world will know we’ve got £85m to spend after all. The other option would be to keep him, leaving Real to go for their plan B, namely Suarez, thus removing a great player from both Liverpool and Arse’s clutches, in doing so improving our chances of champions league qualification. Add to that the revenue Bale will bring in from advertising and sponsorship deals and we’ll be laughing. I may be wrong.

  24. Loved to have them both…but let’s be realistic. Suarez/Mata want trophies and Champions league. We can’t offer that at the moment I’m affraid

  25. Hows about the team we could build to win the league with that money, going by there market value here's what I think. Hulk 35m, Sneijder 13m, Fred as a buyout of 1.7m total 49.7m and the maybe Baines 15m. This would depend on who comes from Real. But then I would after the transfer gets done report them for tapping up.

  26. i would buy willian and benard cheap and really good and will be better the more they play and benard will be better than bale at his age i would and damiao aswell and a defender and i think we have a great team come on you coys!!!!


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