Tottenham can attract top players based on our history


Andre Villas-Boas believes there is more to attracting top talent to a club than just the lure of Champions League football.

The Spurs boss is confident that the history of the club along with our new £45million state-of-the-art training ground, will be enough to attract top stars this summer.

Barcelona’s David Villa is one of Europe’s top strikers who has been linked with a move to the Lane this summer.

AVB told a press conference: “I’m not sure (Champions League qualification) is that key because Tottenham has a great tradition in football, it has conditions that other clubs don’t have but equally these facilities.

“And I think we have a group of players that attract other players to come here. They are good quality players and other players, in bigger or same level squads, would want to join up and play with them.”


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  1. If players only want to join us because we are in the champions league then I say f*#k em. We have proven that we are top 4-5 consistently over the last few years and if a top player cant see that with there added class (specifically speaking of strikers) we could be up in the top 3 then there an idiot, and they should prove themselfs cabable of helping gain champions league year after year, not just jump straight into a team already in it.

  2. Is playing in the CL a factor to attract talents to your club ? Does a club history play any part ? Probably yes to both questions. But in the era that we live in now, the biggest factor is the size of the contract that you are offering them. Anzhi ? Some club in China ?….or somewhere in the desert ?


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