A tale of an inept referee, bad luck and Gareth Bale


For most of this game the twin axis of Marriner and Mignolet threatened to ensure that the result at St James’ Park was irrelevant but then with a few minutes to go and the away support singing loudly under the misapprehension that anyone gave a stuff what they thought, Gareth Bale produced yet another wonder goal and it did matter that the Gooners had broken through and that Newcastle were unable to respond.

Our win would’ve been a lot easier but for the extraordinary ineptness of Cup Final referee Andre Marriner. His awarding of a yellow card to Bale when the Welshman had gone down under Larsson’s challenge was pathetic, his denial of a spot-kick when Cuellar stopped Adebayor’s shot with both arms was extraordinary. Maybe, like Wigan last Tuesday, he’d left his best at Wembley.

Our win would also have been easier if Simon Mignolet had not been at his best. Much of what he had to save was of little threat but we kept the pressure on and peppered his goal with enough efforts that he needed help from the post and men on the line to keep the scores level until deep into the second half, by which point Sunderland had been reduced to ten men after Vaughan’s hack at Lennon. With a few minutes to go Bale cut inside, some acceleration and a left foot screamer over the French keeper’s right shoulder and we’d kept our side of the bargain and earned the 3 points that took us to 72, a club record but unfortunately for us, not enough.

Some of the players on the field had clearly been fooled by the rumour that went round the ground with about 15 minutes to go that the Gooners had been pegged back, Dawson sunk to his knees in supplication, one can’t imagine his disappointment when he discovered the truth.

So thanks to Arsenal turning things around since losing to us at WHL we find ourselves facing Europa League football once more. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking that we’ve had a far better season than expected given the Redknapp/Modric turmoil that preceded it. To lose the Croat and Van der Vaart as well as Sandro and Kaboul for so long and yet come so close to the Moneybags League speaks volumes for the remaining squad and the manager. Which players will be there in August as everything is reset and we start again will no doubt fill the media and the internet between now and the new season but one thing’s for certain, there’s an air of optimism, satisfaction and harmony around the club and team that wasn’t there last year so we should be starting from a better place. The chairman, the manager and probably whoever sets the wage cap will have to be at their most persuasive and charming to get (and keep) some of the players we need before we go again, the competition is fierce here and abroad.

I’m personally looking forward to the new campaign already. Make no mistake; the future is a very bright lilywhite.

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  1. After many seasons of the same refereeing it’s impossible for it all to be accidental. It’s blatantly corrupt and has the full blessing of the Premier League Board, very much like the poisoning season, everyone can see something stinks except the officials in charge and their bosses.

    What it means is that we send the wrong teams into Europe, It shouldn’t be the teams that pay the most, it should be the best teams and I wonder sometimes what other countries who’s referees apply the laws of the game fairly think about our level of ‘did not see it’ refereeing. The sooner we can get Europol to investigate corruption in this country the better.

  2. Mr.Marinner must have graduated from the fine school of the WARD academy of referees! What a useless official, you cannot convince me that these people don't actually have preferences when they referee!
    Thank you Spurs for an exciting year of football! Well done boys, wel done AVB – see you in the new season!

  3. According to match officals no Spurs player has been fouled in the penalty box all season as we have not been awarded a single penalty – what a joke – Bale should have had at least three penalties on his own – instead he got three bookings.
    We should return to pre-season training early next season and learn how to defend and score from set-pieces – this facet of our play has cost us dearly in the second half of the season.
    Even when we beat Arsenal I still thought we would finish behind them – that's just the way it always seems to be – the start and the middle might differ but the ending always seems to be the same.
    Not quite as disappointing as last season but I still feel flat and 'gutted' – let's hope that at the very least this summer we buy a quality striker to replace Berbatov who left nearly 5 years ago – unless we turn possession into goals we will never advance.
    Money talks in the Premier league and we cannot buy success like City, United and Chelski so I am not as optimistic as the author about next season – holding onto our best players will be our biggest challenge in the off season

  4. Gazza….absolutely no doubt a lot of refereeing is fixed!!! 40,000 people see its a penalty, but the 1 cunt who dont see it is the referee!!!! Are you fukkin takin the piss Marriner? What a blind cunt!!! Apart from that useless tosser, I blame the other useless tosser Levy!! Everyone knew by January Adebayour is a useless cunt, except Levy!! Trying to penny pinch for the new stadium, he dropped the ball on first maybe getting Berbatoss back at the start of the season, then he fucked up again in January by not splashing out £20-25mill for Damiao!!! Levy may be good at money management, but hes a clueless cunt when it comes to football! as for Adebayour, how the fuck was that cunt ever considered to be a good player? His control is hopeless, his weight of shot is piss poor, and most of the time he gets the ball and just runs around a bit until he loses it!! I hope to fuck he is gone before next year!

  5. To be fair the same happened to Suarez, the constant diving and trying to con free kicks and penalties comes back to bite these diving players. If Bale would stay on his feet and not go down at the slightest of touches I am sure he would be awarded pen's. He has the quality, and it is something he needs to get out of his game.

    Saying that though – I think the referee's in spain will give hime a few pens next season.

    Happy St Totteringhams Day all. xx

  6. Now that Fergie has required, can AVB get some consultancy in "intimidating officials" from the master? Perhaps we might get a penalty one day then…..(no wonder we lost on penalties in the Europa League – we get NO practice!)

  7. You guys are the gift that keep giving!
    All that Mind The Gap stuff completely rammed right up your jackses
    AVB's "Spiral of Negativity",
    And now after another hilarious St Totteringham's Day, you're talking about the referees! BooHoo!
    HAHAHA. you lot are too funny!

    • I don't think there is a St. Totteringham's day if Arsenal aren't above Tottenham until the season has ended. And even then by one measly point despite the obvious fixing of no penalties for Spurs and instead unfair carding of Bale so that he would unfairly miss games. He's too likely to score to make diving worth his while.

      We are looking forward to a return of St. Arse's Day next year. How many years is it since Arsenal won anything? Three more than it is for Spurs.

  8. I have been a supporter since a boy….bad luck? It haunts ……pizza gate…Chelsea against the run of playing winning the cup last year and now this…there are other examples…what do we have to do?

  9. Arsenal fans baiting. What a fragile lot. Do you think some if them might have topped themselves if they finished 5th? Or murdered someone? Oh and I don’t notice a shadow cos the sunlight is too bright at spurs and was even when we were midtable mediocres. It’s called senjoying supporting your own football club. Now go away gooners.

  10. Don't worry about Bale leaving, a stellar side/squad will be built around him and Sandro, Lennon, Dembele and Moutinho that will conquer all before them. Qualifying for CL footy doesn't guarantee your best players will stay anyway. Woolwich are testament to that as their best players always leave irrespective of CL football. They know they're a small minded club without class or ambition who will be in the Europa cup themselves come knock out stages where we will be waiting for you.

  11. I don't know any other club that's had the kind of diabolical decisions given against us in the last few seasons, starting with Pedro Mendes at Old Trafford & it's continued ever since. Marriner was a disgrace on Sunday, some of his decisions would have disgraced park football on a Sunday morning. For a team that hasn't been given a home League penalty in 2 years has me thinking that the powers that be don't want us in the top 4. Howard Webb, the so called best referee we have & Clattenberg are the worst culprits.

  12. The referees seem to be targeting spurs this season and it was never more evident than when spurs lost to liverpool. Liverpool were never penalized for the number of time they kicked the spurs players on the heels.


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