VIDEO: AVB post-match press conference vs FC Sheriff


Tottenham ground out a 2-0 win at FC Sheriff in Moldova on Thursday evening to all but book ourselves a place in the qualification for the knockout stages of the Europa League.

Spurs boss Andre Villas-Boas spoke to the press after the final whistle and admitted that the match was not as comfortable as he thought it would be.

AVB told the press conference: “It was as not easy I think. We desire to take a lead. Every counterattack was dangerous. But we also has a couple of chances where we breaked behind that couldn’t give us 2-0 comfortable a bit earlier, particularly …1 to 1 against goalkeeper. But in general we did enough. Get the 9 points from this game which was the objective and got qualification for the next game.

“They had some great opportunities in the counterattack, we have to recognise that they are excellent. The game … 1 to 1 after we scored they had many chances also to level he score. They look good on the counterattack, they had some great moments and we have to recognise the the Tunia is important for us to kill the game.”

FC Sheriff coach, Vyacheslav Rusnak reflected: “To be honest, its sad for us. We wanted to get a a draw, minimum. We prepared well and we were ready for the Tottenham team, we knew about each player. We saw our chance. Unfortunately, we didn’t score. I think that a draw would have been a good result.”


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  1. This was what, the second game he started? He does not speak English and therefor his communication with his team mates and the coach can be very hard. And let's not forget his brother was kidnapped and held for ransom in Argentina just before he was going to play a game for Spurs. This can affect anyone. Lamela is only 21yrs old. Give the kid a break.

    He is a very talented player and he will get up to speed with the team. Not all players can continue where they left off when coming to a new team. It does not mean it's a waste of money to buy that player. It's not the same playing football in Italy and in England.

    Next season Erik Lamela will be one of the top players in the Premier League.

  2. @ Borg, not every player can start in fine form after their transfer. Look at Holtby and Bale, holtby is now replacing Eriksen and Bale become one of the best players in the world.

    Judging by your comments, you’d also slate Bale cos he was so poor for us in the first couple years.

  3. Look at Townsend you bellend! Hadn't really performed well for any club until q.p.r, young players need time.. Hate to say this, but look at Oxlade Chamberlain, everyone thought he would be an instant starter, and he has hardly featured at all. Give young players a little break, and you can eat your words later.


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