Why Tottenham Hotspur should keep Tom Huddlestone


Recently, rumours have been flying regarding Spurs midfielder Tom Huddlestone. Reports suggested multiple premier league clubs were interested in him including, Sunderland, Fulham and recently promoted Hull. With the amount of reports suggesting a move, the probability that Huddlestone will remain at the Lane seems to be quite low. These are some of the reasons why Andre Villas-Boas should consider keeping the Spurs number 6.

His long passing and vision

If you were to ask any Spurs fan what Tom Huddlestone’s best trait is, they would most likely answer with “his long passing and his vision”. Now, Huddlestone is indeed a good tackler, and he is very good at positioning himself, but the former two qualities are what gives him the edge as a player. One only has to watch Tottenham play Manchester City at White Hart Lane last season to see how Huddlestone can destroy defences with his passing. He is an excellent option to have off the bench, or in case of injury and should give a good reason as to why he should stay.


With the arrival of Paulinho, depth at central midfield shouldn’t be much of a concern for Andre Villas-Boas. Or does it? This signing suggests that AVB is going to switch to his favoured 4-3-3 formation next season, and with that comes the need for central midfielders. The current Spurs players who should be considered for those three central midfield roles are Mousa Dembele, Sandro, Paulinho, Lewis Holtby, Scott Parker, Tom Carroll, Jake Livermore, and the aforementioned Tom Huddlestone. That seems like a good number of players, as it allows for five midfielders to be in reserve of the starting three. However, AVB has already admitted that some of these players must go. Those expected to leave are Parker, Livermore and Huddlestone. If all three leave the club, then there will only be two reserves for the starting three players and that is certainly not enough. So, at least one of the three should be kept. That player should be Huddlestone.

His estimated price tag

A few years ago, Tom Huddlestone had incredible potential. It’s fair to say that his potential has never been actually met, however he is still a good player. He should certainly be valued more than his estimated £5 million price tag. If AVB were to sell Huddlestone for that amount, Tottenham would have accepted the raw end of the deal. Take into consideration the competition for his signature, and that five should be too small for Tottenham to accept. If the five suddenly became somewhere near the eight mark, then AVB should consider selling his English midfielder.

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  1. Sorry l think your wrong we should sell him.Didn't he say he wasn't getting his hair cut till he scores,well its getting longer and longer.

  2. He has never fulfilled his potential. He had one good game against city from the bench. He is too slow, can't tackle, never scores and isn't mobile enough. Remember his pathetic performance against chelsea at their place?

    • Ha remember the score and i think you forgot to mention the lads out 14 months played against Basle on the Thursday extra time pens. You need to relies whats going on in the prem and maybe just maybe you may relies why it took a great pass from Hudds to Bale should have been a pen not given to break extra energy Sunderland down. We never lost a Game and Hudds only played 28 games Parker and bad hips Dembele where is favored pair who lost against Fulup 1-0. This is why Hudds type of passing is back in fashion because the runners are being stopped and space is limited with energy supplements go back and watch Sunderlands game and then watch Newcastle proper gear when theres deperate points involved it goes to Toure 6th. This is why Holtby was astounded at the limited time you have to pass or move the ball before snapping tackles break or injure your ankles . This was why Fergie installed Carrick to pass the ball forward quicker before the area was full of energized players blocking and saving goal bound shots,Without Hudds e scored more goals from outside the area and has for Hudds scoring i no it takes 12 months or more for scar tissue to heal Sandro and Kaboul will find out the same. Hudds speed is in both feet like a boxer who don't score points but can knock you out any round, i say don't sell or he will haunt us like Berbatov And if you think Kolo Toure was just a silly boy with a fat belly is excuse for being full of energy drugs as an unused sub against Utd. This was when Rooney stole the points with is overhead kick then Hudds is slow and i am wrong because i already knew it was happening to us months before Toure.

  3. He's a joke…. He's cost us a futune in wages over the years. Get rid whilst someone is stupid enough to pay good money for him.

  4. No – let him go and we buy someone better. I've defended Tommy for a while, and while his long passing is good that alone isn't good enough. We need a player in the Modric mold. A player who can give short passes move into space, get the ball back and keep the tempo of the game flowing.
    Simply hitting a 60 yarder and standing back to admire it just isn't enough – let's use another Tom that we have in the ranks

  5. Sorry, I disagree. Paulinho, Sandro, and Dembele start. Holtby and Carroll provide depth. After that, Parker is next but if we are using Livermore and Huddlestone, we are in trouble.

  6. Tom Huddlestone is a real wasted talent. He has never ever grabbed the opportunity to stamp his authority and boss the midfield like he should have done and I don't believe he will ever realised his true potential. Everybody knows that Tom is fantastic at spraying the ball around from one side of the pitch to the other with pinpoint accuracy and has a tremendous shot on him yet very rarely took on the opposition keeper when the chance arose. Problems with his weight and lack of pace doesn't help his cause. He spends so much time in the treatment room it reminds me of another sick note we had a few years back, one Darren Anderton in that respect. It's a shame because the lad has got talent and part of me say's that we should keep him as back up should anyone get injured during the course of the season as Dawson did when Kaboul got injured but the other part of me says that perhaps now is the time for Tom to move on to pastures new for his sake because with the addition of Paulinho and Sandro returning from injury, he wont be getting much playing time as a starter at Spurs.

  7. Jake Livermore should be out the door before Tom Huddlestone, any day. Huddlestone has so much natural ability – this may be the year he finally delivers this!!

  8. I don't mind keeping him. But o be honest should he be sold tomorrow I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. Off the bench he is a great player but for 90 min, he just ain't got it. He is a good passer of the ball but that really is about it.


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