Worst Moments of the Season


It could be described as a good season overall – considering the circumstances of new manager, the loss of Modric, Van Der Vaart, King etc., you’ve heard it all before – but there have been some shocking moments. And in case you want to relive them: here are my worst 5 moments of the season for Spurs.


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  1. My main bad moments as a top 3 are as follows:

    1…Adebayor stupid tackle that got him sent off v Arsenal then losing 5-2
    2…Walkers stupid cross field pass against Liverpool, we lost 3-2
    3…Dempseys last minute penalty miss against Norwich in the Carling Cup (if we would have won we could have played Villa, Bradford and Swansea on the way to lifting the trophy) we lost 2-1

  2. My top 3 bad moments :
    1. Scott Parker running out with the rest of the team onto the field.
    2. Scott Parker running forward with the ball.
    3. Scott Parker running.

  3. Hard to accept the livpool loss, esp after being in full control. Dont know what kyle walker was thinking, if he was thinking at all.

  4. I've been going on and on about the game that cost Spurs Ch Lge football. None of you have got it! I will repeat: Spurs 1 Everton 0 – 20 secs left normal time. What happened??? We lost 2 – 1 both opposition goals scored in stoppage time !!! THAT was the game that did Spurs. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

  5. So many games cost us champ league football the home defeats to Wigan Fulham plus dropping points at home to Norwich and west brom early on in the season but yes game like the Liverpool one and Everton the circumstances that happened should never of occurred a big team like spurs should be seein those games out


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