Get ready – Spurs’ season will be defined in the next month


I don’t need to think far back to recall how we threw away points in the first few games – points that always come back to haunt us.

The manager is being backed – the starting line-up looks like it’s going to be 4-3-3 and off the back of our greatest points haul in the Premier League I have some serious expectations. Let’s be honest – that’s what us Spurs fans are known for – good or bad.

So – for the record – here’s how I think it’s going to play out:

Bale: He’s going to stay. I can’t ignore his superstardom, nor Real’s insistence to unsettle him. But I think he’ll stay for one more season. Young family. Big move. Doesn’t have to be this season. And the team is shaping up to be something special. He’s got to be curious what of what we could achieve – add to that the sponsorship money he’s going to get and for me it’s a safe bet. I won’t be sweating until the close of the window.

Strikers: Soldado in, Adebayor out. I’ll admit I haven’t seen all that much of Soldado, but of what I have seen I like. To me it’s a lot about attitude – you need look no further than Adebayor last season or Defoe coming off the bench annoyed he wasn’t a starter to prove a point. We’ll get one more in – will it be Damiao or Remy – I think it’ll be one of the two. One is a striker who may not be content to sit the bench – the other a player who can play a few positions. It’ll depend on the deal but there will be movement.

BAE: I think he’s a good option for the season but I fear AVB will want to upgrade. I think he wants to really hit the ground running. The only thing that means he won’t change this position is…

Centre backs: I would love to see Kaboul and Vertonghen form a rock in defence – their attributes combined in a pairing are that numerous. But one may be injured and the other is coming back from injury. Dawson loves the cause but isn’t the man for me. So if we need to add here we will – at the expense of a new left back.

Total surprise midfield signing: I know what you’re thinking we’re overloaded here – I’ll get to that in a minute. I still think we need a creative talent. I would love Bernard (maybe more so because then Arsenal won’t have him) but don’t see us splashing that cash. I think we’ll get someone else young but with excellent potential – a Levy signing with a Baldini influence.

Outs: We have had few. Gallas, Bentley, Bostock – that’s fine but what about Huddlestone, Livermore, Rose, Caulker? Surely something has to give way? I think Levy will be asking for a lot of cash – I think it’ll happen close to the end of the window when we need to trim the wage bill.

Conclusion: I think we’ll be in the mix for 3rd. I’d like more but I honestly think apart from the Mourinho Chelsea machine nothing is a given this season. I want us to finish two places above Arsenal. I’d love a cup but I want us to play amazing football – and I think we will. It’s all about heart. And intent.

So how accurate do you think my predictions are? Am I too ambitious? Too cautious? I look forward to hearing your thoughts below.

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  1. Players out; I think it should be; Parker, Defoe, Livermore and Gomes. Loaned out should be; Tom Carrol, Zeki Fryers and Steven Caulker. Andros Townsend should be sold or loaned again if he will accept that. I would retain Tom Huddlestone. Danny Rose should be given a run in the side at left back and a decision on him and BAE should be deferred until January.

    THFC need two strikers and I think it will be Damiao and Remy for about 30 million.

    With Bale THFC can challenge. Without him it will be difficult to finish 5th.

  2. I agee with almost all you have written, Avnesh with the following exceptions:

    I will be sweating up to the transfer window closing, especially about Bale, because Levy is Levy.

    Not sure about Soldado being finalised. I hope it will, but I smell Arsenal interference here.

    I think we will recruit another left back and another cental defender in Chiriches.

    Other than that COYS!

  3. I have to say I agree with a lot of the above! Until I read this I thought I was possibly the only Spurs fan on the planet that was confident he’ll stay! Ok, RM are doing everything they can, but I don’t believe Bale is the sort to hand in transfer requests and Levy certainly is the sort to put his foot down once he’s made a decision. I know a lot of people are saying his value will never be higher but if he stays (and with a few more signings) we are right in the mix for CL and then – even if his value were to drop a bit – we have that revenue to compensate and remain attractive to other big players even without him.

    I do think we need to ship a few out and really believe a left back and striker are the priority. Ideally I’d like to see Contraeo, Soldado, Remy, Anderwereild and Ljajic. I know we’re talking a total of another £60m there on top of the £23m already spent, but if we ship out Ade, Caulker, Hudd, Parker, Livermore, and maybe Dempsey then we can recoup £30m, and add the £30m in extra TV revenue and we’re only £20m worse off and have a much improved squad.

    I’m confident (as usual)…hopefully it doesn’t give way to disappointment as it has many times before! COYS.

  4. I agree, Bale will get an improved contract and stay for at least one more season, I won’t

    go into listing the reason I think this, because I have done so many times, that I,m even

    tired of the whole saga!

    So I,d like to take you down another road! Tom Carroll! For me, this is your/our creative

    mid-fielder. Bale staying and the assured talent in mid-field, now is the time to give

    this lad his opportunity! Week in, week out! And I am confident, he will respond.

    For me he is a real talent!

    Play him in front of Dembele and Paulinho and behind Bale and Soldado! He will be the subtlety that exploits the latter two’s runs!

    This is what I would like to see as at least one set-up/formation. Maybe more away

    from home.

    4-1-2-1-2, or 1,1!.

    Walker, Kaboul, Vert (when fit again) BAE/Rose (4)

    Sandro (1)

    Paulinho Dembele (2)

    Carroll (1)

    Bale(1) Free Role

    Soldado (1)

    The width come s from the wing-backs, that play that role to it’s max. Sandro protecting!

    Bale doing whatever he wants. Carroll finding Soldado/Bale with intelligent passes.

    Dembele, Paulinho Protecting Carroll or running beyond him when Bale go’s wide,

    Sandro stepping up!

    You may well not like any of the above, but at least it is a change from RM and GB!




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