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With all of the current hype involving Benteke and the obvious need for striking reinforcements, it got me to thinking what our strongest starting XI will be when the new season starts around this time next month.

The only problem I had in deciding a position was in our Left Back slot so I have compiled the possible options we have to take the slot and would love to hear the opinions of any Spurs fans on this topic as well. The options are as follows:


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  1. i think we should go in for various left backs, i'd say top of my list would definitely be Bayern's Alaba. every time i watch him play he reminds me of walker in the 2011/2012 season, he has skill going forward, but is also a solid defender, with immense pace allowing him to give the attacker a few extra yards given that we have quite a lot of money for transfers i think he is definitely someone we should try to pry out of Bayern's grip.

    • why dont we go for schweinsteiger and kroos too, they are good players????
      get real mate, hes one of the best left backs in europe, we have no chance!

  2. Danny Rose deserves a shot, but I would sell BAE if we can bring in a top quality LB. If we are to play 433 the full backs need to be top quality and have the ability of putting in decent crosses, BAE cannot do this.

    • Agree. With how much Sunderland fans were raving about him, I really want to see what he can do. However, we probably need a back up plan, and Jan is not natural at LB, so it would be nice if we had a back up if not just for that.

  3. might have him for 1 more season in all honesty looked at left back not great lot about contreao at real i would go for .

    • Either English is not your first language or you are going to need some serious grammar lessons. And seriously, what is with people over here thinking we can get the best left backs in the world? Coentreao is valued at around 16 million pounds, after we just spent 17 (breaking our transfer record). And last night Forbes coming out and saying Real Madrid is the most Valuable club on the planet. How do you propose we get them to sell us their world-class left back at an affordable rate, while we still need a striker? Should we just ship them Bale and be done with it?

  4. For most of last season I was saying we needed another left back (and a striker – but that is for an different discussion). Benny has a great cross field passing range but he is either afraid or not skillful enough to go past his man and cross the ball. Our full backs (right and left) cost us a lot of games last season and I seriously think that we need to stregthen in those positions. We need full backs with discipline and intelligence as well as pace – which is going to be really hard to find.

    Back to the issue of LB … Not seen anything of Fryers, but Ferguson saw something in judging from the noise he made after losing him. Danny Rose is showing some prospect and maybe the stint at Sunderland was just what he needed.

    Personally I would accept offers for Benny – which is a shame as I grew to like him and forgave him for his stupid mistakes. I would then give Danny Rose the reins, with Fryers as his backup and Jan the Man filling in should those two cock up. Target is CL and should we achieve this, then we dip into the coffers and go for a world class LB for next season.

  5. center forward. robert soldado. left wing. nacer chadli. left back.nicolas lombaerts. those three will do for starters. lennon needs replacing,all he does is go for the goal line therebye running into a cul-de-sac,he then has only one option,hit the ball as hard as possible at the nearest defender to gain a corner,what brilliant wing play.move him on methinks

  6. I would personally want to see Jan Vertonghen at LB one only has to look at the game against Manchester United where Bale and Jan worked together seamlessly as the pair has great chemistry. This would also allow his runs forward to not leave gaps in the defense like the Fulham game. However he has expressed to AVB he doesn't want to play there.

    I wanted Luke Shaw but he recently stated his intent to stay and signed a new 5 year deal


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