Tottenham Hotspur Player Ratings vs Arsenal


A scrappy North London derby favoured Arsenal in the end as the Gunners secured the 3 points courtesy of a 23rd minute flicked finish by Olivier Giroud. The fluidity of Arsenal’s play compared to the disjointed nature of Spurs’ resulted from the flurry of new signings featuring for Spurs. Although it is obviously devastating to lose to Arsenal, we gave a reasonable account of ourselves and I look forward to the new signings all gelling together.

Hugo Lloris – 8 – Had an excellent game, coming out of his goal time and time again to thwart Walcott and making some crucial interceptions inside his area.

Kyle Walker – 4 – Had a terrible game, giving away a few needless free-kicks in our half and wrongly deciding to shoot on a number of occasions in the second half.

Michael Dawson – 5 – In the wrong for the goal by not holding the high line; there was no need to track the run of Giroud.

Jan Vertonghen – 6 – Solid enough without ever producing the spectacular. Thus far, has failed to reproduce his promising offensive ability of last year and his time at Ajax.

Danny Rose – 5 – Contributed more than Walker going forward but I lost count of the number of times that he let Walcott get goal side of him.

Etienne Capoue – 6 – Reasonably solid although didn’t play as well as he did against Swansea and Palace, and I hope his injury is not too serious after he was stretchered off.

Paulinho – 6 – Passed the ball around well enough but wasn’t incisive enough in the final third and is evidently still finding his feet in the premier league.

Mousa Dembele – 5 – A poor game from the Belgian in my view, playing the more advanced midfield role doesn’t seem to suit him and he failed to have much offensive influence.

Andros Townsend – 6 – Looked dangerous but needs to have passing as his first intention with shooting as a plan B rather than have shooting as his first intention with passing as a plan B – we have other goalscorers in the team.

Nacer Chadli – 5 – Whenever he is on the ball he looks quite dangerous but he didn’t see enough of the ball today and he had a limited influence.

Roberto Soldado – 5 – AVB needs to tell our midfield to pass to him! Whenever he gets on the ball inside the area, he gets a shot away on target, and so he needs to have the opportunity to do more of that.


Jermain Defoe – 6 – Dropped deep to get on the ball and got the ball moving around the box, but didn’t have any efforts on goal.

Sandro – 6 – We were just attacking by the time he was on but he seemed reasonably solid although still not quite match fit.

Erik Lamela – 6 – Demonstrated a lot of potential and a desire to get into the penalty area but it didn’t quite work for him in his short cameo. He will be huge for us once he settles in – he’s only been a Tottenham player for 48 hours.

Ultimately, this North London derby came a little too early in the season for us. When our new signings gel and our team has a settled Lloris, Kaboul, Vertonghen, Sandro, Paulinho, Eriksen, Lamela and Soldado in it, then we will find out how good we really are.

By Alex Beck

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    • Dawson was exposed today for being the passionate but ultimately limited defender he is. When he went walkabout and lost the ball in the second half, nearly turned the tv off in anger. Chiriches can't come soon enough.
      Rose….well hopefully this game will open peoples eyes who have been saying he is good enough for the position permanently. He was consistently out of position and responsible for the goal. Just don't understand how people can rate him above BAE who was so consistent.
      Dembele. He was the most frustrating. He could be a match winner but he seems to have shrunk and doesn't grab the game. I was really disappointed that Holtby didn't replace him at half time.
      Walker I though had an ok game, made a couple of mistakes but also provided a decent outlet and created a few opportunities.
      Otherwise we played ok and on another day our shots could have gone in and they miss theirs. Still very optimistic and keen to see how we gel by New Year.

  1. Worst ever team selection today. Not a single creative player in midfield. Ridiculous management.

    How can AVB let Tom Carroll go out on loan? Surely he is a much better option than the 3 donkeys who played today. Why was Holtby not picked or brought on?

    The new Spurs needs to be built around Holtby, Eriksen, Carroll, Lamela and Townsend. This would be entertaining and effective unlike the dull performance today.

    • Totally agree! That was an embarrassing display from dembele. Today's performance was worse than the end of last season and we have spent£110 mil.

  2. What was lacking was passion but cant blame the guys as only Dawson and Rose played the last game at the Emirates. I also felt Arsenal was the hungrier side and our midfield was too relaxed. I expected a faster tempo and a much more physical game from Spurs especially seeing how Villa beat Arsenal. With Capoue, Paulinho and Dembele, I was surprised we were shy to tackle and it was little Cazolla that was hurting Capoue. That was the difference and Arsenal had it easy despite our bossing most of the game and having more possession and more attempts at goal in the emirates. The game came too early and it would give Arsene a false feel about the strength of Arsenal.

  3. Agree with Dembele comment. Flatters to deceive for me. Today's performance just emphasised our need for someone to play that incisive pass. And I thought our midfielders looked slow and ponderous at times. From being renowned for lightning fast counter attacks I felt we were much slower without Bale/Lennon. Would have preferred to see Holtby before Lamela, if only for his enthusiasm and ability to find the right pass (like Thursday)

    • Dembele is just a shade faster and quicker than Huddlestone. He's only a good squad player for a top 4 team. So let's hope Eriksen pans out o/w we will struggle in scoring. Kaka any one?

  4. Difference in game is Wenger's mind. He knows how to set up Offensive mind-set. How to get players in passing zones and how to use movement is why Tottenham, even with strong personnel , are a dinosaur thus far in the season. Too many long range shots, shoddy and indecisive passing make us susceptible to quick disciplined teams who may be inferior in talent and strength. Need more attackers but the system is not in place yet to maximize the power of this team. Will be a struggle until AVB gets something going with Chladni and Dembele to penetrate.

  5. the game on our side lack compassion……i kno AVB is a good coach and he has gotten alot of thing right but today he got it wrong….2 league game and two wins from penalty …no goals from open play…it shows lack of creativity….yet on thursday (yes i kno it was a weaker team) we showed lots of creativity through holtby and carol….so for today i blamed AVB…..seeing how holtby played well on thursday he should have at least put him on in the second half… can u pull dembele and put on defoe? dembele should av being replaced by holtby seeing that we not creating anyting! defoe and soldado plays almost the same….defoe for saldado…yes lamela might be a great player but today wasnt the day for is debut……..honestly in we didnt av that compassion that arsenal had…..the new player did showed that fight knowing its a dorby……. ..but i kno AVB is a good coach and he should get it right nex time around……..cant use so many new players in a london dorby……the team lock creativity………and holtby would av given us that today…….plus he av that passion that was lacking from our team!

  6. Few harsh comments I feel. We controlled large periods of the game and looked comfortable. Our midfield domimated. Arsenal played on the counter attack which we did look weak against at times. If AVB had of started with a front three of JD, Saldado and lamela we would’ve won today. Too many times crosses went into the box with only soldado in there! This is why we haven’t scored from open play in the league yet but the signs are good so lets not all be too quick to judge just because we lost to the scum. Coys

    • your midfield was outclassed and outfought today. Adding more attacking minded players to the starting eleven would of just added to the gunners joy. 100 plus million spent on what, Soldado the great hope. 2 penalties and sod all else, Lamela fluffed a shot and won a corner (how much, someone said he cost a club record). Best buy at first glance looks to be Flamini. Cost 40 grand a week.

  7. What the f*ck were we afraid of ? We didn't take the game to them – reliant too much on defensive midfield. This has to and will be sorted.

  8. Soldado looks isolated, none of our midfielders seem able to pass a ball to him. The new signings appear slow and sloppy at the moment, they need to quickly adapt to the premiership pace of play. On top of that I don't think Dembele offers us that much and would rest him from the starting eleven. Sandro must start, and hopefully Erikson and Lamela can offer the creative spark this team needs. Coys

  9. Spurs will never be as good as arsenal that showed today we haven’t spent a penny and yous have wasted a 100 mil on players arsenal will bring players in now and we will be stronger next time the teams meet and we will win by more think about it .

    • Thought about it and the only thing i think is what a fool you are,
      100mil spent but most of it didn't start so come next time when the team is settled & fluent you will see the real spurs you muppet…

  10. So nice to brag after a desperate win where arsenal got 44% possession and used 7 defenders in the box for most of the second half. Arsenal played like the away team. The only reason for the defeat is purely down to Spurs players being new to the Derby and if the midfielders had been physical, the result would have been different. I wonder why Holby wasn't used in place of Dembele and Defoe as he would have made more impact. Spurs will get lots better as they played on gear 2. Arsenal were at their best and played with FEAR!

  11. our success mainly depends on dat no10 position- we hv da 2 perfect players 2 play Der- eriksen & holtby…. oly if Dey play 2 Der potential

  12. (sandro paulino eriksen) des 3 shud form da heart of midfield… Der is no point in dembele playing along wit paulino & a defensive midfielder…. (capou dembele & holtby) wil be my 2nd choice midfield

  13. Dawson was terrible and will be benched when Kaboul gets fully fit. Dembele is not an attacking midfielder – with Eriksen and Holtby there, he should drop back..I like Paulinho but too many times he lingered on the ball instead of starting a counter attack, hate to say it but he was almost Scott Parker like in attack yesterday. When fit, start Lennon and Lamela in wide positions with Eriksen in behind Soldado…Townsend is an impact player only IMO…
    Early days with a new squad, who overall, were alot better than the last 2 visits to the Emirates…

  14. if Spurs had invested in a striker last season , we would have made third place and maybe kept Bale. To spend £100k and still play a midfield without a creative player is baffling,we should have kept Van Der Vert,Let's hope Eriksen is the answer.Spurs always had creative midfielders,(White,Hoddle,Gazza) to name but three,Carroll could be another one, don't send him on loan give him a chance.

  15. Dawson getting a lot of stick just goes to show what loyalty some fans have. He might have made a mistake with the goal but that is the first goal we have conceded in 3 games. He was solid apart from that and made 4 long passes to Chadli which were pinpoint and opened up space for him. He got caught on the ball when he took it forward but the cause was there were no midfielders willing to take a pass from him, and there lay our problem, the midfield.
    Paulinho deserved no more than a 4 and he should have been replaced with Holtby early second half with Dembele and Capoue forming the midfield and Holtby to give Soldado some service.

  16. Too early in the season too actually tell the strength of both teams. Arsenal took the lead early with a well worked goal, but dawson should have stepped up. Lloris made a world class tackle to save wallcott bearing down on goal. Arsenal then played on the counter putting ten men behind the ball and protected the lead well. Walker at times is the best full back in the league but recently inc last season been poor positionally and relies on his speed too much, ultimately making mistakes leading to goal scoring chances for the opposition. Chadli and townsend were both guilty of having long range shots which had better options to pass. It could of easily been 1-1 but it wasnt to be there is always the return leg.

  17. To blame AVB is shocking also. He went to win and control the ball in the middle of the park which we done by having the majority possession. He should of looked to bring on someone more creative earlier but Arsenal were looking dangerous on the break.
    This is not championship manager remember. AVB knows best.


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