The Stink of Desperation


Are we in more trouble than we realise? At the time of writing, the Summer Transfer Window has only been open for 11 days. Yet, we can already look back and rattle off a long list of players we were supposedly interested in, but who have gone elsewhere, or have been made unavailable by their clubs: David Villa, Mario Gomes, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Christian Benitez, Younes Belhanda, Gonzalo Higuain, Son Heung-Min, Roberto Soldado, Alvaro Negredo, Tin Jedvaj, Allen Halilovic, Gerard Deulofeu, and this is not an exhaustive list.

In my opinion, the problem has something to do with Spurs’ Top Brass being as slow as Adebayor, and even more obsessed with money! I don’t intend another long-winded rant about the failings of our Chairman in the transfer market, but clearly many fans are dissatisfied. Truth is, the number of available strikers is decreasing every day – the number of available strikers good enough to propel us into the Champions’ League is decreasing even quicker.

So, who do we have left? What are our options? How much time do we have to pick them up? (Only realistic options to follow – as much as we’d love to see a front three of Messi flanked by Ronaldo and Cavani…it’s not going to happen!) In no particular order:


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Tottenham Hotspur's players warm up during a training session on the eve of the Champion's League Group H football match Borussia Dortmund against Tottenham Hotspur on November 20, 2017 in Dortmund, western Germany. / AFP PHOTO / PATRIK STOLLARZ (Photo credit should read PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

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  1. I think your comment " a long list of players we were supposedly interested in, " is the appropriate one – every summer close season we have been "linked" with upwards of 30 players!!! "Linked" by whom – the media and especially agents. I doubt if any tips come out of White Hart Lane – Daniel Levy plays with his cards close to his chest — so rumours, rumours – I just wait for him/them to do the business. I have hopes and quite high ones but it would mean a great change of direction and attitude by Levy for them to come to fruition!!

  2. I agree with your points in this article that time was of the essence and we are too slow to react for these ‘bigger potential signing’ opportunities! However, my main fear is that levy and the board do not see our striker issue worth investing money into and we will start the season with the same forwards and then cry about our lack of top 4 after next season because of it! Levy… Just this once for the sanity of the club and it’s supporters back a bid for a ‘top class striker’

      • Yes, I'm fucking aware of that. But when did we become fucking City or fucking Chelsea? 'Oi Levy, why aren't you spending £60m on a striker I've never heard of eh eh?'

        You'll note that Chelsea, City, Utd, Liverpool and Arsenal have all missed on big, long-term targets already this summer. We're not the only one.

        Now keep calm or fuck off

  3. The most annoying aspect of our search for a striker is that clubs such as swansea and Newcastle find players like Cisse ,Michu, or Ba for not much money but immediate impact.I know that we cannot afford the Cavani's of the world but levy should tell his scouts to pull their fingers out

    • Ba failed to make the grade at a big club and Cisse had a s1t second season! we signed Ade, people seem to be forgetting this, the board did address it with what we all thought was a great signing, it tunred out he was awful last year but hardly Levy's fault!

      • It was obvious that our strikers were struggling and we had the opportunity in the January windows to try to inject an impact striker to get us over the finish line.,was Saha the answer?We bought Ade because he was cheap.There is no questioning Levy's business acumen I just do not have faith in his footballing in-sight

  4. I do like the mentality that stories are laughable garbage, when they involve players you (Not solely you) do not rate.

    While ammunition to judge, try and execute the chairman, when they are players that you do.

    I often look at our first team and stars that have been shipped off to pastures new and think, "what a fine example of transfer incompetence I am witnessing".

  5. So true, Sybrian. Seems that people love reading these stories and for some reason believe them. Anything to use as a stick to beat Levy with. It just gets desperate, really. Amazing what people choose to believe as fact.

    Take the Villa signing. Press reports that Villa was shown the training ground, had met one or two of the players, and even agreed personal terms! Yet no fee was agreed, so how was this possible?? But people believe we were 'on the verge of a signing'. Wish people would read things for what they are, instead of what they want them to be.

  6. The key word is "supposedly". Most of these rumours are genereated by the press or (scumbag) agents so there is no point, as some people here are doing, getting over-critical or excited about "so and so"! I suspect we will end up with a topclass striker before the end of July! I take every story with a "pinch of salt" and I am putting my trust in AVB and Baldini to get us the right people in before the window closes. I am sure there are lots of "chats"/ negotiations going on in thr background, and the club is also trying to free up cash by getting rid of deadwood. The team has an excellent squad at the moment and we just have to have fsith in AVB that things will get "sorted" soon, I believe that Levy will shell out the money as I feel he too has a lot of fsith in AVB!

  7. I think Crisandro should read the final sentence of Sybrian again;I,along with many spurs' fans feel let down by the failure of Mr Levy in not providing support for the team during the last two winter windows and especially last summer.Remember our first 3 matches last season,if only we have had a home win!!!!!

  8. It seems to me James that you're a wee bit too trusting of the media. Your little article suggest gullibility in believing everything they print and the frustration is evident. Spurs have been linked on a daily basis to every Tom, Dick and Harry Worldwide, from known £40M + established strikers which we cant afford or refuse to pay, to virtual unknowns, ranging from the young to the has beens like 32 year old David Villa. Since when has the hierarchy at Spurs ever told anyone let alone the hypocrites in the media which players they are actively going after?
    The Leandro Damiao saga has been well documented and all of the talk has come from the Brazilians camp and I believe that they have caused the mayhem surrounding this player. It is well known that Spurs are in need of new strikers as a result prices will escalate should we make any enquiries. We will continue to be linked to every mother out there until one or two new faces arrive. We are all frustrated but I prefer to be optimistic, perhaps you should too.

    • Not trusting, Ray. I take every Media story and link for what it is – a rumour. You mis-understand my article…I'm not trying to list all the players we've reportedly tried to acquire and failed…it's a list of players we could/should have tried harder to acquire, but now the opportunity has passed us by.

  9. In summers past, Spurs have been 'linked' to one hundred names and more. Articles written to excite interest, titillate the reader, raise hopes, make mischief, dream up and pass on rumour, but much of the time a 'wind-up'. Players 'linked' to Spurs, you notice, also get 'linked' in the same articles with at least one or two other clubs, and so 'who will sign him?' which can be recycled for days usually before he says he's happy where he is or signs for someone else entirely. That was what was so hilarious about Villa moving to another Spanish club for a couple of million quid, after weeks of blather involving half a dozen club names, swap deals, Champions League football, ten million pound bids that would have to be twelve million to succeed, and so on. Not a word of truth in it. And so many other stories are like this and can be ignored. Like all those Bale stories, and those about AVB. Fact: both are staying because they were never leaving. Fact: Baldini has been signed. Fact: Paulinho has been signed. Plus some facts about young Spurs players who it is agreed will be on loan. All the rest of the coverage is for people who like fairy stories as a way to pass the time. Spurs will probably sign more players this summer but don't expect to know about it until it has happened. Getting upset about things that were supposed to happen but didn't, is the road to unhappiness.

    • PeeLee, you are of a breed who are fast becoming tiresome. I don't mean to be rude, but really…you say transfer rumours are for people who enjoy Fairy Stories, yet you clearly read them yourself, else why would you be here commenting? The aggressive commentators who prance about on every sports page feigning enlightenment as they bark on about Sports Journos knowing nothing, and making everything up gets annoying after a while.

      Also, you're wrong about two things:

      1. Not all links lack substance – the media was all over the Paulinho transfer a week or two before the signing was made official. The links were well established.

      2. You make out as if the David Villa rumours were without substance, but they weren't! The deal was very advanced. The Atletico signing was very last minute, and Villa chose to stay in Spain…whether for Champions' League reasons or fear uprooting his family.

  10. Levy, Baldini and certainly AVB aren’t blind nor fools. Our need for a striker or two is at least as obvious to them as it is to us. As for the all the names mentioned in the article above, Damaio aside, all the rest are just the press speculating as usual. I put my confidence in AVB who is a very ambitious manager and won’t have stayed at WHL if he didn’t believe the club had the same ambition.

    • Agree! I,m sure the wheels are in motion behind the scenes. Negotiations in place!

      All my concern is, should we be on the brink of bringing in a top rate, targeted striker, then I just hope
      that DL dose'nt delay and delay (pre-season essential) and delay, until 3 days before kick-off, just
      to save 3 million quid! Peanuts in EPL Land! He has to realize, it's a false economy! Getting a player
      settled into the club on the training ground as opposed to the match day pitch, could be the difference
      between 3 points 1 or none! = 3rd, 4th or 5th!

  11. I enjoyed the article. I think Jesé would be a key signing for the same reasons you have stated. I am more optimistic with Benteke than you are…mostly because I am sick of getting my hopes up for Damaio.


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