Huddlestone takes to Twitter to clarify Spurs misquote


Tom Huddlestone has taken to Twitter to clarify his comments upon leaving Tottenham Hotspur.

The midfielder joined Hull City this week in a £5.25million deal and felt that he had been misquoted by the media who had claimed that he had become frustrated at Spurs and that he was taking a parting shot at Andre Villas-Boas.

Huddlestone said on Twitter:-

Best of luck for the future, Tom.

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  1. Good Luck Thudd – Quality player and top bloke – will get a great reception when he returns to the Lane – but please don't score against us. COYS

  2. He will always have a special place in my heart a gentle Giant with our great club from a boy with the best passing i have seen even better or equal to Hoddle. I would also like to thank him for is great campaign for Cancer that took is beloved Granddad a great player and even better Man god bless you Hudds and go eay on Spurs when we play Hull.

    • Yes, good luck Tommy but …. "better than Hoddle"…..please…. you obviously never saw him play. As much as i like Hudd he couldn't lace Glenn's boots

    • Better than Hoddle. Did you ever watch hoddle week in week out. Glen Hoddle was the best passer of the ball I have ever seen, better than Giles Platini, Brady and anyone else you can think of . Hud wasnt bad but please dont put him in the same breath as one of the best players if not the best I have been fortunate enough to see down the lane

      • Don't worry, it's just DavSpurs. He's mad. He's been around for ages and it takes him about one sentence to bring any conversation around to either his beloved Thud or performance enhancing drugs. With this actually being a thread praising Thud to start with he thinks all his Christmases have come at once.

        • equal to Hoddle AND god bless you. what a moron, Thudd was nothing compared to Hoddle and more importantly youmutant, god does not exist…duhhhh…. what century do you live in? keep your religious poison to yourself you prick

          • A little harsh Yiddle, God bless you is just a figure of speech and doesn't make one religious. It's the Hoddle remark which makes him a bell end.

  3. LOL @ Rupert, I was thinking the same thing.

    Yes top bloke though, he did need to go I think but I am still sorry to see it happen, he got injured the one time he really got a run in the side and never really got back in.

    One more thing, of all people I knew when I saw the other headlines they were mis-qoutes, we've created a Yido in THUDD there is too much respect there, also I think he realises this deal is probably best for all involved.

    Hope to see you back in the England squad soon Thudd! :)

  4. If Thud had pace, with his exquisite passing and shooting ability with either foot, he would be a "shoe in" every game. Arguably as good or even more gifted than Hoddle. Will be sadly missed – a game changer who could come off the bench – as proved when we were one down to Man City and enter the big guy and we won 3-1. Good luck for the future Tom.

  5. Arguably as good or even more gifted than Hoddle???????? what are you smoking? Hoddle with one leg would have still been better than Big Tom and that is no disrespect to Tom simply a more accurate description of Hoddles ability. And he could also keep goal for those old enough to rem Old Trafford

    • These are comments by those who never saw Hoddle play, clearly. Part of the reason Hoddle fell out with some of the England stars during his tenure was that he humiliated David Beckham in front of everyone by demonstrating a particular type of free kick and then instructing Beckham to copy it, which he could not do. He is one of the greatest passers/dead ball specialists of all time. That's not even mentioning his penchant for running half the length of the pitch every now and then and sticking it in the net on his own.

  6. Good move for all parties.
    Wish him all the best, he'll probably be Hull's best player.
    Thanks THudd and get that haircut soon, though not against us!

  7. His passing is second to none in the EPL. Loyal club servant will be sorely missed. In another era or maybe another league where skill and passing ability were valued as equal to athleticism he would have been lauded as a great. Whether it be left foot or right over five or fifty yds he simply has no peers a true pass master.Good luck tom.

  8. Good Luck Thudd – will miss your sublime range of passing skills; thanks for the contribution over the years
    Was privileged to be at the Lane in April last season to see you change the game vs Citeh!
    Jo'burg Spur

  9. This will be the making of you. A full season as quarter back and you'll be picked for the world cup. As long as they realise you need protection to play your best game. Shame Spurs can't/couldn't afford you that luxury.

    In the right hands you are a match winner.

    Good luck.

    • Unfortunately for your comment, there is no protection for players in football, you're thinking of american football where players can physically hold players off, keeping them from getting to the quarter back or player with the so called ball. In football you cannot do that.

      • No you mug he isn't confusing footballl with American football, he is merely stating that Huddlestone is a world class passer of the ball, he's up there with players like Pirlo in my opinion, 'Quarter Back' is a metaphor of this. By Protection he just means that England would need a top defensive midfield player to cover for the defensive errors that THUDD will inevitably make… Hence why Hull signed Livermore: not to smash blokes on the ground who are advancing on T Unit but to mop up balls and break up play.

  10. BEST WISHES HUDD, don't worry about the Press, press likes to sensationalise bit here and there to sell.
    Just don't score when you play us.

  11. Weaknesses in the team is the problem

    , adebayo Dawson Huddlestone though tried their best

    do more harm than good, And if spurs were struggling to stay in the prem league all would be ok, but if spurs want champ league, they just can’t deliver

  12. I didn't want Tommy to go, but now he has. Good Luck son I hope you keep Hull up and if that's not possible then Im sure there will be no shortage of takers in the premier league!! ALL THE BEST MATE!!

  13. Good luck hudd everyone has a time to move on , hope you are successful but not against us . If you could manage a couple against arsenal tho that would be handy , always a Yiddo deep down


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