Scott “360” Parker linked with £2m Spurs exit


There’s plenty of speculation this evening linking Scott Parker with a cut-price £2million move to QPR.

Now, we’d be the first to admit that Parker did not have the best of campaigns last year but surely he has to be worth more than £2million? It was a shame the midfielder had such a poor season by his standards after recovering from an Achillies injury – his first season with us saw him as arguably our best player.

Is he ready to drop down to the Championship yet? His legs have gone somewhat and he’s developed a habit of doing his “360” with the ball, but another link-up with Harry Redknapp seems a bit premature.

There was whispers on Twitter this week (yes, Twitter) that Paulinho will be handed the number 8 jersey at Spurs this season. Which is of course, Parker’s number. Apparently, SkyBet have stopped taking money on the move, too.

Anyone seeing the link here?

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  1. The big question is, have we got a ready made replacement, if not will we need to buy one. I would hold out for more, £3.5 – 5 m.

  2. AVB never gave him a chance. You can't expect someone over 30 years old to come back from an injury like that and compete at a high level immediately returning to the starting lineup. When Sandro was lost for the season Parker was thrust into action and had to deal with a rigorous schedule of playing a position that demands a lot from the player. The problem stemmed from poor personnel management and a lack of squad depth. Selling Scott Parker for 2 million could place us in the same spot as last season. Scott loves the club and is a professional who would sit on the bench and could play during cup matches like FA or Capital One. Giving Paulinho, Sandro, Dembele a breather. Scott is close to getting his coaching license so in a year who could retire and serve as an under- 21 coach, or a workout coach, or some other coaching position at Tottenham

    • AVB never gave him a chance ? So why was he playing most of the time when we lost Sandro ? AVB never gave Hudd, Caroll even Holtby enough chances.

      • Because he had to play him? Even though he was injured, not quite ready to come back? Scott Parker is a CDM or central defensive midfielder- that means his main job is to intercept passes, make tackles, help out CBs, and give the ball to the deep-lying playmaker (in a 4-2-3-1).
        -Tottenham Midfielders-
        Scott Parker – central defensive
        Moussa Dembele – deep-lying playmaker
        Clint Dempsey – attacking midfielder
        Tom Carroll – attacking midfielder
        Lewis Holtby – attacking midfielder
        Jake Livermore – central defensive
        Sandro – central defensive
        Siggy – attacking midfielder
        Tom Huddlestone – deep-lying playmaker
        (???) Paulinho – box to box midfielder

        On second look, AVB was forced to play Parker who had just come off serious injury and burdened him with a heavy load because he doesn't rate Livermore and none of the other midfielders in Tottenham play the same position.

  3. Parker was absolutely shite compared to sandro last year, 2 million sounds pretty fair. Plus we've got Holtby, Carroll and Dembele all competing for places in the centre of the park. We're a club looking to the future and scott parker is definitely not part of it.

  4. He's awful and who ever wrote this piece got the headline spot on 360, all he does when on the ball is run round in circle's, pass it backwards or sidewards, he can't see a forward pass and to many times last season we lost rythem in are play down to him, and when running with the ball he looks awkard and easily runs out of ideas, I wouldn't care if he went on a freebie, shocking player

  5. Parker was an excellent player an altho I still admire his fighting Spirit, Spurs are heading in a new direction. Spurs have to many old players. Every dog has its day and Parkers has been an past. But 2 million does seem abit shabby, Sounds like this deal is already done and Parker has had alot to say on where hes going! Good Luck Scott!


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