A look back at Tottenham’s win against Norwich City


Without reading any other reports I’m prepared to wager that the words ‘routine win’ are used in more than most.

‘Routine’ to the casual observer maybe, not to the Spurs regular who has watched us struggle in this fixture in the last couple of seasons. This Norwich City was a different animal to normal though and were easily overcome. A few early over enthusiastic challenges from the away team’s midfield indicated a physical, we have what we hold, approach that never in the end materialised as the constant high pressing of our midfield and full-backs forced the Canaries on to the retreat, never giving them a moment to compose themselves. Given this the result may have seemed inevitable but this was a deserved and polished victory with significant contributions from many parties of which Eriksen, Sigurdsson, Paulinho and Rose were most prominent in my humble opinion.

The game took place in a low-key atmosphere for much of the time. The away fans, perhaps taking their cue from their team, were far less boisterous than we’re used to. Is there a third season syndrome? Is the journey to Liverpool Street now so passé it’s become nothing to shout about? One chorus of On The Ball City is all I counted. They were at their most vocal ironically celebrating the award of a free-kick. Old school comedy indeed. One can only assume it was the result of frustration with the performance of their own side who conjured up just one moment of danger (using the word in its widest sense) in each half.

It’s to Kyle Walker’s credit than Nathan Redmond, a bright star of the Canaries season thus far, was substituted well before the end. Annoyingly Walker seems to be in danger of becoming a target of the boo-boys. I thought he had a good and effective game going forward combining well and at pace with Townsend and at the back he not only forced Norwich to withdraw one of their major threats, he swept up well and won the majority of his encounters with other members of the attack, for instance swatting aside (fairly) van Wolfswinkel at one point when the latter looked like he was set fair to break with the ball. Leave him alone I say.

Elsewhere, Eriksen’s touch and vision were excellent, Paulinho was omnipresent, Soldado enjoyed the support he got from Eriksen and Sigurdsson and the defence were decisive and strong.

Eriksen and Siggy will steal the headlines but it was an all round impressive performance that bodes well. Cardiff next. COYS.

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  1. Good read.

    Couldn't of asked for anything else today…perhaps apart from another few goals ;).

    Thought the lads were top drawer not only in how we controlled proceedings, but how we CONSISTENTLY swarmed the Norwich players (as a team/unit) EVERYTIME we lost the ball.

    I think AVB has finally got a group of players willing to commit to the high-energy, pressing game that we only saw in glimpses (and from certain individuals) last season.

    I thought that Rose was impressive at LB and is going the right way about silencing those who wrote him off before even giving him a chance. The kid is young and is still developing in what is REALLY a relatively new position. He WILL make mistakes from time to time, but from what I have seen of him for SUN, and Spurs, he has PLENTY of potential.

    Another HUGE plus today, was the display from Mousa Dembele, who was my MOM. I said before this encounter that the Belgian was in the last chance saloon as far as keeping his spot in the side for the next few games was concerned, and he responded SUPERBLY.

    Without doing anything too extravagant, Mousa was purposeful, assured and aggressive. After seeing him sat on his bum by Ramsey a couple of weeks back at the Emirates, I wondered just what had happened to the POWERHOUSE of a midfielder that had arrived at WHL the year before. Today, he left me in NO DOUBT that he still possess the AMBITION and DETERMINATION to aid Spurs in our bid for success both domestically and abroad. Always looking for a forward pass whenever possible, Dembele dictated the tempo of Spurs' play with aplomb. Indeed, the biggest compliment I can give the Belgian is that the team lost some of it's dynamism, fluidity and poise when he was substituted.

    I thought Sigurdsson looked sharp, and those goals will do his confidence the WORLD of good! The Icelandic international, at his best, can/will be a MAJOR asset for this club going forward. The fact he always puts in a shift is something else which will only endear him to supporters even more.

    I have to say I was very impressed by the start Chris Eriksen made to life at WHL. Although, I think Norwich did him a favour by setting up, somewhat surprisingly, in a 442, I thought the Dane used the EXTRA space afforded to him expertly!
    The subtleness of his first-touch, aligned with his awareness and movement were all top-class. There is no doubt he WILL face FAR bigger examinations of his abilities than a fairly 'open' looking Norwich side, but for his debut I thought he did well.

    Another player I think deserves a mention is Andros Townsend, and I was pleased to see AVB give him 90mins. Okay, some of his shooting and decision making were found wanting, but his sheer FEARLESSNESS and DESIRE to make things happen are a joy to behold.
    Although this can sometimes lead to him losing possession, I hope he NEVER loses those qualities as those are the very attributes that make him such a threat!
    In him we have a GEM on our hands…

    All in all, it was an excellent TEAM display and long may it continue! ONTO THE NEXT ONE…

  2. Boo boys lay off Walker. This is a new team gelling together and they need all our support. They can only get better with confidence to play. NEVER(caps!) boo your own players. This feels like a real team playing for each other rather than any individuals. A fantastic start so far!

  3. Agree with everything “Ramos43” said except about Townsend! He is so Infuriating the way he never looks for a good pass and always Trys scoring wonder goals that percentagely are very low!!! Walker keeps making great runs on the outside of him but Andros never uses Kyle’s selfless team play. He needs dropping for 2 reasons,first that’s the position our record signing plays!!! and secondly to give him food for thought that its a team game not a “look at me game”. He said hiself that he wants to be Gareth Bale??? No way will he ever manage that level but if he jus plays his OWN game he can become a good player in his own right,cus you can see the raw talent is there! He needs to walk before he runs! Maybe being deployed on the left would help him progress as he would be crossing the ball in rather than shooting when he beats his man,and if he truely thinks he can become the nxt GB then earn your

    spurs(no pun intended)and become a world class Winger and creater of goals before you go straight to trying to be the finished article! There’s a time to shoot and a time to pass,and 9 times out of 10 It’s pass,but Andros shoots 9/10 ??? Food for thought,Andros! Especially when u hav a club record signing who plays the same place!


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