Newcastle boss not bothered if they lose 4-0 to Arsenal


Newcastle boss Alan Pardew’s post match comments have sent Tottenham Hotspur fans furious following their 2-1 win against QPR.

The victory means that the Magpies have secured their Premier League status for another season and Pardew has claimed that he does not care if his side lose 4-0 to Arsenal in their final game of the season at St James’ Park.

Pardew’s comments are absolutely disgraceful and the Premier League should investigate. I’m sure their chairman Mike Ashley will not be impressed by the comments either, especially when every penny counts when it comes to where you finish in the table – as much as £5million in Newcastle’s fate and what about the fans who pay their money to watch every week?

After the match he told the press: “I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 [next weekend], If I’m honest, I’m sure Spurs will – but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves.”


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  1. What a disgrace of a manager. Mike ashley is paying him to be a complacent deadweight and of course he doesnt care if hes sacked

    • Quite right he is showing a complete lack of class and in any sport you keep going until the end. Imagine if all the runners in a race failed to cross the finish line because they weren't going to win. So many examples in other sports of people trying even though they have no chance and yet this prat doesn't care!

    • As an Arsenal fan, it's great to see the season finish with Arsenal and Spurs locked together in the table once again. It would be great if the League schedulers would set us up to play against each other on the last game of the season. What a finish that would have been, Spurs vs Arsenal in the final game!

      Why do we play Sunderland and Newcastle?


    • He doesn't have the personality to joke, or it seems the intelligence and good manners to keep his ignorant mouth shut. If Spurs had a no nothing game that would be vital to Newcastle's survival, I wonder how literally he'd take similar comments.

  2. Sunderland will be the same if Wigan are relegated on Tuesday

    The guy just came out and said it – that’s the difference

    Chelsea had the same a few days ago

  3. We've got Pardwho and we'll cry if we want to
    Cry if we want to, cry if we want to

    Soz Spuds but we've had enough of the cnut

  4. All Spurs fans should be alerting the Premier League and the owners of Newcastle to this remark…let's all contact them to register our disgust at such comments. If anyone can find out the relevant email address please share it here…

    • Please see mail sent to PL:

      Please ensure that all teams maintain their integrity in the final games of the season on Sunday. Comments such as this from Newcastle manager Alan Pardew should be severly reprimanded if wanting to maintain the integrity of the league:

      ‘I don’t really care if Arsenal win 4-0 [next weekend], if I’m honest. I’m sure Spurs will, but I only care that our fans enjoy themselves.’

      Surely these comments merit a fine and must flout Premier League regulations related to competition.

      • Pathetic your not getting CL because your not good enough, Arsenal are a far superior team to yourselves and clinging to someones words are quite frankly laughable, yes Pardew is a prat but it can hardly be construed as match fixing, try concentrating on winning and hoping the other results go your way rather than trying to get the result by default

        • The league table totally contradicts a statement such as "Arsenal are a far superior team". Spurs ahead – pressure on Arsenal.

  5. He's not bothered as he's got an eight year contract – so even if he's sacked he will get a huge pay out – but I think the Newcastle fans will make sure the team try, no matter the circumstances fans care about their club and wan't to win all games – away the lads & COYS

  6. Geordie guest here — apologies on behalf of a manager who's probably as hyped up as we all are after agame so important to our short term future. don't worry , we'll be just as interested in hammering the sarf London pikeys as you are, best of luck next season in the champs. lge.

    • Always had a lot of time for Newcastle Geordieguest but unfortunately your manager has made a mockery of the Newcastle fans wo pay their hard-earned money to hear that drivel before a ball is kicked.

  7. Why would he care? He could win 10 – 0 or lose by the same margin, makes no diffrence they wont go down. That has been his main concern for the past few months and now he doesnt have to worry. Clubs will play weakened teams after they have already won the league ( not saying he will do this). Is it fair on the rest? No. But they can do as they please as points arent needed any more. I see it more as a figure of speech as such, he obviously wants to win the game, but wont lose any sleep if he doesnt.

  8. Jesus. How must the newcastle fans feel when your manager says he is not bothered if your team loses 4-0? This sepereates the winners from the chances like Depardew!

  9. I hope and pray Pardue is bluffing

    If not, the bloke is an absolute bollocks

    Players play to win. It will be a travesty if the scum is anywhere near the

    Champions League

    • "It will be a travesty if the scum is anywhere near the Champions League"

      Hilarious Aicher.
      You're right – much more worthy for a team who haven't been 'Champions' in over 52 years to be in a tournament called the Champions League!

      You guys are so moronic!

      • That may be the case but if you weren't so moronic yourself you would realise that a large number of teams in the CL are not Champions. Don't be so quick to jump on your high horse because Arsenal haven't won the title for 9 years now and that is showing no signs of changing any time soon

  10. That's right. Make the excuses now. Save having to do it next sunday…
    So what's it been so far?
    1. Lasagne
    2. Fulop
    3. Pardew

    Yep. Europa Cup awaits!

  11. Spurs fan here! Who cares about depardue, Wigan will beat arsenal and Tottenham will beat Sunderland ! No worries! CL here we come!

  12. Hopefully he’s lulling the gooners in to give them a proper caning. The geordie fans won’t have that though, especially not at SJP

  13. Maybe this is why Newcastle have been struggling all season, if the manager thinks this way, why should the players think differently. Attitude comes down from the top.

  14. Pardew is a wanker. If they actually lose 4-0 now, and it’s a possibility because they are crap, how will the traveling Geordie fans react? They’ll be furious. He’ll get lynched. Let’s hope his team have more pride and ambition than he does.

  15. Yeah,the geordies will all really "enjoy themselves" getting walloped 4-0, at home, on the last game of the season. Way to go Al!
    However, its a good example of why Pardew will always be a done nothing manager. Stay classy Pards..Twat.

  16. Sorry spurs fans. Your just jealous and don’t really understand this part of the seasons too well, especially as your not used to being in this situation of having something to play for.

    Ultimately your best ever team and your best ever season and it looks like our worst ever team and worst ever season… And We still finish above you. That sends a vital message… Basically you still have small club mentality & always will.

    • Jealous? No, insulted by Pardew`s idiotic words. Not as Spurs fans but as football fans. This fool manages a club that he clearly does not understand followed by a passionate support that he clearly does not understand. It`s easy to be jealous of their unwavering support. But jealous of l`arse? Jealous of bin bags on seats and black scarf marches? No, you clearly do not understand

    • I don't really see how this is our best ever team….. I laugh at idiots like you that say "our worst ever team and worst ever season" you lot have been saying that each season for the past 8 years, imagine how its gonna look in another 8. Struggling to make mid table. You south London inbreds may make the champions league this year by the skin of your teeth, you may even make it next year, but your days are fading under the guidance of that geriatric Frenchman who should be in some kind of secure unit. I enjoy seeing how far arsenal have fallen. Ps did you not know that Johnson is another word for a cock? Just thought I'd share that as you seem like a really cool intelligent guy.

    • Are you having a laugh! Lose two class players, no centre forward, no first choice midfielder, no first choice centre back, and we are still neck and neck, you now have your biggest game of the season to face up to…..all you can do is have a pop at Spurs, you're the one with little man syndrome mate. just so you know qualifying for CLi is not what football is about either…..the game is about winning things, but with your half empty stadium don't suppose you understand that. Sad to say your lot used to understand that when arse weaker joined, but not for 8 years now…..maybe not this year but changing of the guard is happening fella…..just as it did from us to you so it will swing back….

  17. After a season where the Newcastle fans have watched dross, I would have hoped he would like to give them a good performance to end the season. Sir Alex Ferguson would never make a comment like that because he's a winner. Pardew had a successful season last year, was rewarded with – I think- an eight year contract and now look how hi team are performing. Maybe I'm inferring too much as Newcastle's last season was well above-average but to be fighting relegation the next year says a lot.

  18. Heh pardew. It’s natural for someone to think this way but he should never have really said it out loud. That’s the difference!, im sure many other managers think this way after escaping relegation. It stops there, you don’t actually go preaching bout it.

    Hopefully we do that next sunday. Coyg.

  19. The barcode club may roll over against the scume next weekend and it is an unprofessional thing to do. BUT, we don't control our own champions league fate anymore and this is what happened if we rely on others. Look at manure who can't be arsed when playing against the scum and cheski, these are just example. Next time, next season, we need to be better.

  20. How much luck can gooners get over their final 4 games? Playing Man U game after they win title, then QPR game after they are relegated, then Wigan 3 days after cup final having themselves had a 10 day break, then on final game playing Geordies with their manager coming out with such a pathetic statement accepting a hammering !!

  21. Here's a scenario…What if Sunderland beat Spurs and finish higher than Newcastle on the last day… surely Newcastle fans wont be happy with that conclusion to the season, Pardew better realise the wrath of Geordie's still lingers…

  22. To me, this is a kneejerk reaction to saving their status. Come the day, I'm sure the fans and players at Newcastle will let him know what they want – professionais only want to win. Arsenal may not be showing it, but they are under more pressure than Spurs. One mistake will decide the make up of the top 4.

  23. You loan QPR Townsend – their best player. He can play against us, but not against Spurs. Is that fair? Course not. But don't worry. Newcastle will play without fear next week.

  24. hopefully the newcastle players will be professionel( unlike their manager) and play for their fans who will no doubt want to win their final match of the season..Coys!!

  25. If Newcastle lose by such a score line the FA should look into it as a manager FIXED result and look at the team he selected, if it can be proven he put out a weakened team dock them 4 points, or at least warn them that it could be a possible penalty if proven and ban him for 10 games

  26. Throw away comment. Just like Redknapps when he disclosed to the world Demba Ba's release in his contract and maybe if he hadn't Newcastle may not have been in their current situation. Personally they way Newcastle are playing at the moment they will do well to get away with 0-4.

  27. Sounds like he doesn't care about the club he's managing , hope his next employer will think twice before hiring him.

  28. This is disgraceful and shows the English league is corrupt,it’s probably a betting scam but as well as Pardew,did anyone notice during Man Utd V Chelsea Wayne Rooney was having a good laugh with John Terry whilst both were warming up as subs then when he got on the pitch seemed to deliberately lose the ball and Mata scored then we find out he’s requested a transfer and if it’s Chelsea he joins it’s obvious he done it to play in Champions league with them,The Premier league is corrupt and a disgrace to world football

  29. Pardew is an idiot. I can imagine his reaction if Laudrup had of said that before Swansea played Wigan. Don't worry the fans will be up for beating Arsenal as it's always nice to be party poopers especially when you never win owt like us.

  30. If wigan win both their last games don’t the have 41 points.isn’t that what Newcastle now have? And what Will the goal diff be if Newcastle get thrashed?77

  31. Pardew is a gooner newcastle are crap and most of north london will be blue and white what a crap manager to say that come on u wigan….

  32. In that awful "lasagna" day Spurs faced a West Ham team who had nothing to play for but performed as if their lives depended on it. Their manager was … Alan Pardew. Interesting.

  33. The goners are so bloody jammy,first they get Man U after they have won the league and did not even turn up at the gooner game,then they get this overrated prick make comments like that.Its no good trying to defend what he said by stating that the players will be ready, because its the managers tactics and training that prepare them for the game and he clearly won't be doing that total and utter tosses,I hope the Newcastle board and fans turn on him.

  34. If Wigan wins both of its remaining games can’t they finish above Newcastle on goal difference – assuming Newcastle loses to Arsenal?

  35. Excellent, spurs have had 37 league games to secure a champions league spot so dont rely on other teams to help you out


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