The Truth about Gareth Bale


In my fourth article for The Spurs Web I’ve decided to break my silence on the Gareth Bale ‘Saga’. I’ve decided to share the truth about the whole thing.

What is the truth about Gareth Bale? I don’t know. You don’t know. The newspapers don’t know and neither does the television media. No one knows. It’s a saga in name only.

It’s a machine designed to sell newspapers and get web hits. As a Spurs fan I’ve seen this year on year and it’s unsettling – I won’t hide from that. We wait on every word hoping to get a resolution to it. Suddenly Arsenal fans I haven’t spoken to in years start sending me text messages. I’ve got Man Utd fans talking to me about Bale instead of Rooney possibly leaving. I’ve got Liverpool fans talking to me about Bale instead of Suarez wanting to leave.

And it starts like this: someone, somewhere, thinks they need a story. They talk to a few people who probably share their opinions with them. No one knows who these people are. Then a reporter thinks up a headline. If you read the article it says that “X understands that….” Stop for a second there. What does that mean? It means nothing.

There are no quotes in the article. The player hasn’t said anything. Apart from AVB stating in a press conference after the Monaco game that he was unimpressed by the public comments by Real Madrid, the club haven’t said anything. But this is all you need to get things started.

Once it’s reported in one newspaper or on TV or radio – suddenly it’s open season. Other media outlets get itchy feet and write their own articles: “it has been reported that” – exactly, they are writing an article confirming that the original article was posted. And then the bandwagon gains momentum.

One minute he’s refused to play. Then possibly he was injured. Then maybe he was ill. Then possibly he’s refused to train. Then he turns up at training. The person who handles the SSN news ticker must have no morals whatsoever – it changes during any single day and they always claim to have known. We’ve had ‘Bale refuses to play amid transfer speculation’ to ‘Bale attends training as expected’ – and they take it in their stride forgetting what they said the day before. I for one have a longer memory than that.

The association with Spurs and transfer windows comes and goes every year. I have grown to love and loathe it in equal measure. I’ve never been a fan of any club that publicly taps up a player. I have even less time for journalism – if you can call it that – which is designed to simply sell papers and prove they have something to say.

So there we have it – the truth about Gareth Bale – no one knows what’s really happening. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the saga in the comments section below.

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    • Absolutely agree. There is no proof whatsoever that Levy met with Real Madrid in Miami yesterday, today or any other day, or that we are actually negotiating a fee. The only official comment was that he is not for sale. Is Levy actually in Miami? I know he was on holiday there but is he still? If so its unlike him to take such a long break. He's a re-knowned workaholic.

  1. well i guess we are on the same planet avnesh i dive to my computer every day to try and get some new but all you read is utter rubbish made up stories.the only thing that has come out of this is marca is the modern day beano

  2. As an avid Spurs fan myself; I entirely agree with you. There has been no "official" statements made by either club. It's bad enough that news papers are jumping on scraps of conversations they may have overheard on a public bus to sell papers but why do we have to hear players thoughts such as the Madrid number one. It's all getting very boring in fact. I for one don't mind if Bale wishes to leave; he wants to further a career (don't we all) and if he goes we should be thankful he's "worth" so much; so much that we could afford a few really top class players to fill the "void". I say void in such fashion as he really is head and shoulders above the rest of the team. But to split one amazing player into 5 extremely good / promising players could shape the way for a brand-new Spurs. Something I have to confess I'd like to see this season; lots of fresh new talent ready to rip into the big guns like Man United, Man City and Chelsea (and possibly Arsenal could come under such a moniker). My fear is that the deal will be done all too late with little time to spend the money before the and of the window on the 2nd September.

  3. I think what Spurs fans really want is a conclusion and sooner rather than later, if the player wants to leave then we don’t want him, we surely only want players that want to wear the shirt. The other thing is, if this is not resolved before the Palace game then we’ll find ourselves in a position where the player may refuse to play and then the fans will get on his back and he’ll be caned everytime he comes to the lane in future CL matches (we live in hope) and that will be tragic for such a great player as Bale. So the powers that be need to make things happen and let’s move on.

  4. Good and honest article at last. Real Madrid are in huge debt and still owe money on Modric. They have offered to pay (85 – 100 million?) for Bale over 5 years. This is unacceptable as (1) we cannot replace Bale for 20 million and (2) there was an article i read today at just how poor the Spanish economy is and how much debt the top clubs are in, thus, can Real Madrid afford Bale? Will they default over 5 years and have to pay it over many more years?

    • The saga with Modric was bad last season now we are sitting with the same with Bale . How is it possible that Real Madrid still owe for Modric and Tottenham are still considering doing business with Real Madrid . Does anyone give a dam about the English Premier League and the players . So many very good players have beign poached by the bigger clubs which is wrong. Just tell me why did Bale sign a new contract last year and now he is going to leave the club so what is the sense of a contract

  5. I had little respect for Sky prior to this and now can't trust a word that they say/print etc. It's a NON story that has been blown out of proportion.
    The only good thing to come out of it is the global media exposer for Spurs. I doubt the players are unsettled as reports say because they will of been told exactly what it going on.

    I firmly believe that Spurs management are letting this continue as its all good publicity, hence the silence.
    Bale is staying, we are getting great media coverage, we are attracting top talent and roll on this season and Champions League footie.

  6. Personally i think GB wants to go if he wanted to stay he would of said so through a press release and stop all the speculation.

    Levy has realised the player wants to leave but will negotiate a record fee with RM! Basically if RM are willing to pay silly money for a single player i believe Spurs will be the real winners here as Levy will be play his best hand for the future of THFC!

    • Read what i said above. Real Madrid are in huge debt and at best could only pay Spurs over 5 years for Bale which would not help us get a repalcement for him. They still owe us money for Modric.

    • GB is playing quite a cute game. Although his silence is infuriating, he is effectively hedging his bets. If the transfer comes off, presumably he's happy and got his 'boyhood wish' (the crap Redknapp comes out with!) without handing in a transfer. If, as we all hope, Real Madrid simply cannot afford him and decide to give up for now, GB comes out smelling of roses since at no stage did he publicly say he wanted to leave and is now part of an even stronger squad which can seriously look to challenge for the top. He's no mug the Welsh Wizard.

  7. Levy would be insane to accept installment payments for Bale as Madrid are skint and the Government who prop them up financially are being forced by the EEC to stop supporting this type of lending otherwise they won't get their backing. So Madrid are skint and the Spanish Gov who back them are skint and are being investigated by the EC. Daniel would need a guarantee from the EC monetary fund to be sure of his money and that will not be forthcoming. So the only answer is 'don't sell to Madrid'.

  8. He is not for sale,has never been for sale and if he has any decency ,which we all think he has,he will stay and help us get Champions league football and as Inspector Clouseau used to say ,the problem is solv-ed

  9. What we should do is spend the lot on the NLDP without the new stadium we will be in this position every year!
    But without Bale it's harder to attract the naming rights and new shirt sponsor we need for next year, we need the naming rights issue sorted, we need Haringey council and TFL to open the tube station to attract professionals to the Tottenham area which will boost everything else.

    If only Levy had the forsite to spend money in January all this would not have happened! So near yet so far all the bloody time.

  10. I think it's pretty clear that he's leaving, if he was staying then he or the club would have cleared this mess up a long time back. He wont be in a Spurs shirt next season and we need to accept that.
    It's all well and good saying we would get 5 good players to replace one great one but two things to consider – first of all we wont be getting 5 good players from the Bale money. The club have already spent close to 50m this window so another signing or two is about all we'll get.
    Secondly, 5 players cannot replace one player in that of the five signings we make this summer only one can play in Bale's position (as in part of the starting 11) and none of them are as good as him. So while we may improve the squad by signing these 5 players and selling Bale the first 11 will be a LOT weaker.

  11. I think it's fairly safe to assume that Bale wants out! Let's not kid ourselves, the player HASN'T come out said he wants to stay despite all of the speculation. Nor has he signed a new contract that surely would have been offered to him, as a result of his form last season.

    Lets look at the facts….

    The players agent appeared on Marca Tv, openly flirting with Florentino Perez at the beginning of the summer, and if you noticed during his interviews last season, Bale was always quite vague when it came to speaking about his future.

    Anyone who thinks Bales agent would act on his OWN accord, in regards to his decision to appear on the Madrid based show, WITHOUT Gareths approval, is simply fooling themselves! Remember, it is the PLAYER that instructs his agent, NOT the other way around!!!

    Did anyone see the expression on Bales face during the kit launch, or at anytime since? Hardly the expression of a man who is happy/content with his current circumstances.

    Or what about the tactic of NOT using your twitter account, in an attempt to detach yourself from supporters, and avoid having to field any difficult questions? Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez, you will be interested to know, are currently adopting the same 'game plan'.

    It should also be remembered that GB has yet to play in a match for Spurs since RM interest was made formal with an reported offer of £85m, due to injury. I would suggest that the ONLY thing damaged with Gareth right now is his ego. It's all well and good being considered a 'nice boy' when you get things your own way, but as we saw last summer with Modric, 'nice' boys can soon turn nasty when they do not have rule of the roost! It is only in scenarios, such as these, that you get a REAL/ FULLER reflection of someones character.

    Gareth is NOT stupid. He knows what is being said about him, and he knows the way he is portraying himself as distant, unhappy and disinterested. If Bale was COMPLETELY happy at Spurs we would have heard him say it by now!!!

    Have Spurs got any chance of keeping the Welshman? I would say yes, but are only hope is that either Levy refuses to sell, or that GB sees the kind of ambition/ intent Spurs are showing in transfer market, goes into training, looks around and thinks: 'we could REALLY achieve something BIG this season'.

    Levy has done/is doing his part, by signing quality players to enhance the strength of the team/squad. I HAVE to also believe that Levy has tried to open talks over a new contract. However, if the player isn't willing to commit his future to the club, then I believe we are better off letting him go- but ONLY after we extract the very maximum amount of money from RM after their appalling conduct, during the course of this summer.

    The problem we have at the moment, is that Bale is either being too much of a coward to come out and say what he really wants for fear of a fan backlash should the deal fall through, OR, he is reluctant to hand in a transfer request because he doesn't want to relinquish his any 'Loyalty Clause' sum that Spurs would have to pay him, should he be sold.

    All Gareth would have to say to regain some of his credibility, in many peoples eyes, is: " I have enjoyed/loved my time at Spurs, but I feel the opportunity to play at RM is one that I cannot let pass by. Having said that, if the two clubs fail to reach an agreement over my sale, I will continue to give my all to a club that is very close to heart"…SIMPLE!!!!

    But, yet, Gareth (and his agent) is/are playing a different kind of game…Make it known you are really unhappy, and if Madrid fail to come up with the kind of money Spurs are looking for, maybe someone else will.

    I would love to be proved wrong, and wake up to see the headline 'Bales puts pen to paper on new Spurs deal'. We can, but, live in hope!!!


  12. @ alastair
    That is the most sense anyone has said in the past month of this whole transfer debacle.
    Before the "apparent" Madrid bid he came out and said that he was aiming to get Spurs into the CL and looking forward to the new signings. Apart from that Levy has always stated he is not for sale at any price. Does he want to leave, I really dont think so.
    Very very poor journalism (if you can even call it that) by all parties

  13. I agree with the main content that there is little fact to work out what is really going on. I like to be positive and look for any reason as to why Bale will not go. But sometimes being positive is a barrier to being realistic. I only worry is that there is no smoke without fire and this has been smoking a long time. I hope that Levi can persuade Gareth to continue to play for us or find that Real Madrid cannot stump up the money. Why? Because no club has lost a player of that quality and improved the following season. Even the mighty Man Utd dropped a place in the season after they sold Ronaldo.

  14. Firstly, I am disgusted with Real Madrid, and the Spanish media. It is basically stalking Bale and unsettling him and showing no respect for Spurs as another football club (with whom they are meant to have a partnership with!!).__SSN are also a disgrace! Have you ever had a day off and watched SSN for a few hours? Complete and utter repetition of the same drivel, containing no substance, over and over. "Bale turns up at training", "Bale eats lunch but has a sad "I want to be in Madrid", face" etc etc….. BULLCRAP.__Secondly, why oh why is it the same story every transfer window with Spurs!?? Am I just self centered, or are we the only club it happens to each year? Bale, Modric, Berbatov etc etc…..__Levy is very clever and holds out till deadline day, and then sells our best player for big money…. and the shareholders are happy, yet we are without are best player, the squad have been unsettled by the saga, we struggle for the first few games, and at the end of the season, struggle to get 4/5th spot, and then the cycle begins again that summer….. __At least this summer we have made a few signings early on….

  15. We sold Caulker who the knowledgable people are saying should have stayed. This possible means that the money has been recovered against purchases, which means probably we are not selling Bale, and no more new signings this season.
    To realy get to the top any team needs someone special, so lets hope that the Man stays. As has been said, all news up to now has been no-news, conjecture only.
    This is the silly end of the transfer window, clubs bankrupt themselves to get anyone. We have done good early business. The arse have done nothing, LPool cant get anyone worthwhile to play for them, even United are struggling.
    Whether GB stays or goes we are going to have a great season.

  16. Avnesh – good article. What gets me are all these supposed ITKs. Apparently they're 'In The Know' but really ought to be called ITDs because they're 'In The Dark', or perhaps 'FOBs' for 'Full Of Boll*cks!'

  17. ou est mon texte que j'ai écris il y a quelques heures , ou est le problème, le texte est véridique ,respectueux , je ne comprend pas , donner la raison de sa non publication ou soyez gentil de le publier

    • il serait préférable pour vous , c'est à dire pour tottenham et pour le pays l'angleterre ,
      oublier tout ce que je vous ai dit auparavant , de ne pas vous séparer de gareth bale de
      surtout pas le vendre au real de madrid (espagne ) ou paris saint germain (psg ) (france ) ,
      à la rigueur à un club anglais (par exemple : manchester united ) ……en vérité vous etes tous
      dans le meme bateau (tout les club anglais ) . la ligue des champions doit revenir au pays le plus prestigieux d' europe , celui qui inventé le football ,celui dont le championnat est le
      meilleur au monde et doit le rester .chaque équipe de premier league se bat avant tout ,pour l'union jack .

  18. ne vous séparez de votre joyau ,pour aucun club ,pour aucun prix …..
    il fait certainement parti des trois meilleurs joueurs avec messi ,ronaldo : des trois certainementt

  19. ne vous séparer pas de votre joyau à aucun prix , pour aucun club …..
    il fait certainement parti des trois meilleurs joueurs du monde , des trois c' est le plus jeune(gareth bale ,23 ans) ,dont le jeu est le plus complet , celui qui a le potentiel le plus élevé :sa clause libératoire doit etre fixé à un prix > 150 millions d'euros ,payable à une fois cash ,et un salaire annuel>11millions d'euros et comme le veut le real de madrid payé moins de 100 millions d'euros :20 millions lors du transfert du joueur ,puis le reste étalé sur six ans ???et un salaire mensuel pour le joueur < 9 millions d' euros ?? c'est une plaisanterie !! c'est une très mauvaise
    affaire que vous faites la , il semble ne dispose pas des liquidités nécessaires ,et vu la situation économique de l'espagne ça ne s'arrange pas avec le temps ,vous n'avez aucune garantie ,ils veulent vous " rouler dans la farine "……
    pour mémoire : messi fc barcelone ( 26 ans ,clause libératoire fixé= 300 millions d'euros!!! ,salaire annuel = 18 millions d'euros ) ,ronaldo ( 28ans ,clause libératoire fixé= 1 milliard d'euros!!!! , salaire mensuel= 17 millions d'euros ).
    si vous n'avez pas le choix : vous le vendez uniquement ,et je dis uniquement au paris saint germain (psg, france) : le psg est en plein devenir (à l' image du championnat de france :as monaco,om ,etc…) qui a un projet solide , les finances du club sont bonnes et qui dispose des fonds nécessaires pour effectuer le transfert ,qui est respectueux envers les dirigeants ,les clubs,les joueurs avec qui ils travaillent .
    de plus les liens qui lient sont infini et éternel : amitiés, économiques, politiques, culturels etc..
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    un ami .

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    un ami

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  23. translate please , it' s very important , thank you very much

    à messieurs daniel levy , andré villas-boas, gareth bale .

    si vous me le permettez ,j ' aimerai vous donner un conseil avisé concernant cette affaire qui secoue
    le mercato : il est clair que le joueur veut quitter le club à tout prix ,pour à mon avis :
    avoir la possibilité de jouer ,dès cette année ,la ligue des champions et avoir de grandes chances de la gagner … de votre coté , messieurs daniel levy et andré villas-boas votre intéret ,puisque le joueur veut à tout prix quitter le club , est de trouver un club qui satisfasse les désirs de votre joueur et l'obligation de paiement du transfert du joueur à la hauteur de son talent ,qui vous permettent de ne pas etre perdant et de pouvoir entrevoir l'avenir avec sérénité.

    le seul club de football : répondant à ces critères et qui satisfasse les deux parties : le joueur gareth bale et messieurs daniel levy et andré villas-boas : est le paris saint germain ( psg ) ,un
    club plein d'avenir ( à l' image de son championnat :as monaco ,om ,..etc.) , qui a un projet à la hauteur de ses ambitions …, qui est respectueux avec les dirigeants et les joueurs avec lesquels
    ils travaillent , la situation financière du club est bonne ,et qui dispose des fonds nécessaires
    pour effectuer le transfert et payer le salaire du joueur .

    un ami.

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    il est clair que le joueur veut quitter le club à tout prix ,pour à mon avis : avoir la
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    ce qui est un des objectifs premiers (tottenham fc) ,si je ne trompe pas .

    par ces conséquents ,il est de votre intéret de vendre gareth bale , à chelsea fc ou manchester
    united (surtout pas au real de madrid ou tout club étranger ),deux club de premier league qui répondent aux critères et qui satisfasse les deux parties : des clubs prestigieux, qui ont déja
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    un ami .


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