VIDEO: Willian to choose Chelsea over Tottenham


Jose Mourinho has all but confirmed that Brazilian striker Willian will be joining Chelsea, rather than Tottenham Hotspur, from Russian Premier League side Anzhi Makhachkala at his regular press conference on Friday.

It’s a massively frustrating situation for Tottenham, who had all but thought they had got their man – however as is the case in modern day football, agents have a massive influence on deals.

Mourinho told a press conference on Friday about the possibility of signing Brazilian forward Willian: “I don’t like to speak before… (laughter) before time, because football can betray you and sometimes this in a problem when we speak about names and transfers and so on, because sometimes it looks like it is, but it isn’t. But I know what the player wants, so at this moment we cannot hide, that is a possibility.”


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  1. Now that Willian is gone I can only think of one man left on the market to replace him at Spurs: His name is Antoine Griezmann. He may not be at the level of Willian yet, but he's younger (22), has unbelieveable skills already and has tons of potential. A must have in my opinion!

  2. close were we…we nearly ended up with the wrong player!..Luckily Chelski , like naughty little children in the playground thinking they are hard, and "we will beat you up" attitude "if you dont give us your dinner money" When in fact they did us an enormous favour. They have just proved what a scum bag he and his agent really are. Hence the move only 6 months ago to Anzhi Makhachkala….who? I bet that earnt him and his mate afew million each! This is a guy who is being badly informed by his staff, or only cares about the money. Im sure im not the only supporter, and it dont matter who you support, then when your club buy someone, that person is there because he wants to fight for his place and for his shirt! I didnt get that impression with Willian from the start. So thank you Chelski, thank you very very much, and hope you enjoy your little person you think you stole from us….when most Spurs fans are right now feeling preety gooooood …Oh one more thing…watch your backs with players like that during next transfer window! hahahahahaha COYS

  3. close were we to signing the wrong player. Luckily chelski came along like the naughty playground school bully, with the "give me your dinner money" mentality and did us a big favour and took him. We are not after players like that here at Spurs….supporters..of any club(obviously not chelski) want their clubs to get players that want to fight to be there, fight to get into first team, earn that prized shirt, yet we very nearly got the opposite! This guy and his scum agent earnt millions in the six months they were at Anzhi Makhachkala…who? Did he go there to further his career? hmmmm think not. SO once again chelski, thank you for doing what you did, you saved us a fortune. Now we can go and get the player we really wanted most of all, which i shall keep quiet, incase we pump into you in the playground again!…oh and watch your players backs during the next transfer window…heard theres money to be made in them if you have a greedy agent!!!hahahaha COYS

  4. Willian, Mata, Hazard, Oscar…..pretty football they will play. But they can't be on the field at the same time since they aren't that big and not truly ball winners. Interesting to see how Mourinho will use them because their defence can be leaky in the air.

  5. Agree totally sav (comment above) and it was worth repeating it.
    This was like ordering another beer when you are already so full of Indian and ready to throw up. Fortunately somebody else took that beer and paid for it as well. There will still be a few beers on sale in the next week and undoubtedly they will not taste like repeating Mutton Madras.

  6. Mourinho done us a favour , Willian & his agent are just after the biggest wage packet and they dont give a damn if he aint playing every week like he would have been for us.Chelski bought him coz they got scared we will be challenging them this season. I'm sure AVB & Levy have another couple of players in mind and they will be players who want to play for our club . C'mon Levy do your magic.

  7. Even if we dont buy better or challenge Chelski , I am glad we are run the way we are rather than have some billionaire spending money the club have not even earnt . Arsenal are so boring they wont spend even though the stadium is bought , and Man ure are in debt but get away with it ala Barca and Real ! City and Chelski paid for by oligards , we are the team up there that has done things the right way and had no help from decisions either and still top 4 and 5 for a while now . Willian can go do an AdebYor at the bridge !! Wait until its cold and he refuses to play cos they aint got any gloves !!!!!


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