VIDEO: Mourinho annoyed with Vertonghen


Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was left feeling cheated by Jan Vertonghen’s role in Fernando Torres’ sending off – an incident the Portuguese claims cost them victory at Tottenham on Saturday.

Vertonghen had the better of Torres all day in which was arguably the Belgian’s best performance in a Tottenham shirt. Torres was constantly niggling and should have been sent off earlier in the match for raising his hands to the defender.

Mourinho told the press: “Football is football and sometimes things happen and you don’t know why. But, I think the way the game was going , not one person thought that we were not at that time much, much better, much, much stronger. They were in trouble.”

“A penalty… He pretends that it’s a red card. Oh, the guy is very intelligent. In some countries people say ‘oh this player is really amazing’. Not in England that’s not what I learned in this country. That’s why I don’t think the referee is guilty. He made the wrong decision. Of course it’s the referee makes the wong decision, but the referee trusts the player. And when you see a player with his hands in his face and pretending that it was a violent action, I think the referee, the normal tendency is to follow and to make the decision. So it was the referee’s bad decision. But for me it was a situation where the player was not helping the referee. And this player (Jan Vertonghen) is a fantastic player, but he’s a special guy, because three days ago he left the Aston Villa striker naked (laughter) and it was not a penalty, it was not a red card? Because he shouldn’t play this game. Vertonghen shouldn’t have played this game. He should be suspended with a red card against Aston Villa You go to Youtube, it’s the top of the ridiculous situations in football, it’s ridiculous, the boy was naked! And today he changed the game..he changed the game. I’m not happy, but…”

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    • Lets get a few facts straight here. Mourinho should be sanctioned for publicly attacking a fellow professional, who does not hava the same media platforms for his right to reply. Funny how Mourinho forgets to mention the Torres scratching incident, where he should have received a straight red. Funnily enough Vertonghen didn't attempt to play act and try to get Torres sent off by making the most of that incident.

      I personally think Torres received a second yellow for intent, jumping at Vertonghen with a straight arm. And by the way they both held there heads after the incident, again not mentioned by the so called messia.


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