Is £10 million all you really need?


In an age where owners are as rich as Croesus, player fees and wages are sky high, and expectations of managers are even more astronomical. How much does it really take to improve your club?  Naturally, I take Tottenham as an example, and I apologise because that £10 million to which I refer is per addition, rather than in total.

Let us consider the additions many feel we need to make, to improve our beloved Spurs to the levels we hope to achieve; a left back, a creative midfielder, cover on the wings, and of course, the widely coveted striker.

At left back, £10 million could apparently provide Aleksandar Kolarov, with a few of those millions to spare if you give credence to the reports in the Daily Express.  He is a solid Champions League seasoned performer. Comfortable attacking and defending, with a hammer shot from set pieces. He could provide a very adept piece of business.

A creative midfielder can relate to so many facets in the modern player. Some determine such a role as being the so-called ‘metronome’ of the team, others a player who can pick a defence splitting pass, alternatively a player who can simply bring in other players with vision to further attacking situations. Whatever your view, it must be said that obtaining such a player for such a low amount in today money will be tough, however there are such players available.

Xabi Alonso- a name synonymous with all three styles of play, is allegedly available and keen to return to England. (Why I’ve no idea, although the sizzling heat will make him feel right at home I am sure!)  At 31 years old he is a little older than many of Tottenham’s acquisitions, yet he has so much to provide – just ask Juventus if they made the right move taking a chance on Andrea Pirlo.  Why could Tottenham not signal their intent and add in such a talented player to provide significant experience at the highest level? My view is they could. It may not be successful, but at least it send the right message!

Cover on the wings is slightly easier, with the possibility of a deal for Nacer Chadli mentioned at many an available turn within the ‘ITK’ community. His value of approximately £7 million again falls within this amount, yet I feel that there are other players to better be considered.

Marko Marin (who I know is on loan and unavailable) is the source of a constant nightmare to me. Such a gifted and dynamic player who through his career away by choosing the Blues over the Lilywhites, but he could still be a prize for us to gain! Surely, as one surplus to requirements at the Bridge, and only commanding an original fee of £7 million, would be available for less than £10 million.  It pains me terribly to say that Tottenham have missed a huge trick by not pursuing Marin, he will once again devastate defences, but alas it does not seem as though he will be doing it for us anytime soon.

Nani, another option. Man United apparently want shot of him. Surely as a proven Champions League player he would do nothing but strengthen our forward line. A Portuguese speaker, AVB could get the best out of him again and at a rumoured £8 million. I for one would welcome him with open arms.

An alternative to consider is Xerdan Shaqiri of Bayern. Ribery, Robben, Muller, Kroos, Goetze; all before him in the pecking order. It may be a little out there but I’m better £10 million would be an interesting offer for all parties.

Now to the question of a striker. Demba Ba? Loic Remy? Lukas Podolski? Maybe even Fernando Torres?

If Carlos Tevez can go for £10 million then all of the above should be able to do the same! They may not be the star Hollywood names many fans want, but when you consider that Spurs created the second highest amount of chances in the league last season, the one attribute they all provide is the ability to score goals- surely that cannot be a bad thing!

So there you have it, a selection of budget players to improve our side without breaking the bank. With £30 million being mooted for Benteke alone, surely bringing in three of these players could be far more valuable than expending such an amount on one singular individual.

Yes some may be unavailable, and no, not everyone on the list will be everyone’s cup of tea, but they could be exactly what Tottenham need to progress without jeopardising our financial ability.

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When finding time away from the cut and thrust of the courtroom and student exams, Glenn is an avid Tottenham Hospur fan, so apologies for any hint of bias appearing within the articles (But then this is a Spurs site, so what do you expect!) He combines an eternal optimism with an intellectually stimulated cynicism when it comes to his beloved Tottenham, and feels that best piece of transfer business in the last few years was selling Jermaine Jenas for ACTUAL money! An actual fee was paid! He still can't believe it!


  1. Spot on mate, I know levy's trying to drive prices down and wait for the right deals but any of them names at those prices would be great for spurs, even if its just for a year or so to get us back in the cl and able to attract even better players. Coys

  2. I really wanted Marko Marin to sign for us – even before he came up for sale. His performances for Werder Bremen were something we got to see first hand. I was sad that he ended up in a team that went on to accumulate a number of players (Mata, Hazard, Oscar) who could all do the same job. With Marin on the left, cutting in, Bale on the right, doing the same thing, we'd definitely have more goals in the "for" column! Even if we ended up unable to trade in Adebayor for a better model, we'd still be more potent. Since we seem to have missed out on Miralem Pjanic, I won't be surprised (or disappointed) to see a bit more of Tom Carroll "conducting the orchestra", this season. With a little bit of cover, we should have little trouble in putting out good sides, week after week.

  3. Through his career away ????


    Threw it away ??!!??

    I hope his students have a better understanding of the English language…tut tut

    Good points made in the article though…you don't have to break the bank with every signing..there IS value out there..


  4. These would all demand massive wages (apart from Chadli) making the deals more expensive after 2-3 years then 17-25 million deals for players with less extortionate demands. Going for younger players with higher initial fees also has the potential for significant fees when they are sold, even if they fail to perform at Spurs


  6. Great article!!! Shiqiri, Ba would be improvements to the team. At smaller money than other names being banded around, I would like Levy to get his head out the clouds and stop putting all his eggs in one basket with another stroppy centre forward in Benteke. I also believe the younger players need to be integrated into the first team rapidly.

  7. I think we should buy two Ligue 1 Striker: Lisandro Lopez and Kevin Gameiro. Two experienced striker who, if you can believe the reports, want to leave their clubs this summer. And I think we could buy both under 20 milliones


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