THE TEAMS: Colchester United vs Spurs


Colchester United:


Tottenham: Friedel; Walker; Dawson; Vertonghen; Rose; Huddlestone; Sigurdsson; Carroll; Townsend; Falque; Adebayor.

Subs: Lloris; Naughton; Fryers; Caulker; Assou-Ekotto; Parker; Dombaxe; Bentaleb; Coulthirst; Kane; Defoe; Vigouroux

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  1. No change from last season,come on Levy,for gods sake spend some money.As long as you are there things will never change.Leave things to the last minute to save paying the wages until then,

    • Ur chatting crap if u think u can do a better job u obviously don't and never will understand the pressures of running a football club in the Premier League when u have to compete on a daily basis with Saudi Billionaires Russian bloody oil tycoons as well as other owners that just have big budgets and also do not want to let there players go on the cheap. Lets stop this crap about are owner and are manager and start getting behind the team coz this is getting a bloody joke !COYS #AVBRevolution

  2. what a wonderful day its been for us spurs fans… ITK sites like Harry or as he arrogantly calls himself theboyhotspur and that other lier spursdreamer are not worth piss. benteke they told us according to their sources (or vivid imaginations) was 110% going to sign for spurs… these two pricks are utter liers and not real spurs fans, they are just hit grabbing whores. true spurs fans should boycott these pricks sites, everytime you click their site link from newsnow you basically enable them to make a living off lies & advertising you are subjected too… the latter i dont mind if the content is good but seriously, harrywhore and the other dick are making a living off of bullshit. con men. there is a good site called the fightingcock and they don't engage in bullshit – i recommend it to Tottenham fans the world over, but please, avoid harryhitwhore and the other losers site

  3. According to Sport Witness AVB has a clause in his contract and could be going to Barcelona due to Villanueva's illness, they will then report that Bale is to link up with AVB, La Liga craves Gareth Bale. The team list is only for 1st half probably a complete change of players in 2nd half. Supposedly Kaboul and Sandro travelling to Asia with squad next week.

  4. The reason Bale came out with the "I really enjoy working with AVB", is that he knew AVB was in the running for the Barca job and hopes that he will bring him with him? Bale would fit in better at Barca than Real Madrid.

  5. Been a spurs fan for 38 years, but since january have now become utterly disillusioned with the club. After 3-4 years of ‘nearly’ we had a chance to avoid the abyss the club is plummeting towards, usual story i am afraid, of a chance to cement our position of top 3, maybe even a serious second place challenge….but the usual ineptness or Naivety of a true ambition to succeed plagued the club again, when we need to buy we don’t buy the game changing players because they cost money, so we bought no-one of note again and a second end of season embarrassment was endured by the beleaguered world of a tottenham hotspur supporter….don’t be fooled, bale will go and to be honest, do you blame him? A world class player surrounding, with the exception of lloris, by second rate shit that wouldn’t get into any of our rivals starting eleven would they? Dont be fooled, Avb will go and we can look forward to another decade of finishing 10th every year..the stark reality is that money buys success and we don’t spend it, so will have none….don’t defend levy, blame him wholeheartedly, as with any business the guy in charge authorise the spend and its as simple as that…..anyway, last season was truly hurtful and this summer is my last as a tottenham hotspur fan after 38 years….if my car was broken I would replace it, my boyhood football club is broken so I will replace that…such a waste of potential ruined by a business policy to rigid and shy to dare take that leap if faith


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