Soldado to Spurs deadlock claim Spanish press


Valencia president Amadeo Salvo has told Tottenham they will have to meet Roberto Soldado’s £25.8million release clause.

Franco Baldini personally travelled to Spain to try and thrash out a deal for the Spanish forward, but according to reports in the Spanish media a deal has not been reached.

Expect this saga to go on for a few more days as both clubs look to get the best deal.

Salvo told Spanish news agency EFE: “Soldado can go if he wants – for €30million and under our conditions.

“Valencia never had any intention of selling Soldado. If he goes then it is because the €30million figure has been met, not a cent less or a cent more.

“The buying club will also have to accept Valencia’s conditions of payment also.

“We agreed to meet Tottenham again to discuss the ways of paying and we did that because we understood that his buy-out clause would be met.

“Speaking about ways that deals are paid is normal and this will be done in a way that suits the financial department of Valencia and not that of any other clubs.

“We listened to him and we said what we have always said – that the price is €30m, then the boy himself can decide if he leaves and that the conditions of pay are what they are.”

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  1. Typical Spurs Waisting Valencia's time we were told not to bother coming to Valencia unless we were going to meet the full asking price but Mr Levy chose to send Baldini on a worthless trip only to be refused. This is why we lose out on deal Daniel Levy thinks he's so special he can get a deal anywhere

  2. Another player AVB confirms he want is levy gonna balls it up for a few millon again. He done this with mountinho and a host of players if levy keeps holding us back we need to get rid of this ENiC group and Levy. He gonna make us lose bale becouse we lack ambition. cheap skate levy really pisses me off the deal should be done already!!!!!!

    • I don't think we should get to carried away with what the press says . In his defence Levy is a Fan and he has kept the club float .some of the players were not interested for a host of reason including cultural diffferences and the fact that we are not in the champions League . The club , the trainning facilities are all there and are apparently quite impressive. We just need to win against unfancied teams in winter in particular . 1 more point every time, it is right to barter a bit. ( remember that some of the teams or players may be using us just to raise the profile of their players we still don't know from Soldado if he wants to come to the Lane ).

    • get lost you dick. if it wasnt levy tottenham probably was happy to finish 14th every year,stuck in an ancient training ground,spending money on good on the paper players and no northumberland project either. wankers like you never appreciate.


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