The Season Gone and What’s To Come


Hi, my name is Gilles Bell and I am a huge Spurs fan. I’ve cheered with them, laughed with them, cried with them, swore at them but always, always loved them! The reason I’ve started this blog is my huge passion for them and I am constantly scrolling through the internet to read more and more about my beloved club and what others think. Also, my girlfriend is sick, sore and tired of pretending to listen to me bang on about them. So, instead of just commenting on others I decided to put myself in the firing line and see what happens. I feel I have a pretty good football brain and try to see others point of view (unless it’s an Arsenal supporter).

I intend to update this once every week or 2 during the closed season, depending on what happens in the transfer market. This is a lot longer than I intended, don’t worry they’ll get shorter when the new season commences.

Anyways, it’s the end of the season (great time to start blogging eh?!) and there’s an enormous amount to talk about so let’s get to it.

1. AVB
Ok, first and foremost I was very sad to see ‘Arry leave, not only because he had guided us to 4th place but the way he got us playing was so exciting, if not totally nerve-wrecking at the back. But Harry had to go in Mr Levy’s eyes and in came AVB. I felt at the time that Harry should’ve been given his final year of the contract but I think Levy saw his opportunity with AVB and went for him while he could (although getting something while you can and not leaving it to the last minute has hardly been Levy’s ethos). So in came AVB and what really pissed me off was some supporters booing after the first game against Newcastle, which we should’ve won, but I can’t for the life of me understand why supporters don’t get behind a new manager when they come to a new club (Unless you’re a fat Spanish waiter in a Chelsea suit).

My friends at the time were getting very restless with AVB in the first few months but as I said then and still say now, you have to trust that he knows what he’s doing and wait and see for a least a while. He completely changed the way we play. His high line came under a lot of scrutiny when we got caught out, but the hard pressing and getting the ball down the flanks was very impressive. Once Gallas fucked off and Caulker/Dawson/Vertonghen were being rotated, the high line worked well when he played it. I’ll get on to Mr. Bale in a bit, and the change AVB had on him.

So anyway, although it took a little bit of time for some supporters and press to get behind AVB, it was refreshing to see every single player in the squad get behind what he was doing and show faith in him.

2. Last Season’s Signings
Well I dont think there is any doubting our signing of the season. Jan Vertonghen was superb throughout the season (apart from his moment of madness against Basel). Whether in centre of defence or at left back, where he started the season, he was very accomplished not only in tackling but in taking the ball out of defence which was key to what AVB was trying to implement. For him to be so good in his first season it amazing for the next few seasons as surely he’s just gonna get better and better.

Gylfi, Dempsey, Holtby (January) all had hot and cold spells. Gylfi was pretty good as an impact sub but didn’t really produce the goods often enough when given the opportunity to start. Dempsey looks like he’s gonna go home and top himself after every game, he never looks happy and unfortunately I think he was just a big fish in a very small pond at Fulham. At Spurs, either our formations don’t suit him or quite simply, he isn’t good enough. Hotlby actually started quite well for us, but I think he has been watching Scotty Parker a bit too much. He was careless a lot of the time and off the ball he was like a fuckin headless chicken. Out of the three of them I wouldn’t be surprised if at least Dempsey went, personally I’d give the other two more time.

Dembele is a cracking player but all to often I forgot he was on the pitch. He seemed to disappear at times and didn’t have such a good understanding with the rest of the midfield. Also, he loves a bloody hand-off doesn’t he? Anyways, with him and Sandro next season I reckon they’ll be a force to be reckoned with.

The other major signing was a new GK. Hugo Lloris seemed like he was gonna be a pain in the arse when he arrived, as not only was Friedel doing well but Didier Deschamps was mouthing off in France about him not getting first team football. But, in AVB we trust, right? And so it proved, with him masterfully slotting him into Europa League games then eventually into the first team on a regular basis. No offence to Friedel, who I think is excellent even at 41, but Lloris suits exactly what AVB is trying to achieve. Lloris’ pace off his line is fantastic and all round he seems to be the business.

3. Gareth Bale
There’s not much more I can say that hasn’t been said before. He’s definitely still nowhere near Messi and Ronaldo but he’s getting closer all the time. He was without a doubt the stand out player in the PL this season and his ability to conjure something from nothing is just breathtaking. I’m pretty sure he’ll stay at least another season. There were times when I thought he should be his natural position, left wing a bit more. His pace is awesome but you dont get to see it quite as much through the middle. Plus look at his assists this season, a lot less because he was through the middles but has everyone forgot how this guy can deliver a ball?! Anyways, I’m not criticising as it’s up to the manager where he plays and so I think AVB should stick him on the wing and tell him to hug a touchline then cut in at times. What a player though, and his goals were nearly all screamers!!!

4. Daniel Levy
I hate having to talk about Chairmen or Executives or owners but in this case I have to say something. Although over the years Mr Levy has been nothing short of remarkable in the transfer window, not only with late deals for players we never expected, and all within a very strict wage budget but he also tries to keep our prized assets when the vultures are lurking. However, his failure to sign a striker last summer and winter has cost us dearly for next season. If it had of paid of, and we qualified for champions league, he would be saying how much more talent we can attract and that we havent paid over the odds for a January striker. But, it didn’t pay off and at times we were embarrassingly short up front. If it weren’t for AVB recognising what Bale could do through the middle we’d be fucked. I fully expect some fairly big signings this season and, if anyone can hold off Madrid from Bale, it’s him.

5. The Season Gone
Well, it was a bit of an anti-climax after all wasn’t it. When Bale stepped up to hit that free kick against Chelsea in the last minute I was already making headlines, but it wasn’t to be. Or to be honest, we just weren’t good enough. A season reflects how you are as a team a lot more than cups and there were games that we stupidly lost or drew. Think back to the start of the season, what the fuck was going on in the last 5-10 minutes of game. The Everton game in particular was hard to watch. Eventually AVB drummed that out of them and we were flying until we beat Arsenal. The Liverpool game was a tough one because we really should’ve won or drawn and after that, some of the performances, minus Bale’s usual match winning brilliance were flat. It was disturbing how much we missed Aaron Lennon when he was injured, so cover for that position is gonna be vital next year. I think Lennon had a cracking season! So overall I suppose a B+. A record points haul is hard to overlook and to be near on a par with the squad Chelsea have is very encouraging.

6. The Season To Come
The top 3 teams from last season are all going to start with new managers. This is something Spurs will surely try to exploit. Our squad is in pretty good shape when you consider Sandro and Kaboul, two of our stand out players form last season, were out for the majority. A little tweaking, some proper cover and some fucking STRIKERS will mean another very exciting season. Who knows who Chelsea and CIty will overpay for this term, but I think Chelski will be United’s main threat. If we strengthen again, I think we can blow Arsenal out of the water next season as I’d imagine Mr Wenger has his eyes on mainly Frenchmen, and look how thats served him recently! I see no reason to be aiming for the title because, why not?! We should have the squad next season to do it, and even if we dont, finishing ahead of Arsenal is a must. My prediction: 2nd

Please feel free to comment, good or bad and tell me your views. Also if there’s something you wanna know my opinion about please ask!


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  1. Harry are you actually a Spurs fan? that is the biggest pile of shite i've heard since Joe Kinnear last opened his mouth. He's not even that much of a prima donna. We will get another amazing season out of him, still sell him for 80-100 million, and have Baldini scouting for a year on players and where best to spend the cash.

  2. Nice one, Gilles. I'm impressed with the gravity of your article. Pretty well-balanced stuff. I thought you were far less of a Levy man than you display here, though. I'll be following you closely! Scunners and Spurs forever!!


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