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The Bale to Madrid rumours have returned with renewed gusto to the subsequent delight and pleasure to every Spurs fan on the planet….yeah, right. It has all stemmed from Spanish paper Marca claiming Bale has basically agreed a move to Madrid and has handed in a transfer request, contrary to all evidence from Spurs and supposed sources close to Bale who claim that he has not asked for a transfer and has said he is perfectly happy to remain at Spurs. If Bale was to depart the Lane….after all of these dirty tactics by Madrid, some fans are claiming that they would rather see him depart to Man United instead and deny Real the smug satisfaction of claiming our prized asset.

There is still divided opinion from Spurs fans who are questioning whether we should just sell and take the money or battle on to keep our favourite Welsh Number 11 for at least another season. Personally, we should do whatever we can to keep Gareth for this season at least, losing him now would trigger a depression around WHL despite the money we would receive from Madrid/United especially from players like Paulinho who said that Tottenham had promised Gareth Bale would remain a Spurs player for this season and he claimed it was a big influence in persuading him to choose us over other powerful clubs around Europe. Also, I believe losing him will discourage other top quality players from wanting to join our revolution to make the Champions League this year, despite the increased transfer fees and wages we could offer them.

But the question remains, where would we prefer Bale to go, if he does leave this summer? I pray this question is rendered mute because he will decide to stay but it is something we have to consider. Now the more logical move would be to sell Bale to Madrid, they probably would offer more money and we wouldn’t have to face him in the league or be in any situation where he could possibly damage our league hopes. However, the disgraceful and sickening tactics used by Madrid to try to lure Bale away from Spurs have really turned my stomach, this is supposed to be the biggest club in the world yet they resort to underhanded tactics and petty mindgames in order to get their man. The reason they have tried so hard is because their fans voted Gareth as the player they most want to see at the Bernabeu next season and their President prides himself on giving the fans what they want, in spite of angering other clubs and breaking every civility possible in order to do so. The fact is Madrid have underachieved massively over the past 5/6 years for being the biggest and richest club in the world so they are trying to make it up to their fans through any tactics possible. Money is hardly likely to be an issue but we all know Daniel Levy is not a man to be reckoned with or bullied which is ideal for this sort of scenario and for the club.

Now, Man United is realistically the only other club in the race for Bale. Granted, clubs like PSG and Russian teams like Anzhi could afford him but PSG seem to have got their business sorted through signing the likes of Cavani and Gareth is hardly likely to go to Russia, no matter how much money they offer him. Credit to United though, they have been saint like in their approach compared to Real Madrid although it is admittedly true that it is unclear if they are as interested in procuring him. However, selling him to one of our Premier League rivals is unthinkable and even though Man U haven’t used the tricks or devious tactics employed by Real Madrid, selling him to them would bode ill for our season as we would be strengthening a team who we are looking to challenge whilst weakening our own force significantly.

In conclusion, I believe keeping Gareth this season is a necessity for the team as the idea of him turning out in a Man U shirt is frightening and it would give everyone great satisfaction if Levy and co could thwart the evil Madrid for at least another season and keeping him will boost morale and help us to lure bigger and better names to the Lane during this transfer window. What do you all think? Should we keep Gareth? If not, who should we sell him to?

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  1. It would help if Bale himself said something on the matter. It would put an end to all the gossip once and for all. By saying nothing, it gives the impression that he would go given the chance. Not fair on the Spurs fans.

  2. It would help if Bale himself said something on the matter. It would put an end to all the gossip once and for all. By saying nothing he is being rather unfair to the fans.

  3. To be fairly honest I think, if you are going to sell him, you should do so to United.
    Gareth has shown himself to be a very good player, but he is still developing as a player. His development would be best in United, where he would be one of the, if not the biggest star in the team. In Madrid he would be just another fish in the pond of superstars.
    And to all the people saying he should join Madrid because they are better..
    United won their domestic league, and Real did not. The matches between United and Madrid in CL were fairly even, requiring a faulty card to tip it in white favour.

    • This is very muddled thinking unless you are a United fan. I am a Spurs supporter and I want Levy to act in the best interests of the club. Bale is the most exciting player in England and I don't want to watch him tearing up the pitches in the PL and thinking he was our player. Spurs have developed Bale brilliantly – The management have allowed him to play on the right (as well as the left) and now in the centre. If he'd been at Utd he would not have been given that freedom.

      What I do want is for Spurs, if they are forced to sell him, is to get the best price and re-invest it in the team. If United want him are they going to outbid Madrid. Real are reportedly willing to pay 85 Mil are Utd willing to pay this amount?

      • I was purely thinking if he were to move to either Real Madrid or United.

        He may get the development he needs to become possibly the best footballer in the world in Tottenham, but it will put him back severely. Firstly he has to stay this season, right. And if they do get top 4 and manage to get into the champions league, what are the odds they will get out of the group stages, let alone compete for the final? I don't see Tottenham competing with the likes of Bayern Munich and Barcelona up there, even with Bale.

        What if he did move to a team that usually compete for the finals? Granted, United has had a couple of bad years in the CL, but they were close to knocking out Madrid, mind you.

      • Also, you mention being given freedom of where to play. I agree. He wouldn't get that much freedom in United.

        I believe he'd be expected to follow in the footsteps of Giggs at the left wing, yeah.

      • God, this is muddled thinking, I'm sorry.

        It was from Gareth Bale's best interest, in my head.

        From Tottenham's point of view, of course it's best to sell to Madrid over United.

  4. No doubt…keep Bale,i would still like to see another great centre forward,just wish it was Leandro. Yes there are problems but he is the right age and a great striker,Talking about age,Sandro,Paulino,Bale,Jan etc.ther are many great Spurs players around the same age.I really think if they played together they would win the P.L and yes they could win the Champions League.

  5. Man United fan in peace.

    I would absolutely love to sign Bale. I'm not so arrogant as to suggest we will, but it would be a huge statement of intent to our rivals and would significantly improve the team.

    I have bee watching us preseason and although we have lost a few, Zaha has been a bright light on the right wing. He looks like a great signing and if, as expected, Nani is sold, then he should get a lot of game time.

    If we could get Bale on the opposite wing and a decent partner for Carrick in the middle then I would be very confident of our chances going into the new season.

    That said, Levy drives a hard bargain. If he has stated that Bale won't leave, then I expect he will line up for Spurs next season.

    Good luck for the coming campaign – always had a soft spot for Spurs and felt really bad for you the season you finished in the top 4, but were still shafted by Chelsea. Hope to see you break the top 4 this season and keeping Bale would be the best chance of doing that.

  6. …just to add: if you get top 4 this season, then selling Bale come next season is less of an issue. CL football could placate him for a few seasons and give Spurs the chance to match his ambition (challenging for the title/top 3?). If you fail to make CL next season, I can see him leaving.

    Cheers for the thumbs up. Nice some fans of opposing teams can still be civil (although I am less accommodating when talking to Liverpool/City fans!).

  7. Oh come on please i'm getting sick of the big boys in this country and others getting the cream of the not so big clubs players! It has been for years, I'm not being biased but is this what football has come to? How exciting one from three teams will compete for the prem,WOW! (maybe less) In this day and age where money is so tight for the average fan but we are delusional might as well order the Amerian wrestling channel while we are at it! Where has the honesty gone?" Yer but you should still support your club I here you say" bla bla bla. I have for years and now i'm very awake and i'm not feeding the machine anymore.WAKE UP FROM THE ILLUSION.Let them know the games up and save your money where it really matters and stand together.

  8. I think if Bale says he is unhappy at Spurs he should go. I think it’s as simple as that. If he is happy and wants to stay in England keep him and see what happens with the team:

  9. What you seem to be forgetting here, in fact, what a lot of people seem to be forgetting is this: Manchester United aren’t Tottenhams rivals, not local rivals and not positional rivals. Understandable if the talk was about Bale going to Arsenal/Chelsea/Liverpool.

    Although personally I’d prefer Spurs to finish above any of these 3 teams. They probably wouldn’t without Bale though

    • yet we took 4 points out of 6 against United last season. I think we could compete with them strongly in games, maybe not positionally but they are a top 4 team so why shouldn't we treat them as rivals?

  10. AVB has improved Bale – Bale knows it and I expect that level of improvement and guidance in one season excites Gazlar greatly. You can see the appreciation he has for AVB, that West Ham celebration spoke volumes. Bale is a decent guy, never acts like an idiot and seems to genuinely appreciate the support he gets from AVB and all the Spurs staff.

    For that reason I can't see him going anywhere until next summer at the earliest, regardless of the crap Marca puts out there… If anything they're hurting their chances of ever getting Bale – blinded by their egos and forgetting that there are a few clubs in football who still try to operate with manners.

  11. Boring, boring, boring. Real Madrid are skint, boracic, stony broke, up poo creek without a suitable manual boat propulsion aid. They used to fund their signings of Galacticos by visiting the local Banca Caixa (or whichever Madrid based bank that wished to curry favour with the establishment) and asking for a hundred million € or two and everyone was happy; except now the vaults are empty. The only way they could fund a bid for Bale is if Man U bought the preening Portugeezer for a similar amount, but hey, Christiano's only got two years on his contract, so the Mancs can sign him for f-all in twelve months if they so wish. See the New World Order – the Oil Sheikhs and Oligarchs have bought into PSG and Monaco – it's when they come sniffing we've got to worry

  12. I personally think that if we get to champions league next season, which I think is very likely, Bale will not want to leave Spurs so soon afterall. I know he’s got his ambitions but he must definitely be wanting to play at least one season in the champions league for the club where he developed himself and also contributed so much through his hard work in return, basically in the fight for the spot in the champions league itself. That’s because I really think he’s a good down to earth kind of lad and also very much a Yiddo in heart with plenty more years of football career to fulfill his ambitions………unlesss Levy wants to cash in straightaway…..

  13. We all know Madrid are breaking every rule in FIFA,s book. They do it every season to whatever club has the player they want, remember Fergies word about them, he would,nt sell them a virus??? They use past players and their comic Maca to achieve their desires. I have given up wondering how they get away with it anymore, suffice to know FIFA top brass are not innocent???? But it is about time, Levy, AVB and Bale stood TOGETHER in front of the media and stated their TRUE intent. He stays, or he stays for one more season. If not he goes, and goes only to overseas clubs but not Madrid. Then let us all get back to talking about spurs prospects and no more Bale garbage. This cannot be doing any good to the other spurs players confidence any longer.

  14. Bale said he wanted to get back in the CL with Tottenham, so if we get a top four finish he might stay for more than one season. And when he decides the time is right to move on to a bigger club then I hope he goes to Manchester (Kyle Walker once said that he played so many training games against Bale that he now knew how to stop him, so we wouldn't have to worry to much about him). Another option even if they haven't shown any interest in him would be Barcelona, because I would love to see Bale score lots of goals against stupid Madrid. But I really hope he never plays for Real, because I am really fed up with them trying to unsettle Bale.

  15. why do the glory utd fans always want our players, they should just buy them selves a spurs shirt and be done with it,
    As for under-hand tack ticks utd are right up there, has everyone forgotten berbatov? Michael carrick?
    sir alex would stop at nothing to get the player he desired, all the paper talk, thank god he's gone we wouldn't have a side left else. This is the best spurs team ive seen, we must think big and push for top four to keep the big players

  16. Spurs fans are getting a little deluded here, like last season when u were on a decent run you were talking up the team amongst the best in Europe…….. To finish 5th behind possibly the worst Arsenal team in 20 years and a stuttering Chelsea. You won’t finish top 4 this year, you won’t win the prem in the next ten years. Spurs aren’t good enough. Bale doesn’t want to challenge for 4th he wants a well established champions league team.


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