Zidane: Real Madrid would break transfer record to sign Bale


In his latest attempt to try and unsettle Gareth Bale at Tottenham Hotspur, Zinedine Zidane has hinted that Real Madrid would be prepared to break the world transfer fee record.

The former French midfielder is now Madrid’s sporting director and has been linked with a move of £85million to the Spanish giants. That fee would exceed the £80million which Madrid paid Manchester United four years ago to capture the services of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Bale is settled at Spurs, even coach Tim Sherwood has publically stated so. However it seems Zidane is up to his old tricks once again in order to land their top summer transfer target. Whether Daniel Levy could resist a fee of that amount remains to be seen.

‘The talk about Gareth Bale is not a surprise,’ Zidane told the Spanish press.

‘It is impossible to have the season he just had and not be linked with the biggest clubs in Europe.

‘If any club is going to tempt Spurs, then it will take big money – maybe even record-breaking money.

‘There are four or five clubs at the moment who have the finances not to be put off by a record-breaking fee like that.’


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  1. Definitely, with the money being used to purchase 3-4 $20Mil players and this would quadruple the effect Bale has during games!

  2. I wouldn’t sell up at all. Bale had a great season because he is happy and settled. At just 23, would a move away to a new country with a new language plus his new baby be as appealing as some people may think? Appealing for Real and all, yes. Appealing for Bale? Not in my opinion.

  3. why Doesn't Zidane P*** off!
    Worthless Disgraced Former Real Facist Madrid Player?
    Spurs will never be Bullied by this bunch of Dago Bitches?

  4. The remarks from Zidane is old hat, he said the same three weeks ago and so far there has been no firm offer, just a lot of posturing and hot air from the asset stripping carpet baggers from Madrid. Until they put the money where their mouths are, the harpies in the press will continue to print speculative bullshit. I wont be at all surprised if they made a ridiculously low offer then claim that Bale isn't worth what the papers keep printing ie £85M. The Spanish banks who keeps loaning them the PEOPLES money should pull the plug on this shabby outfit, particularly as Spain is in such dire straits financially.


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