Five reasons this Tottenham transfer window is different


If you’re anything like me you look forward to the transfer window. The inevitable rush of possible signings, new tactics, new formations – dare I say it’s even entertaining that we’re linked to every player under the sun. Somehow though this transfer window feels different – and I think it’s for these five reasons…

1. We’re starting early

Daniel Levy has forced dictionary’s to include the now famous “Levy Time”. Jim White on Sky Sports News has based a career around it on deadline day. It’s worked with the likes of Van der Vaart, but failed with the likes of Moutinho.

This season though we’re doing our business nice and early. I’m not ruling out a few out the door at the end of the window but wouldn’t it be nice to have a full settled squad ahead of our first game instead of throwing away points at the start of the season? It looks to me like AVB has made this clear and Tottenham are starting early this season.

2. We’re backing the manager

There was always that moment when Harry Redknapp asked for Tevez and Cahill and got Saha and Nelson. I think that was when we saw what happens when a manager isn’t backed. With AVB however put me in the impressed bracket, to get 72 points (our largest ever haul in PL) with a team that wasn’t largely his, playing a formation that isn’t his favoured one – is impressive.

This transfer window I feel that we’ll get the players that AVB wants and needs to implement his 433 system and we’ll be much stronger for it. AVB is impressive and I think we’ll do what we can to make his job easier – especially by giving him the tools.

3. Franco Baldini is the missing piece

What we had in Levy was a negotiator who was able to squeeze every last pound from those players who were leaving White Hart Lane. What we also got though is someone who was notoriously stubborn when haggling – getting a good deal is one thing but arguing over a million when it could make the difference between CL football or not is something else entirely.

In steps Franco Baldini – the man AVB has wanted from the beginning. Suddenly we have another well respected individual high up in the club who is known by clubs and players who can help with negotiations. I almost forgot the best bit – he has fantastic connections and great scouting systems – this man should have a list of talent to watch – hopefully some of that turns into future Tottenham talent.

4. We’re buying before we sell

I understand the model of a well run club, I know that we have to balance our books and make the outgoings match the incomings, wages, bonuses – all that jazz. However combine this with Levy’s sometimes high valuation of our outgoing players then it can make for a long and uncomfortable transfer window.

Somehow that hasn’t been happening this season. We’ve made two signings and dare I say apart from trimming Gallas and Bentley from the wage bill we haven’t sold anyone. Will people be leaving? I can see Parker, Livermore and Huddlestone leaving – but we’re not as heavily reliant on them going first this season. That puts us in a much stronger position.

 5. We’re keeping our best player

Gareth Bale is pretty much nailed on to stay. We’ve seen the Berbatov scenario. We’ve seen the Modric scenario. Both were fairly recent in our memories and it would have been easy for Bale to hand in a transfer request and want to go – he’s that good – without CL could we really blame him? But the murmurs from the crowd asked him for one more year – and they look to be getting their wish.

If Bale stays it’s an undeniable attraction to other players. Wouldn’t you want to play with him? And quite rightly we need to show him the extent of our ambition and to add players of caliber around him to make the team stronger. I must admit it feels nice to say no to Real and Manchester United – but it’ll feel better to cheer when he scores – plenty – because he will.


So what are your hopes for this transfer window? Surely a striker is a must? Maybe two? Look forward to hearing your thoughts below…

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  1. We should get Guidetti & an experienced striker, loan Adam Smith and Hary Kane + sell Scott Parker, Jake Livermore, Iago Falque and Tom Huddlestone.

  2. I disagree with one of your points. Selling players. as it stands now we will br forced to leave out 2-3 players from our 25 man squad. if we get to mid august and we have 28 players on the books then we will screw our selves with last minute loans and cheap sales. Selling: Adebayor, Parker, Huddlestone ans Livermore must be done asap. Our 25 man squad will be as stands: LLORIS, FRIEDEL, GOMES (3) WALKER, NAUGHTON, KABOUL, VERTONGHEN, DAWSON, CAULKER, ROSE, BAE (8) SANDRO, PAULINHO, DEMBELE, HOLTBY, SIGGURDSON, PARKER, HUDDLESTONE, LIVERMORE (8) BALE, LENNON, CHADLI, TOWNSEND (4) DEFOE, ADEBAYOR AND DEMPSEY (3)… That’s 1 over before you add Soldado and Lopez and whatever else they have in mind.

  3. You have hit the nail on the head, for so many years we have seen the same old tactics but there is an element of change here that is very exciting COYS

  4. soldado will be good and maybe another striker, paulinho and chadler other signings look forward to seeing them but will we ever replace MODRIC! SURELY ANY TEAM OR AT LEAST TOP 4 TEAM WILL NEED SOMEONE AS CREATIVE AS HIM MAYBE MOUTINHO?

  5. we need to hold on to bale .if we are going to stay a big team.we will never be able to replace him in my life any way with him and a new left back and two top strikers i believe we can win the league.with out bale i can c spurs mid table .come on u spurs.ha arsenal are strugging to get players we need to take the avantage of this.u keep showing u got a heart bale when u score now prove it_


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