Press link Poch with Chelsea

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It wouldn’t be a Sunday unless the media were trying to unsettle Tottenham and today’s culprit is the Sunday Times.

They are running with a story claiming that Chelsea have added Mauricio Pochettino to their shortlist of potential managers and that Chelsea officials approached the Spurs boards at the end of February.

Pochettino was asked about such rumours in late January to which he responded: ‘We are supposed to receive the rumours. But I don’t care about that.

‘I always work for the present and the future. I’m very happy here. We’ve created after 18 months a very good group, with a strong basis for success in the future and I’m very happy.

‘My job is to be focused, not to hear rumours. The most important thing is that I’m focused on my job.

‘My focus is here, to try for success at Tottenham and to work hard.’

Pochettino has three and a half years to run on his five-year deal and you would like to think that Daniel Levy and co are smart enough to know that Poch is the man to continue to take our club forward.

We’ve worked hard to rebuild our structure, bringing in Poch’s trusted aides with the likes of Paul Mitchell and to create a team spirit which is the envy of the league.

So, Poch to Chelsea? Can you really see that happening?

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  1. Nope! The Chavs want instant success by spending lots of dough, they don't bother with the youngsters, that is not their way. Spurs on the other hand are now onto something very special with their youngsters, we probably won't win the league this year but we will get a top four place and Champions League.
    I just cannot see Poch leaving unless he has a major about turn in the way he likes to do things, I just can't see that happening!

  2. The sports editor is an odious scouser and obviously with klopp being a flop the agenda of envy has come into play

  3. You couldn't really blame Poch if he wanted out though, expected to win the PL title and the EL with just one knackered striker in the squad – WTF? Levy shifted Soldado and Adebayor and got more than Townsend was worth, and does bugger all with the money aside from pussyfooting around with WBA for Berahino and offering a deal that was basically all add-ons, then trying to buy a striker who he knew Fulham wouldn't let go until the summer. Consequently the coach has not been backed in one vital department. Kane shouldn't have been expected to carry the burden alone. The only conclusion you can come too is that ENIC want to win trophies on the cheap.

  4. Poch doesn't suit Chelsea's style, or lack of it, I should say, Chelsea buy Trophy's , Poch builds teams, giving the clubs academy youngsters a chance, Chelsea have an academy purely to stop their rivals bringing through the promising youngsters whose careers they ruin, also he builds a great team spirit, that doesn't suit Chelsea's ethos of Arrogance and All about them attitude. I would be surprised if he considered it, but I suppose with all the money Abramovich has stolen from the Russian people he can pay far more than solvent Spurs.

  5. Quite agree with WhiteHotLane, Levy is being typical – tightfisted (and arsed) do you EVER see that man smile? Poor Harry is left to go it alone up front -why not try for Payet from WH? looking at him on Wednesday's match I think he could fit right in with Spurs' way of playing? I love to see our youngsters getting a chance – isn't this how football's supposed to be – not all $$££ buying the latest 'name' to get you success. If we carry on like this – would Gareth come back to us – love to see him and Harry linking together! Just my thoughts on a Sunday after the pub!


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