Fergie’s post-match quotes vs Spurs


Sir Alex Ferguson was critical of assistant referee Simon Beck after he felt that Manchester United deserved a penalty during the 1-1 draw with Spurs.

Steven Caulker and Wayne Rooney came together in the Spurs box and Rooney went down to the floor which Fergie felt was a penalty.

Taking United’s rose-tinted spectacles off, we deserved our draw courtesy of Clint Dempsey’s injury time equaliser. If you read AVB’s quotes he felt we deserved to win the game, United only had four attempts on target all game compared to our eighteen.

Fergie told Sky Sports: “It was a clear penalty,” he said. “It was definitely a penalty. He has put his leg right in there.

“The linesman is facing it, I thought he had a very poor game, the linesman. I thought he was disappointing.

“We have got that history with him. He never gave offside with (Chelsea striker Didier) Drogba at Old Trafford when he was three yards offside. Everyone remembers that, I certainly do.”

“For me it was a poor performance from him, why he never gave a penalty I don’t know,” Ferguson added. “I think he had a shocking game today, he’s had a bad game and we never got anything from that side of the pitch.”

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  1. ignore the drunken purple nosed jock cnut. well done yids, city salutes you ;-) another 3 mins of fergie time and you'd have had all 3 points. breaking news from the new library, this years st totteringhams day party has had to be cancelled….. watch the gooner empire inplode when they don't qualify for champions league.

  2. The ball changed direction, which proves that Caulker got the ball and not the player. Had Demsey gone down in the 51st minute when he was clear on goal, he would have a more just claim for a penalty.

  3. Classic Sralex technique – drop points when they feel they should not have done – moan about the ref/linesman – media talk about Sralex lack of respect for officials instead of looking at where it went wrong for Man U. Sralex slapped with a "heavy" 10k fine that club pays for him one way or another. Simple. No-one talks much about Spurs fight and energy and the rewards of not giving up.

  4. Oddly, he notices everything…except that his team are a shadow of his 90s team – the one he inherited from the youth academy. This one he has built has weak central midfield, an aging back four, an average keeper and average wingers. With the exception of van Persie it is nothing worth shouting about.

  5. Very sad that someone who has been knighted and been a manager forever continues to be such a nasty little man. He maybe loved by Manchester United fans but the rest of football sees him for what he is a one eyed sour poor loser with no manners or good grace. It will be a great day for football when this horrible individual retires – Sir Matt must be turning in his grave

  6. Utterly pathetic comment from the bullying red nose.The only way it could have been a penalty was if Howard Webb was reffing at Old Trafford.What a shocking loser Fergi is…only one team in it!

  7. Couldn't care less what Fergie says – Spurs deserved a point but desperately need a quality forward or the season might go tits up like last year.

  8. As a City fan this was a good result. Spurs are decent team who would be up there for the title if they had rich owners like us. I love watching them and seriously hate playing them. They have caused us heartache, and we have them.

    Hope you get that CL place we'll take the title, fair deal?

  9. Id be happy at city winning PL and us comeing fourth even behind chelsea as long as we came above gooners. Once in the CL we would get a top striker then we would be top team in london abd it be spurs and city fighting it out next year. Yanhated is one man team with van pussy chelsea are all hype and gooner scum was a one man team till he left for yanhated


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