Are Tottenham the laughing stock of football again?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Dom Le Roy

I just wonder how many of you have the same haunting thoughts as me, that once again we are going to be the laughing stock of football.

Of all the clubs that have spent £100M on players, I have that horrible feeling that we wont be able to do the same as the others. Man U, Man C & Chelsea all spent over £100M and not only did they all get into the top 4, they ALL actually won the Premier League.

I said at the start of the season that I felt we would not make the top 4 again, and the way we have played – and some of the team selections and tactics AVB has bade – has not inspired me to think any different. And of course, if we dont get into the top 4, most of those new players we bought probably wont be with us next season, and then it will all be back to square one again.

I have no problem with the team selections he is making for ‘away’ games, but certainly at home we must change tactics if we are going to move forward. In my opinion, we must go with 2 up front for home games. We must attack more. Soldado looks like a fish out of water – not his fault, simply he is not getting the service. He must have someone up front with him. And what about Lamela. He looked terrific last week, yet not even in the starting line up on Sunday. Give the guy a chance.

To be fair, we could not do much more in the second half against Newcastle, but the first 35mins were so boring i nearly fell asleep in my seat in Paxton Road.

The simple thing is, that if we cant beat the ‘smaller’ clubs like West Ham & Newcastle – and lets face it, we get beaten by the small clubs and relegation clubs Every single season – the we have absolutely no chance of getting into that top 4.

Unfortunately, nothing seems to have changed again yet this season – apart from us being the 3rd lowest scorers in the whole division – so at this moment in time, I cannot see us finishing in that top 4 position.

Unless things change, it will be £100M down the drain and us being the laughing stock of football yet again.

Lets all just hope and pray that I am totally wrong.

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